Pokemon Emerald FAQ (console runs)

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  1. Pokemon Emerald FAQ (console runs)
  3. Q: What are you trying to do?
  4. A: Beat Pokemon Emerald as quickly as possible without using glitches.
  6. Q: What are you playing on?
  7. A: A GameCube using a GameBoy Player.
  9. Q: Why play on console?
  10. A: Only console runs are eligible for world record, and I find execution in this game to be easier on console.
  12. Q: What is the world record?
  13. A: 2:42:55 by roushmore917.
  15. Q: What is the best time?
  16. Q: 2:41:32 by Vincento341.
  18. Q: What Pokemon do you use in this run?
  19. A: I use Mudkip as my main Pokemon until I catch Rayquaza, which I use for the Elite Four. I catch Abra for Teleport, Poochyena/Marill for Rock Smash and Taillow/Swablu for Fly. I also receive Castform for free and use it in several double battles.
  21. Q: Why choose the girl?
  22. A: It makes the second rival fight much easier. The boy leads with Slugma, which generally will only stall you with Yawn, and the girl leads with Wingull, which can use Growl or Supersonic, both of which can end the run.
  24. Q: Why are you resetting?
  25. A: Probably because my Mudkip's stats are bad or I died.
  27. Q: What stats are you looking for?
  28. A: At minimum, 13 Attack, 10 Special Attack and 9 Speed at Lv. 5. Perfect stats are 14 Attack, 11 Special Attack and 10 Speed with a Naughty nature. I will run about 15 percent of Mudkips.
  30. Q: Why are stats so important?
  31. A: Bad stats cause me to die in important fights. Good stats allow me to hit damage ranges that save a lot of time.
  33. Q: What is your goal time?
  34. A: For now, world record. I need to save about 1:10 on my splits to achieve this. Eventually, I want to beat Vince's time and get sub-2:40. This game is not nearly as optimized as Red and Yellow, so there is much room for improvement.
  36. Q: Where can you save the most time on your splits?
  37. A: Flannery (hit a spinner that can be dodged 75% of the time), Norman (got trolled and made mistakes), Maxie 2 (didn't use Torrent strats), Matt (took a detour + didn't use Torrent strats) and Juan (hit two optionals).
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