Expired domain name question.

Jun 29th, 2020
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  1. Expired domain name question.
  2. Came across an expired domain name on expireddomains.net that has been redirected to another domain name. Would like to know if I can register the domain name. I intend using it on my money site. Thanks.
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  14. No, You can't Register a Domain which Redirected to Another Domain. Because 99.99% Chances that It's registered domain.
  15. @ SiddharthW and other mates.
  16. Just did a check now and the redirected domain name is available for registration. Should I go ahead and register an expired domain name that has been redirected to another domain
  17. Why not?
  18. If that domain does not contain any trademarks - you won't have any trouble by doing that.
  19. But from SEO perspective you should look precisely for how long did that domain was redirected to another one?
  20. For our own and clients projects we never buy domains that redirected to another sites for 6+ months.
  21. Because Google has half a year to understand that this website is basically 'dead' and that it transmits all it's value to another domain.
  22. Yes, you still will have a domain with a bunch of links. But it isn't likely to pass the value. It simply can't work like that.
  23. We made several tests and saw zero results from such sites...
  24. The issue is NOT that online advertising has stalled, but rather that Google & Facebook have choked off their partners from tasting any of the revenue growth. This problem will only get worse as mobile grows to a larger share of total online advertising:
  25. By 2020, nearly three-quarters of Google’s net ad revenues worldwide will come from mobile internet ad placements. - eMarketer
  26. Media companies keep trusting these platforms with greater influence over their business & these platforms keep screwing those same businesses repeatedly.
  27. You pay to get likes, but that is no longer enough as edgerank declines. Thanks for adopting Instant Articles, but users would rather see live videos & read posts from their friends. You are welcome to pay once again to advertise to the following you already built. The bigger your audience, the more we will charge you! Oh, and your direct competitors can use people liking your business as an ad targeting group.
  30. As much as brand is an asset, it also becomes a liability if you have to pay again for every time someone looks for your brand.
  31. Mobile apps may be a way around Google, but again it is worth noting Google owns the operating system and guarantees themselves default placement across a wide array of verticals through bundling contracts with manufacturers. Another thing worth considering with mobile is new notification features tied to the operating systems are unbundling apps & Google has apps like Google Now which tie into many verticals.
  32. As SEOs for a long time we had value in promoting the adoption of Google's ecosystem. As Google attempts to capture more value than they create we may no longer gain by promoting the adoption of their ecosystem, but given their...
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  35. ex-employees in key government rolls
  36. control over video, mobile, apps, maps, email, analytics (along with search)
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  38. ... it is hard to think they've come anywhere close to peaking.
  40. When SEO Was Easy
  42. When I got started on the web over 15 years ago I created an overly broad & shallow website that had little chance of making money because it was utterly undifferentiated and crappy. In spite of my best (worst?) efforts while being a complete newbie, sometimes I would go to the mailbox and see a check for a couple hundred or a couple thousand dollars come in. My old roommate & I went to Coachella & when the trip was over I returned to a bunch of mail to catch up on & realized I had made way more while not working than what I spent on that trip.
  43. What was the secret to a total newbie making decent income by accident?
  44. Horrible spelling.
  45. Back then search engines were not as sophisticated with their spelling correction features & I was one of 3 or 4 people in the search index that misspelled the name of an online casino the same way many searchers did.
  46. The high minded excuse for why I did not scale that would be claiming I knew it was a temporary trick that was somehow beneath me. The more accurate reason would be thinking in part it was a lucky fluke rather than thinking in systems. If I were clever at the time I would have created the misspeller's guide to online gambling, though I think I was just so excited to make anything from the web that I perhaps lacked the ambition & foresight to scale things back then.
  47. In the decade that followed I had a number of other lucky breaks like that. One time one of the original internet bubble companies that managed to stay around put up a sitewide footer link targeting the concept that one of my sites made decent money from. This was just before the great recession, before Panda existed. The concept they targeted had 3 or 4 ways to describe it. 2 of them were very profitable & if they targeted either of the most profitable versions with that page the targeting would have sort of carried over to both. They would have outranked me if they targeted the correct version, but they didn't so their mistargeting was a huge win for me.
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