Akizuki-gata wa Sukebe body [Typeset, non-/a/]

Jan 1st, 2016
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  1. Akizuki-gata wa Sukebe body Translation
  4. >[Hello, I'm Naka no Sora. This time around it's an Akizuki-class sisters doujin. I fell in love at first sight with Teruzuki during the summer event (though the same occured with Akizuki when she showed up), and I decided then that "the next doujin I would draw would be Teruzuki!" And so, before even taking on the event I had already drawn out a sketch for my circle, and only subsequently did I fight through the event to welcome Teruzuki. As expected, the sisters are the best together wwwww.]
  5. >[The limited time autumn lines also brought up others in the Akizuki-class. I look forwards to seeing the other sisters.]
  7. >Admiral, the sun's up, please wake up.
  8. >Hmmm?
  9. >Admiral!
  10. >Mmm~Akizuki...just a little more...
  11. >Really, admiral....
  12. >H-hold on, Admiral! Mmn [Ah!]
  13. >Uhaha, nothing's wrong nothing's....uh, "Admiral (note: this is in quotes, as Teruzuki exclusively refers to the Admiral as TTK/Admiral. Akizuki, on the other hand, refers to the Admiral mainly as Commander/Shirei-kan, but does refer to him as "Admiral (i.e. her secretary line) in one case")"?
  14. >[Uoohhhh?!] T-Teruzuki?
  15. >G...Good morning.
  17. >W-why is Teruzuki....
  18. >[umm,] I-I was waking up the admiral in Akizuki-nee...
  19. >"Commander."
  20. >A-akizuki!
  21. >That's really sneaky of the commander, to treat Teruzuki as a wife and two-time his real wife, Akizuki!
  22. >Commander, you idiot!!
  23. >AHhhh! Hold on, AKizuki!!
  24. >T-teruzuki, come and apologize too! We'll talk later!
  26. >Ah, AKizuki!
  27. >So that's how it is...AKizuki-nee and the Admiral are married.
  28. >And to think I was finally be able to be with Akizuki-nee again...
  29. >Is Akizuki-nee still working...
  30. >I wanna get dinner with her.
  31. >[As expected, the office lights are still on.]
  32. >Mmn, hold on a second, commander.
  33. >Ahhn
  35. >Mmm
  36. >Haaah
  37. >Mmhahh
  38. >Ehhh--------------------------------------------!
  39. >Akizuki....this morning....
  40. >W-why....AKizuki-nee, when she was so mad this morning....
  41. >Mm, this is good, do it again <3
  42. >D-did they make up....?
  43. >Uwaaah
  44. >Waaah
  45. >That's good....but...
  46. >No, that's...good.
  48. >Ahh
  49. >Ahhhnn <3
  50. >AKizuki-nee's showing a really perverted expression...
  51. >But...she's really beautiful.
  52. >Mmm...
  53. >Mmm.....
  54. >I hate it....I shouldn't do this kind of thing....stop.....
  55. >Ah
  56. >Hah
  57. >Hah
  58. >Ah
  59. >Akizuki, I'm going to jam it in.
  61. >J-jamming it in, the Akizuki-nee....
  62. >Ah
  63. >--AKizuki-nee!
  64. >N-no!!
  65. >T-teruzuki?!
  66. >[I forgot to lock the door!]
  67. >D....don't...
  68. >Don't...snatch Akizuki-nee away...
  70. >T-teruzuki, by "Snatching away," do you mean...
  71. >Uuu....
  72. >Just when Teruzuki thought she could live with AKizuki-nee again...
  73. >But Akizuki-nee's already married the Admiral....Teruzuki....
  74. >A-akizuki-nee
  75. >[Poof] >Sorry, Teruzuki...I brought you some lonely memories again.
  76. > be peeping....
  77. >S-sorry....
  78. >Well then, if you want, the three of us...together....
  79. >eh?!
  80. >[T(tk)] A-AKizuki, what are you saying...?!
  81. >[Ah, um....] T-teruzuki also seems like she wants to get to know the Admiral a little, umm....
  83. >Teruzuki also seemed a little...uhh, interested...
  84. >T-teruzuki feels...!
  85. >If you two...are willing to accept me...
  86. >A-and....
  87. >[really...]
  88. >Akizuki also feels...that just thinking of Teruzuking washing, it's, um, how should I say this...really...arousing....yep.
  89. >W-well then...
  91. >Mm, how is it, it alright?
  92. >Ahhh....uhh, of course.
  93. >Of course it'd be, with two people all doin' the ol' sucky fucky together...
  94. >Fufu....the commander's become even bigger than before <3
  95. >I-is this heaven?
  96. >U-uh, Teruzuki, I'd like to ask you a favor.
  97. >Mmmfffuu
  98. >Mmm
  99. >Admiral's is too big, I can't fit it all in my mouth....
  100. >Oy oy, Teruzuki, you don't have to force yourself...
  102. >I-is this okay, Admiral?
