Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Nine-point-Nine

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  1. [2012-08-08 13:24:16] <Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Nine-point-Nine: The Solaris Legacy (Part Six - concluded)
  2. [2012-08-08 13:24:22] <Kkat> 3Recap:
  3. [2012-08-08 13:24:32] <Kkat> 3The party of explorers are in the basement of the Solaris Research & Execution North facility.  The Enclave Loyalist whom they have been fighting appears to have fled, recovering a set of Enclave MP Armor before doing so.
  4. [2012-08-08 13:24:46] <Kkat> 3The party has discovered that the Enclave Loyalists have been raiding caravans, keeping only a little and sending most of the supplies they pilfered to someplace called the “Citadel”.  
  5. [2012-08-08 13:24:52] <Kkat> 3Trained in the use of magical energy weapons, the Enclave find the firearms they loot less valuable, and have been secretly trading them to the Barnstormers weapons merchants for caps.
  6. [2012-08-08 13:25:00] <Kkat> 3The remaining emails on the Solaris terminals filled in the last pieces, painting a picture of the end of the facility: Doctor Vernal had an advanced bio-containment vault built under Solaris R&E North where he created PNG-A (the punga) by magically splicing together multiple magical plants, some of which were highly dangerous.
  7. [2012-08-08 13:25:07] <Kkat> 3It seems he was in the process of creating PNG-B when his work was interrupted by the apocalypse.
  8. [2012-08-08 13:25:16] <Kkat> 3When the bombs fell, the Solaris employees took shelter in that vault.  However, they were forced to abandon a few decades later when the inner containment chamber of the vault failed, and one of the most dangerous plants in the vault began to take over.  Bio-containment was evacuated and sealed, trapping the “blue shit” inside... at least until it fails too.
  9. [2012-08-08 13:25:23] <Kkat> 3The outer containment was designed to last several hundred more years.  But then, it was also designed by Solaris.
  10. [2012-08-08 13:25:29] <Kkat> 3So now the party must decide what, if anything, they are going to do here before moving on.
  11. [2012-08-08 13:25:35] <Kkat> 3--- Session begins ---
  12. [2012-08-08 13:25:57] * Kid "We need t' fuckin' catch this stupid fucked-up pony!"
  13. [2012-08-08 13:26:53] =-= Mode #FalloutEquestriaPNP +v Shatara by Mitzi
  14. [2012-08-08 13:29:22] * Crescendo_ mulls over the terminal contents. "I'm a little concerned by the 'blue shit' they mention. Something even Solaris tries to seal away can't be good."
  15. [2012-08-08 13:29:42] * Noble_Heart frowns and stomps a forehoof. "Though We would like to persue the one who put Us in such danger, now Our attention must be turned to this new threat to Equestria. It would serve none well for us to leave this place and forget the dangers crafted here, lest they be sprung upon an unwitting world!" She snorted at the prospect of that and looked down to Bookwright. "Mayhaps
  16. [2012-08-08 13:29:42] * Noble_Heart you have some idea what this material may be? We know it must be a terrible thing for these sacriligious ponies to willingly fear. And so must be dealt with."
  17. [2012-08-08 13:29:43] * Bookwright nods. "That we do." Turning to Mitzi, he shakes his head, "I'm sorry. I don't know how to repair your weapons or refit them for your use. But I do have an awfully good idea of how they work now... enough that I've started having ideas of how to design my own."
  18. [2012-08-08 13:30:30] * Bookwright grimaces. "Sister, you have as much an idea of what it is as I do."
  19. [2012-08-08 13:34:11] * Mitzi takes the weapon back and begins looking it over. She had always relied on her claws to fight, but fighting with ponies had shown her that it was insufficient by itself, especially with opponents at a distance. She really wanted to have something to return fire with while closing the distance to her claws.
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  22. [2012-08-08 13:40:19] * Mitzi takes out the other two laser rifles and sets them down on the bench together with the one that was in the best shape. She also pulls out the small laser pistol. Surely there was some way these all fit together
  23. [2012-08-08 13:41:03] * Kid shakes her head. "Don't y' fuckin' get it? Those ponies used us! This stuff's waited fer a couple hundred years! Ya'll think it can't sit for a couple days more?" She stamped her forehooves on the ground. She was getting fairly worked up about this. The kind of angry that would cool her off instantly if she could think straight right now.
  24. [2012-08-08 13:41:14] * Shatara busys himself as the others discuss their next move by flopping down at the nearby workbench. Pulling out his assorted tools, he begins to tinker with his beat-up old Battle Rifle, seeing if he could do anything about that sticky charging handle.
  25. [2012-08-08 13:41:56] * Mitzi looks up from the misellaneous rifles to the griffon tinkering with her rifle; "Yu can fix dese?" She enquires.
  26. [2012-08-08 13:42:27] * Get_Lost sighs and shakes her head i don't know, but a fleeing pegasus seems more urgent to me than a dormant vault...
