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  1. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:10 PM
  2. Hey. It's me, Salem.
  4. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:10 PM
  5. oh the fuck is ur name
  7. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:11 PM
  8. Fucking Death Stranding dude.
  9. Don't mean that in an aggressive way. I've just been watching gameplay so.
  10. Good stuff.
  12. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:11 PM
  13. oooh
  15. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:12 PM
  16. Here.
  17. There.
  18. Anyway, nah. I haven't removed you. I said I wouldn't cause you needed a few days or a few weeks. The only time I'd remove you is maybe like, after a month since I'd just think we'd be going nowhere at that point. I'd tell you first but yeah.
  19. So I'll be around when you're ready.
  21. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:17 PM
  22. i think i might.,., just keeps things neutral from now on
  23. like i recently got anon hate being told i was toxic and honestly the only person ive had trouble with has been, well, you
  24. now i dont think you sent it but idk who,.,
  25. youve told stuff to idk friends can get overprotective n shit
  26. so im like
  27. somewhat wary
  29. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:18 PM
  30. Huh? I thought we've been neutrals this entire time.
  32. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:18 PM
  33. but we still talked
  34. so now im just eh
  36. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:19 PM
  37. Oh!
  38. It's alright.
  39. Honestly, it was a false alarm.
  40. I was told about the two people and it ended up being about someone else.
  41. Couldn't tell you cause you didn't want to be bothered so.
  42. I just didn't message.
  44. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:20 PM
  45. wonder who
  46. maybe moi? :eye:
  47. and yeah yeah gotcha
  49. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:20 PM
  50. But I think I'm good.
  51. Because from the friends that did dig around even though I told them not to, told me I was not spoken ill of.
  52. Which quickly led me to deduce that perhaps someone had reached out to you in a private chat. Or it was one of your staff and I get it. I can't enter if it's one of the staff and I'm not going to try at this point.
  54. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:24 PM
  55. i have a question though
  56. did you ever talk ill of me to other people
  58. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:24 PM
  59. If I sent the anon?
  60. Oh!
  62. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:24 PM
  63. you probably didnt send it
  65. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:24 PM
  66. No, I didn't send the anon.
  68. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:24 PM
  69. didnt have your tone
  71. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:25 PM
  72. The only time that might be considered of me speaking ill of you recently is me deciding to remove you from Discord.
  73. Just me saying that I don't think we'd ever work out as mutuals and that it's probably better to remove you once we talk.
  74. And honestly at this point, outside of our problem someone else pissed me off.
  76. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:27 PM
  77. did you ever talk badly of me to people?
  78. i did hear from someone once
  80. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:28 PM
  81. What, recently?
  83. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:28 PM
  84. no hm
  85. but kali was mentioned
  87. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:28 PM
  88. Previously, yeah.
  90. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:28 PM
  91. and so was i
  93. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:28 PM
  94. And then we got over that.
  96. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:28 PM
  97. i suppose yes
  98. im just hm
  99. you know people from your group circle tend to give me a wide berth ive been noticing
  100. but maybe thats just paranoia from the anon
  102. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:29 PM
  103. Idk who that anon was.
  104. Frankly, I don't care who that anon was.
  106. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:30 PM
  107. i do however
  108. hmhm
  110. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:31 PM
  111. That's how you feel.
  113. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:31 PM
  114. blinks
  115. yeah i totally deserved it
  117. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:31 PM
  118. That's not what I said.
  120. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:31 PM
  121. i know
  122. im just taken aback i believe
  123. but alas you cannot help how you feel
  125. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:32 PM
  126. What? That I've just stopped feeling at this point?
  127. I've left you alone man.
  129. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:32 PM
  130. i think i would have cared if someone had sent you anon hate
  131. just a common,.,. sympathy kind of thing
  132. i wouldnt have told you i didnt,., care i suppose
  133. ah
  134. i think hm im actually doubtful now of who sent it
  135. shall we entirely cut ties?
  137. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:33 PM
  138. Listen here.
  140. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:33 PM
  141. no im
  142. in a woozy mood, i think its my decision
  143. id rather not engage in conflict
  145. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:34 PM
  146. Idek what to say anymore.
  148. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:34 PM
  149. me neither.
  150. goodbye?
  152. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:35 PM
  153. You always conveniently dissociate when we talk about anything serious man. I'm just trying to understand you and have a conversation.
  155. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:35 PM
  156. i
  157. i didnt dissa-
  158. conveniently....
  159. im just
  160. oh.
  162. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:35 PM
  163. But you go through all these twists and turns and I feel like I'm walking on egg shells with you all the time.
  165. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:35 PM
  166. dont accuse me on disassiociating on convenience please.
  168. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:36 PM
  169. Idk what to say to you, Ara.
  171. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:37 PM
  172. anything but that shit
  173. im not dissacsicoaintnig good god
  174. on convenience?
  176. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:38 PM
  177. When we were close friends it was hard to talk about anything serious. When we said we'd try it was still difficult. When we reconciled it's the same patterns all over again. You want to live happily? I want you to be happy. You're happier without me, you're right.
  178. You believe what you want to believe. I'm not going to bother you anymore. I'm standing up for myself.
  179. Goodbye.
  181. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:39 PM
  182. goodbye.
  183. im going to block you.
  184. and perhaps ah someone else.
  186. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:39 PM
  187. See, that's the thing.
  188. You threaten me all the time.
  190. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:39 PM
  191. im not threatening you what the hell
  192. im just telling you????????????????????
