SCP: Secret Laboratory Server Info

toxicfrazzles Mar 14th, 2018 (edited) 2,204 Never
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  1. <b><size=40><align="center"><color=#0f0>Blokegaming Server</color></align></size></b>
  3. The state of the configs is currently confusing but here is what I can tell you:
  4.     Friendly fire on
  5.     extra chaos
  6.     cuffed escapees are put on the opposite team
  7.     5 minute speech time on intercom
  8.     10 second cooldown on intercom
  9.     SCPs stood still will regenerate
  11. There is no admin password so don't bother trying to guess it.
  12. SCP: SL staff have RA access because I'm nice like that.
  14. All admins are currently UK university students and are unavailable a lot of the time but feel free to drop any complaints on the discord server.
  16. Here is the discord server <color=#00f><u><link=""></link></u></color> (P.S. You can click that link. Whoa)
  18. I apologise for the occasional restarts that take the server offline for ~5 mins
  20. <b>Have Fun</b>
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