  103. >Mmm, if Teruzuki can do it, could you also, with your mouth...!
  104. > this?....mmmm
  105. >It's a little cute (note: what?)....maybe.
  106. >Haaah
  107. >Mmm....ahh
  108. >Uuuwwoooaaahhh
  109. >Guh....this is even more than expected...!
  111. >Shit!
  112. >Uuwaaaahhh!
  113. >Haaah--
  114. >Ahh....what is this? It's a little enthralling...
  115. >Really now, Commander, just taking care of Teruzuki
  116. >A-akizuki
  117. >Uuhh....Uwaaah?!
  118. >[Haaah] D-don't forget....
  119. >Akizuki...alright?
  121. >Ah <3
  122. >Mmm mmm, Akizuki, I know....uhhh
  123. >Mmnnaaahhhnnnn
  124. >Uwooh?!
  125. >A-akizuki seems to be a little tighter than usual...!
  126. >Ah....mmm, B-because!<3
  127. >Ah<3
  128. >Ahhhh<3
  129. >As soon as I think that Teruzuki's watching....I can't hold it in! <3
  130. >Mmmnnahhh!
  132. >Akizuki-nee....
  133. >Mmm....sorry, Teruzuki, I'm this kind of perverted sister....
  134. >It's not like that, Akizuki-nee, you're su~per beautiful, Teruzuki likes it the most <3 >Mmm >AH
  135. >Haaah
  136. >Really? I'm happy.
  137. >Akizuki, too....likes Teruzuki the most <3
  138. >Guuu...AKizuki, I'm about to come again...
  139. >Dont....Commander, don't...pull out!
  140. >Ah!
  141. >Mm!
  143. >I-is it alright? AKizuki
  144. >I-it's fine, in front of Teruzuki, make Akizuki...!<3
  145. >Aaaoooooahhhnnn
  146. >Ahhh
  147. >Haaaaaaaaa
  148. >Ah
  149. >Aaaa
  150. >AH<3
  151. > front of Teruzuki's eyes....
  152. >Haaah---
  153. >I've....conceived....
  154. >Haaah--
  156. >Mmm....
  157. >Ah <3
  158. >Well next up, is it Teruzuki's turn?
  159. >Hweeeeeh?!
  160. >T-teruzuki's fine, um, it'd be a little rude to you guys
  161. >FUfu, there's no need to be shy.
  162. >Now now, let's get those off
  163. >Hol' up....AKizuki-nee!
  164. >Look, commander
  165. >Please, as if it were Akizuki...please take care of Teruzuki <3
  167. >AHh!
  168. >Ahhhh, in that case, then I will
  169. >Love you until the end!
  170. >Mmmmaaahhhhh
  171. >haah
  172. > insides are all wierd n' shit....
  173. >Haah
  174. >It's okay, leave it to Akizuki and Commander.
  175. >I'll make you feel good...right away. >Mmmmnnn <3
  177. >A-akizuki-nee...Teruzuki's body's getting...kind of hot.
  178. >Ahhh <3
  179. >Mmm, that's good Teruzuki, in that case
  180. >Mmm <3
  181. >Akizuki-nee....mmm, AKizuki-nee <3
  182. >My first with Akizuki-nee, I'm so happy <3
  183. >Mm, Akizuki is too <3
  184. >Really...did you two forget about me?
  185. >Mmmaahhhh<3
  187. >Righto, Admiral, Akizuki-nee, I'm, too....
  188. >Love you alll <3
  189. >Of course, Akizuki-too, Commander <3
  190. >Ah<3 Coming!1!
  191. >It runneth over!!!!
  192. >Ahhh<3
  193. >It...still pumping!!
  195. >Also, for....Akizuki!!
  196. >Eh?! Commander....
  197. >Ah, commander <3
  198. >Ah<3
  199. >Ahhnn <3 I'm just like this again
  200. >Haaaaah
  201. >A-akizuki, are you satisfied?
  202. >Haah
  203. >Yes...commander
  204. >Ahhh
  205. >Ahhh...ahhh <3
  206. ><3
  208. >Ahhh--....
  209. >Ah--....
  210. >Even if I were going with the flow, having an affair with my wife's sister is kinda....
  211. >Really, commander, please don't be too concerned about it [After all, it was Akizuki's suggestion...]
  212. >But the line for this situation should really be drawn here....
  213. >Really~the Admiral's not acting like a man!
  214. >Commander....
  215. >If it's with the commander, Akizuki will be fine, no matter what happens!
  216. >Teruzuki too! From here on out, I'l lbe in your care, admiral <3
  218. >Admiral....ummm....
  219. >Could you...please irrigate me (note: literal meaning of 灌水, as in letting in water) / give me a douche?
  220. >I omitted it due to a lack of detailed knowledge, but does Teruzuki's Kingston Valve feel like this? Dunno! That sensei could told me, so that's why I call (whatever that nip is) teacher.
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