  193. like its not a
  194. threat
  195. im just telling you what im going to do what the fuck
  196. i remember you telling me once to tell you before
  197. i did anything like that and thats
  198. what im doing
  200. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:40 PM
  201. Yeah like, 'don't talk about me, I'll know?'
  202. You seem like you never trust me.
  203. So what the heck man.
  205. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:40 PM
  206. i dooont i really dooont because someone has shown me shit
  208. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:41 PM
  209. You're not a bad person. I'm not a bad person.
  210. Then tell me.
  212. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:41 PM
  213. im not incriminating them
  214. im just hm
  216. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:41 PM
  217. Jesus man.
  218. I want to solve this crisis as much as you do.
  219. If they've shown you stuff that was way over the past before we reconciled
  220. That's the past.
  222. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:42 PM
  223. im still sutck on the
  224. dissasicate on conevenicen paert
  225. ah fuck keyboard
  226. like
  227. why did ya say that i wanna kno
  229. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:42 PM
  230. Because it seems like you do!
  232. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:43 PM
  233. only one
  234. ive only told u once
  236. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:43 PM
  237. Every time I try to talk to you about how I feel you feel sick.
  239. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:43 PM
  240. and i tend to zone out when i get really upset
  241. but i havent told you the other times
  242. i just
  243. mentioned it once?
  244. and suddenly i always do it
  245. like dont use my
  246. head stuff against me please
  248. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:43 PM
  249. Fine.
  251. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:44 PM
  252. like i can stand everything else ubt that
  253. i dont know
  255. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:44 PM
  256. Friends are supposed to stick together despite being upset. We're supposed to get through this together. I know we're not friends but Ara, damn man.
  257. I've always owned up to my shit.
  259. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:45 PM
  260. oh
  262. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:45 PM
  263. What more do you want from me?
  265. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:45 PM
  266. this.
  267. you know i didnt have to stick around back then when i only knew upset
  268. its just self care
  269. or was rather
  270. like idk man
  271. did u send it?
  273. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:46 PM
  274. What? The anon?
  275. Why the fuck would I send you anonymous hate?
  277. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:46 PM
  278. no clue
  279. i dont think it was you
  280. didnt have your tone but hmf
  281. idk dolly
  283. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:47 PM
  284. You say you've seen stuff
  285. you could easily show me screencaps and block out the person's name but you won't.
  287. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:47 PM
  288. but listen
  289. i think youd know who it was?
  290. like i doubt you told those specific words to anyone else
  291. unless you told multiple
  293. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:48 PM
  294. Let me guess, is it Dani?
  296. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:48 PM
  297. oh no?
  298. did u guys even talk
  300. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:48 PM
  301. Briefly when we were angry at each other a while back.
  303. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:48 PM
  304. nods
  305. she didnt show me anything
  307. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:49 PM
  308. This community is wack.
  309. They tell you to change, and then don't even show you what you did wrong.
  311. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:50 PM
  312. you can say me dear
  314. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:50 PM
  315. LOL
  316. It's not just you.
  317. But the people who have told me to do that, know I own up to my shit.
  318. So idk what else to tell you man.
  320. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:51 PM
  321. yes but hm
  322. i dont know
  323. theres always an issue between us
  324. like it was fine until the server stuff
  326. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:51 PM
  327. What you didn't understand
  328. is there was any issue between a person who didn't want me in the server and me.
  330. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:52 PM
  331. yes
  332. staff members
  333. a few
  335. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:52 PM
  336. I knew it.
  337. Because I had made an apology on my server.
  338. And my friends were like, 'Dude no one spoke ill of you on Ara's server. Idk what you're apologizing for.'
  340. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:53 PM
  341. oh so did u say my name there
  342. shrugs like i still dont see the purpose of the apology
  344. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:54 PM
  345. No.
  346. Let me check.
  348. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:54 PM
  349. but they knew it was mine at least
  350. i still feel like
  352. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:55 PM
  353. No. Didn't say your name.
  354. What you're not getting is people aren't even upset at you.
  355. I wasn't even upset at you.
  357. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:55 PM
  358. but the anon message implies otherwise
  359. i feel like hm
  361. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:56 PM
  362. People were just like 'that sucks man, sorry.' and the dilemma dissipated for everyone else.
  363. I really don't know who that anon is.
  365. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:56 PM
  366. see the issue is
  368. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:56 PM
  369. I don't care who it is and you shouldn't either.
  371. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:56 PM
  372. like ive only had issues with you really?
  373. i dont really care im just itd be nice to know why.,.,.  they said that
  374. its just haha steps on anon
  375. come off there u coward
  377. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:57 PM
  378. I don't know who it is.
  379. Ara I'm not bullshitting you.
  380. I don't know who the hell sent it.
  382. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:57 PM
  383. i know u dont know
  384. i doubt ud ever ask anyone to send it
  385. ur not the type of person
  387. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:58 PM
  388. If I had a problem with you
  389. I'd say it to your face like I'm doing now.
  391. arawenLast Wednesday at 10:58 PM
  392. yeah yes i know that
  394. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 10:59 PM
  395. I just
  396. wanted to be with my friends man.
  397. You told me I sounded guilt trippy on Dani's post and Jordan's post and I already acknowledged those things.
  399. arawenLast Wednesday at 11:01 PM
  400. yes?
  402. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 11:01 PM
  403. I'm not a bad person...
  405. arawenLast Wednesday at 11:03 PM
  406. youre not
  408. NORMAN FETUSLast Wednesday at 11:04 PM
  409. there's talk of change and understanding. of redemption and chances...
  410. but when it comes to it your staff still chooses to single me out.
  411. I think I'm just...
  412. I'm sorry. I'm standing up for my self and packing up my things. It was nice getting to chat with you again, even for just a month. I won't bother you anymore. I'm not looking for closure I just...
  413. I'm tired of being made into a bad person.
  414. I think I died today.
  415. Goodbye.
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