  27. [2012-08-08 13:42:36] <Get_Lost> ""
  28. [2012-08-08 13:42:50] * Get_Lost "we didn't trigger any opening sequence, did we?"
  29. [2012-08-08 13:43:41] * Mitzi looks to Get_Lost; "Is dere any way we can blow dis whole place up? Or bury eet?"
  30. [2012-08-08 13:44:01] * Noble_Heart nods her head and frowns slightly. She contemplates what they can do about it. "Then We would propose that these dangerous Enclave refugees should be found first. We can send word back to the Followers and the New Canterlot Republic about this place. We are certain they will wish to learn more, and the Angels may have greater success understanding what this place holds."
  31. [2012-08-08 13:44:01] * Noble_Heart She doesn't look happy at the idea of just leaving it here. "We will not be responsible for unleashing a new plague upon Equestria, so We will trust Our new family to make the right choice."
  32. [2012-08-08 13:45:19] * Shatara looks up from his tinkering with a bit of surprise as the caniomorph addresses him. "Yeah, I can fix stuff but what..." his eyes fall on the massive claws making the laser weapons look rather puny. "Oh, right...I'll see if I can't rig them up for you."
  33. [2012-08-08 13:45:38] * Bookwright groans. "I don't really want that bomb-happy pegasus to get away, but I'm more than a little concerned about the integrity of the shielding equipment here. It was built by SOLARIS after all. We would be negligent in the extreme to leave without looking at it."
  34. [2012-08-08 13:46:00] * Get_Lost "well, there could alway be a way... knowing solaris, they are running this place on some soert of unstable reactor.... set it to go boom and the whole vally will go back to the old days of balefire... but it's just a guess"
  35. [2012-08-08 13:46:09] * Mitzi smiles at Shatara; "Uh'd be very pleased eef yu helped."
  36. [2012-08-08 13:47:23] * Noble_Heart paces the room in annoyance. "We believe this place is important enough to be dealt with. But We would not wish to risk exposing Equestria to whatever plague these ponies created. They nearly doomed us all once. We will not let them do so again in death."
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  39. [2012-08-08 13:48:19] * Get_Lost "yes, still, if we find out what this citadel is, we could avoid the caravans some more pressing problems, like, raiding pegasi from the damn sky"
  40. [2012-08-08 13:49:33] * Bookwright "We're here now. Let's at least determine if we need to take more action to prevent the past sins of SOLARIS from nixing what good The Day did for Gaia Valley."
  41. [2012-08-08 13:49:45] * Shatara quickly assembles and puts away his rifle (it hadn't exploded yet, so it could wait a bit), keeping his tools out as he gestures to the hellhound to paw over the frickin lazors, pondering good ways to rig them up for the canimorph
  42. [2012-08-08 13:50:32] * Get_Lost "then we come back here, find some sort of abort experiment button and press it... really ,if i was a mad scientist with a secret and clearly unclean project, i'd have a whole circuit of napalm and agent orange bombs distributed  in the whole farming area... and also some cyanide for everypony that could survive the fire... dead ponies don't talk"
  43. [2012-08-08 13:51:00] * Mitzi hands over the three rifles, and also plucks out some Scrap Metal and Electronics she had pilfered from one of the previous rooms (2 of each); "Hope dis will help."
  44. [2012-08-08 13:51:25] * Kid shakes her head. "We don' have t' leave it. We can get help. In fact, it's prolly smarter since ah think none of us know what t' really do with the notPunga. But th' more pressin' problem is that we need t' catch that pegasus so we have some sorta proof t' back up our claims." Judging by the determined, firey tone in her voice, she won't be shaken. It's almost as if she has an ulterior motive.
  45. [2012-08-08 13:52:13] * Get_Lost shrugs "i'm okay with pursuing the pegasus, for the moment"
  46. [2012-08-08 13:52:21] * Mitzi turns her paws over, looking at them. There were larger around than the typical pony's head, and attempting to firign the existing trigger of any pony made weapon would result in her claws shearign the weapon clean in two.
  47. [2012-08-08 13:52:38] * Noble_Heart nods in agreement to Bookwright then looks somewhat skeptically to Get Lost. "We would be surprised if these ponies even considered the danger of their actions." She looks up towards the roof. "Then We will go and try to find the pegasus. Bookwright, Get Lost. You two know more than any others We have met in recent times. Do you believe that this place will hold until We
  48. [2012-08-08 13:52:39] * Noble_Heart return?"
  49. [2012-08-08 13:54:26] * Bookwright shrugs. "I seriously have no idea. These logs are literally hundreds of years old. From what I've seen of SOLARIS technology, it could either hold for just long enough for us to leave, just long enough to be really bad when we get back, or it could be fine. I simply cannot tell without at least examining the situation."
