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  1. Starting Prompt: Your whole life story is as follows.
  3. AI Dungeon 2 Instructions:
  4. Enter actions starting with a verb ex. "go to the tavern" or "attack the orc."
  5. To speak enter 'say "(thing you want to say)"' or just "(thing you want to say)"
  8. The following commands can be entered for any action:
  9. "revert" Reverts the last action allowing you to pick a different action.
  10. "quit" Quits the game and saves
  11. "restart" Starts a new game and saves your current one
  12. "save" Makes a new save of your game and gives you the save ID
  13. "load" Asks for a save ID and loads the game if the ID is valid
  14. "print" Prints a transcript of your adventure (without extra newline formatting)
  15. "help" Prints these instructions again
  16. "censor off/on" to turn censoring off or on.
  18. Generating story...
  21. Your whole life story is as follows. You were born in a small village called
  22. Klyton, and you grew up there. Your parents died when you were young, but your
  23. older sister was able to raise you on her own
  24. > go to visit older sister
  26. You decide that it would be best if you went back home to see your old sister,
  27. so you head over to the house where she lives. When you arrive, you find that
  28. she is not home.
  31. > explore her house
  33. As you walk through the door of the house, you are surprised to find that it
  34. is much different than what you remember. The walls have been painted white,
  35. and the furniture has been rearranged. There is no sign of your sister anywhere
  36. > enter your sisters room
  38. You enter your sister's room, which is now empty. It seems that she never came
  39. back from her trip to New York. She was probably killed in a car accident on
  40. her way there.
  42. > look around in her room
  44. You notice that all the books in her room have been removed. They were probably
  45. taken by someone who wanted them for themselves. This makes you feel very sad.
  46. You don't know why you feel this way, but you do.
  47. > check her mobile phone on her bed
  49. You check her mobile phone on her bed. Nothing is found. You then check her laptop
  50. computer, but again nothing is found. Your sister must have deleted everything
  51. on her computer after she left.
  52. > look under my sister's bed
  54. You search under your sister's bed, but you can't find anything. You then search
  55. under the floorboards, but you can't find anything. You then search under the
  56. stairs, but you can't find anything. Finally, you search under the kitchen sink,
  57. but you can't find anything
  58. > call out in my older sister's house
  60. You call out in your older sister's house, but nobody answers. You then call
  61. out in the street outside, but nobody answers. You then call out in the woods,
  62. but nobody answers. Finally, you call out in the city, but nobody answers
  63. > walk into the kitchen
  65. You walk into the kitchen, and find that the fridge has been opened, and several
  66. bottles of beer and wine have been emptied out. You also find a bottle of vodka
  67. and some pills.
  68. > drink the vodka and eat the pills
  70. You drink the vodka and eat the pills. You feel great! You've gained weight too,
  71. though you're not sure how much. You haven't eaten any food since you arrived
  72. at the house. You wonder if you should stay here longer, or go back home
  73. > ultimately decide to stay, and check the attic
  75. You eventually decide to stay in the house, and check the attic. You find a few
  76. more things like a shotgun and a machete. You think you'll need those. After
  77. checking the attic, you leave the house.
  78. > take the shotgun from the attic
  80. You take the shotgun from the attic. You put the gun in your pocket, and begin
  81. walking towards the front door. Suddenly, you hear a gunshot behind you. You
  82. turn around, only to find yourself face to face with a man with a shotgun
  83. > aim my shotgun at the man
  85. You aim your shotgun at the man. He fires two shots, one hitting you in the chest,
  86. and another hitting you in the stomach. You fall backwards onto the ground
  87. > cry in agony
  89. You cry in agony as you bleed out on the ground
  92. Options:
  93. 0) Start a new game
  94. 1) "I'm not dead yet!" (If you didn't actually die)
  95. Which do you choose?
  96. Enter the number of your choice:
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