Hybrid xvid crash

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  6. This log is only intended for user information. It should not be part of a bug/problem report!!
  7.   added new job with id 08_25_42_7710
  8. Detected the following cards which seem to lack NVIDIA PureVideo support:  Intel Corporation HD Graphics 530 (rev 06)
  9. Finished initialization, finished after 2.146s
  10. Filtering input files,..
  11. Analysing 1 input files,...
  12. analyzing: The City of Samba.mp4
  13.  checking a/v ids in ffmpeg,...
  14.   analyzing The City of Samba.mp4
  15.  grabbing audio ids for: /home/max/Video/tmp/The City of Samba.mp4
  16.  -> audio ids found: 0
  17.  analyzing audio streams...
  18.   analyzing audio stream: 0
  19.    analyzing audio stream with mplayer
  20.    grabbing audio data and delay infos with MediaInfo for /home/max/Video/tmp/The City of Samba.mp4
  21.   grabbing video ids for: The City of Samba.mp4
  22.   -> video ids found: 0
  23.  analyzing video streams...
  24.   analyzing video stream: 0
  25. video: found no ffmpegID for videoId 0 and index 1.
  26. starting auto routines for source number: 1
  27.  -> finished auto routines for source number: 1
  28. Input is completely analysed,...
  29. Creating job for current source
  30.  -> Creating jobs for source 1,...
  31.  -> Generating calls for: /home/max/Data/temp/avi/The City of Samba.avi
  32. Enforcing cfr decoder output due to avi output.
  33.   adding Xvid calls for source: 1
  34.   createJobs for /home/max/Data/temp/avi/The City of Samba.avi
  35.    creating attachment extraction subjobs
  36.    creating video subjobs
  37.    creating muxing subjobs
  38.    optimizing the subJobs
  39.  -> finished creating subjobs for current source
  40.   added new job with id 08_27_22_6010
  41. starting Main@08:27:22.657: "/home/max/.hybrid-bin/mencoder" -lavdopts threads=4 -ofps 15.000 -ovc xvid -xvidencopts pass=1:turbo:bitrate=900:me_quality=6:quant_type=h263:min_iquant=1:max_iquant=31:min_pquant=1:max_pquant=31:min_bquant=1:max_bquant=31:max_key_interval=250:keyframe_boost=10:kfthreshold=1:kfreduction=20:quant_type=h263:max_bframes=3:bquant_ratio=150:bquant_offset=100:bf_threshold=0:vhq=2:bvhq=1:curve_compression_high=0:curve_compression_low=0:overflow_control_strength=10:max_overflow_improvement=10:max_overflow_degradation=10:trellis:noqpel:nogmc:nocartoon:chroma_opt:chroma_me:nointerlacing:par=ext:par_width=1:par_height=1:noclosed_gop:nopacked:threads=4 -passlogfile "/home/max/Data/temp/avi/tmp/The City of Samba_08_27_22_6010_01.stats" -noskip -vf scale,format=i420,scale=720:406,scale,format=i420 -sws 10 -forcedsubsonly -nosub -nosound "/home/max/Video/tmp/The City of Samba.mp4" -o /dev/null
  42. process finished with exitcode: 1 and exitStatue: 0
  43. finished after 00:00:00.028
  44. -> 08_27_22_6010_01_video crashed:ERROR: /home/max/Data/temp/avi/tmp/The City of Samba_08_27_22_6010_01.stats was not created!
  45. Job 08_27_22_6010 finished!
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