KidAnon fucks the waifu (KidAnonxWaifu, /ss/, lewd shitpost)

Jul 14th, 2017
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  1. >buttong.jpg
  2. >>Go to Equestria but you revert to being 10 years old.
  3. >>Would you press the button?
  4. >>You keep your memories and intelligence.
  6. >She'll never pin you down under her, being far too big for your small, undeveloped body
  7. >She'll never nuzzle your neck and pepper you with kisses, thinking she's 'teasing' you while you fake squirming under her touch and affection, playfully begging her to stop, that it's gross and you'll get cooties
  8. >You'll never pop the 'first boner of your life', acting scared and telling her that you're sorry with tears in your eyes
  9. >Asking her, begging her to forgive you and to not stop loving you
  10. >She'll never tell you that that's okay, it's not your fault, kissing your tears away
  11. >She'd give you a quick crash course on the birds and the bees, blushing a bit in embarrass
  13. >Then, you'd keep 'touching yourself' whenever you know she can see you
  14. >You'd get hard and make a show of it for her, without actually giving the fact that you're doing this on purpose away
  15. >She'd tell you not to do it when you're in public, and you'd say yes
  16. >But you wouldn't stop anyway
  17. >Then you'd rub yourself against her whenever you hug or wrestle
  18. >One day, you'd cry for her to come in your room
  19. >You'd say that it's so hard it hurts
  20. >And she'd have no choice but to 'help you'
  21. >She'd try to give you explanations on what to do, but you'd say 'idk, it's scary'
  22. "Can't you do it for me? Please?"
  23. >"I-I don't know if I should, Anon, that's--"
  24. "It always happens when I think of you, and it hurts when I think of how much I love you."
  25. "And my heart goes 'boom boom', and you're always there and you're always so nice to me, and you're so cute and beautiful, and I want you to hug me and kiss me!"
  26. >She'd blush under the barrage of compliments
  27. "Please...?"
  28. >And she'd comply
  29. >She'd ask you to sit on the bed, then tell you not to tell anyone about what's going to happen
  30. >You'd nod, eagerly so
  31. >She'd take a couple minutes to inspect your pride, being far different than a stallion
  32. >And then, finally, she'd touch you
  33. >The softness of her frog would send shivers up your spine, and you'd moan
  34. >You'd act surprised, and she'd asks if it hurt
  35. >You'd nearly scream a no, begging her to keep going
  36. >And she would
  37. >You'd ask her if she can kiss you while doing that
  38. >And she would
  39. >You'd whimper and tell you how good it feels, and sweet she tastes
  40. >That you want more, so much more
  42. >You'd tell her how soft and warm her lips are
  43. >And that they'd feel super nice on your peepee
  44. >She'd blink, wondering if a kid is asking her to give him fellatio
  45. >"That may be a bit too far--"
  46. "Please! Just a kiss, just this once!"
  47. >You'd cup her cheeks and kiss her once more, this one much more eager
  48. >And she'd feel your member give a hearty throb at that
  49. >You'd let your hands drift down and up her face, one caressing its way down her neck and the other scratching behind an ear
  50. "I love you so much,"
  51. >"Mother of Celestia, I'm so going in jail for this,"
  52. >You'd grin when she'd mumble that
  53. >And your heart would skyrocket when you'd feel her leaning down, her eyes staring are your monkey dick
  54. >And you'd moan her name when you'd feel the first rush of warm air on your tip
  55. >Then you'd finally feel them
  56. >The softness and warmth of it consuming your every thoughts
  57. >Your back would arch up and your hips would quiver, pressing the head of your cock deeper inside her inviting embrace, deep enough to feel how wet and inviting it is
  58. "D-do that again!"
  59. >And she would
  60. >Your hands wouldn't go idle, you'd caress, grope and scratch everywhere
  61. >You'd pass your fingers through her mane, stroke her ears, scratch her neck
  62. >Analyzing her reactions, finding ways to make her feel good
  64. >Then you'd feel her tongue
  65. >Warm, soft, beautiful
  66. >Simply perfect
  67. >You'd moan again
  68. >And she'd give a contented sigh, a small smile telling you how happy she is about knowing how to 'help you'
  69. >She'd give your tip another couple licks
  70. >And her hoof would stroke its way down your shaft to softly press against your balls
  71. >Slowly pulling them down, while her lips would finally part and engulf your tip
  72. "It feels so good, please don't stop."
  73. >You wouldn't be sure if that one was still part of the 'act'
  74. >Not that you would care
  75. >The mare you love would be giving you a blowjob
  76. >And her amorous eyes would make your heart nearly explode
  77. >She'd devour another inch, her tongue giving your slit another lap
  78. >And another inch
  79. >But sadly, you'd feel yourself getting close
  80. >I-it must be because of your young body
  81. "S-something's happening,"
  82. >She'd nod, before swallowing the rest of your pride
  83. >And you'd moan
  84. >And you'd throb
  85. >Your hands would take hold of her face and your hips would thrust up and down, helping her bobbing motions
  86. >And then you'd erupt deep inside, as deep as you are
  87. >You'd groan her name once more, and another happy sigh from her would add even more pleasure to it
  88. "That was so good,"
  89. >You'd pant, chest heaving up and down with your deep breaths
  90. >She'd lift her muzzle off of your crotch, inch after inch of your shaft reappearing
  91. >And her lips would free your tip with an audible 'pop'
  92. >It'd take her a couple seconds to swallow the entirety of your load, her lips would part slightly for her tongue to lick any remnants that could've escaped
  93. >Her eyes wouldn't leave yours
  94. >And yours couldn't escape hers
  95. >She'd give your tip one last lick, her hoof giving your plums a gentle squeeze
  96. >"How was it?"
  97. "Your turn!"
  98. >She wouldn't have the time to react, you would be behind her rear and on your knees, ready to plunge face first and eat out that horsepuss
  99. >"W-what, you can't--"
  101. >You wouldn't pay attention to what she's saying
  102. >The intoxicating smell coming from there would tell you that she'd be more than happy to receive some love
  103. >And her heart shaped pearl winking out at you would be an invitation
  104. >She'd jolt in surprise when your hands would grab onto her thighs, and squeaks when your lips would capture the end of her slit
  105. >You'd feel her love nub give another hearty throb, and your tongue would meet it
  106. >She'd moan, her hips quaking under your touch and her face would drop on the bed, her front legs losing their strength from the surprise attack
  107. >"N-no, wait, you shouldn't-ahn~!"
  108. >You wouldn't stop until she'd be a mumbling, stammering mess
  109. >You'd swallow her juices as if it was hydromel
  110. >You'd kiss and lick every parts of her, the contact breaking every now and then to tell you how beautiful she is, how good she tastes and how much you love her
  111. >You'd gently bite on her thigh, you'd tug on her tail, you'd nibble on her button and lips while your fingers are knuckle deep inside of her
  112. >You'd try everything, anything to make her explode
  113. >Again
  114. >And again
  115. >You'd want her to remember this
  116. >To think of you whenever she's horny
  117. >To understand that she couldn't find any stallion that could get her off as well as you can
  118. >That there's nothing out there that loves her as much as you do
  119. >Because it would be true
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