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Jan 26th, 2020
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  1. - Combat is turn based, but more like phase combat. First we have the Order Phase, then the Intention Phase, then the Actual Combat Phase;
  3. - Order Phase: The system will see who is the fastest of the participants, and the fastest player can pick which turn order he wants to go. The system will then check with the second, third, and so on. This is to give the person who has higher speed more tactical options when it comes down to his own turn order, rather than sticking him at first every turn.
  5. - Intention Phase: The players will declare their intention, starting from first to last on the list. Still nothing effectively happen in this phase, since this is just the intention phase. All actions are queued up and players have the option to interrupt or intercept actions.
  6. To exemplify: Yun is first in order, Galion is second, Rokal is third, Slayer is last.
  7. Yun intention is to throw a Kunai at Slayer.
  8. If Galion is fast enough, he gets the option of intercepting my kunai with his own.
  9. Then Rokal is also able to intercept Galion interception, meaning he will stop Galion from stopping me, which means my kunai goes through if Slayer does nothing.
  11. All of this happens in the last phase, the combat phase, where actions are validated against eachother to see what will go through and what wont.
  15. Plus, not directly related to the combat system but still part of it you need to make the basic technique models for skills, like single-line attacks, buffs, melee attacks, and so on.
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