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Sep 15th, 2020
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  1. DISPATCH: Eleven.
  2. OFFICER 1: Eleven.
  3. D: Sorry, they told us there’s an armed person…what it is is the squeegees at Lombard and President, this lady Veronica’s calling and says, “They are attacking the car.” She thinks one of them pulled a knife. Then she says a Black male wearing a white tank-top, black pants, and those [garbled] ring tennis with the white stripes were throwing rocks at the car, he got on his scooter and is on the median.
  4. O1: 10-4.
  5. D: Okay, it’s gone from one of them she thinks pulled a knife to now they all threw rocks at her car and broke her car window
  6. OFFICER 2: [Garbled]
  7. O1: Twelve [garbled]
  8. D: (sighing) Eleven?
  9. O1: Eleven.
  10. D: Alright, the number 2 female driver and number 2 female passenger were fighting with the squeegee kids at location says the vehicle was damaged and they got out and started arguing and fighting with them.
  11. O2: [garbled]
  12. D: Ten-four, I’ll leave it altogether.
  13. O1: Eleven.
  14. D: Your call.
  15. O1: Change this to a destruction of property can a get a [garbled] ring off of that.
  16. D: [garbled]
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