  50. [2012-08-08 13:54:36] * Get_Lost "i don't see why it shouldn't.... did we hit any vital structure?" the mare takes a look around, checking for rapidly growing chasms in the walls
  51. [2012-08-08 13:55:35] * Bookwright stubbornly scrapes the floor. "I think we would be extremely negiligent to leave without at least taking a look at the situation."
  52. [2012-08-08 13:56:56] * Kid glares at Noble. "Naw, fuck you, I'm goin' with. I have a bone t' pick with this bastard." She was used. She hated being used. She never agreed with those anti-gun nuts, but she was about to give them proof. And maybe this pony knew a little something more than just that.
  53. [2012-08-08 13:59:14] * Noble_Heart blinks and looks down at Kid at those words. "We will ignore your choice of words, today, and assume that you have merely chosen them out of misplaced anger." She frowns and nods in agreement to Kid. "Then We will take you as well. First we must find this vault and check to ensure it is safe. Then we can pursue that pegasus." She turns to move from the room and check the
  54. [2012-08-08 13:59:15] * Noble_Heart rest of the bottom floors. Security vaults were usually in the basement or foundation of a building.
  55. [2012-08-08 13:59:28] * Get_Lost "listen, let's do this: i'll stay here and check the terminals to see if i can see what's going on inside that damn vault, you get the pegasus and then come beck... i mean, i'm not good at chasing ponies anyway"
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  57. [2012-08-08 14:02:27] * Get_Lost "now just move and chase that guy, from the little i know, pegasi are fast, the more we talk the farther he gets...."
  58. [2012-08-08 14:03:01] * Bookwright nods slowly. "That's not a half-bad idea."
  59. [2012-08-08 14:03:32] * Get_Lost sighs and leaves the room, heading for the solaris containment vault "okay it's set, see you later"
  60. [2012-08-08 14:03:34] * Crescendo_ nods. "That sounds like a good idea, Get. Would you mind some company? My forté does not lie in the pursuit."
  61. [2012-08-08 14:04:01] * Get_Lost "i'm okay with everything as long as it is done hastily, or we lose all the advantage"
  62. [2012-08-08 14:04:30] * Noble_Heart nods to Get Lost. She turns and moves towards the roof entrance as swiftly as she can manage up the stair well.
  63. [2012-08-08 14:04:56] * Kid nods sharply at Get_Lost. "Fine. Lemme look at th' map of th' area t' see where he might be camped out. If he's smart, he's goin' t' Nexus, and that's a few days from here." Kid's mind was aflutter with all the anger in her, pulling out the map and looking at all potential camping areas leading towards Nexus.
  64. [2012-08-08 14:05:39] * Bookwright re-orients himself. "Well, while you ponies figure out where we're going, I'm going to see if there's anything else here that's interesting."
  65. [2012-08-08 14:05:59] * Get_Lost "good luck, he's a pegasus, he can use clouds.... get him before he leaves the valley, it's your only chance" and with these words, the mare leaves the room heading for the security containment vault
  66. [2012-08-08 14:06:16] * Bookwright focuses, his horn flashes, and his eyes gain a faraway look.
  67. [2012-08-08 14:07:55] * Crescendo_ trots after Get_Lost. "You want things done hastily? But what if I like to take my time?"
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  69. [2012-08-08 14:08:38] * Get_Lost "shrugs "we won't take a step until the others come back, i'm just trying to highjack the terminals outside to have a picture of the inside....""
  70. [2012-08-08 14:08:45] * Noble_Heart nods in agreement to Kid and continues her path towards the roof, levitating the filly from the ground to her back. She was hardly super strong, but she was certainly stable enough.
  71. [2012-08-08 14:09:47] * Kid frowns. Oh Pip, oh Pip, she just remembered how much she disliked flying like this! Focus, focus. Map. Read the map!
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  75. [2012-08-08 14:27:59] * Get_Lost stop at the base of the building, watching at the roof and coughing a bit "hey noble, what about some lift upstairs? pretty please?"
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  77. [2012-08-08 14:31:04] * Noble_Heart blinks at Get Lost's request, having just spread her wings to prepare to depart. "We can spare a moment." She wraps the unicorn in a glowing field of her magic and slowly flies towards the roof. Not, perhaps, the most dignified way to travel, but it was safe enough. A moment later the alicorn touched down and gently lowered the mare to the ground. "We will return to check
  78. [2012-08-08 14:31:04] * Noble_Heart upon your progress once the Pegasus has been dealt with."
  79. [2012-08-08 14:32:00] * Get_Lost "sounds like a plan" the mare sits in front of the terminal and starts checking it
  80. [2012-08-08 14:34:14] * Crescendo_ bows to Noble_Heart. "Excuse me, milady, but could you take me to the roof as well? It would be dangerous to leave Get on her own."
  81. [2012-08-08 14:35:50] <Kkat> 3Up upon the roof, Noble_Heart and her telekinetic passengers see the roof access door that Shatara had opened.  Nearby is the mounting for a terminal that had been removed from the wall.  A pony skeleton and a toolbox lay nearby.
  82. [2012-08-08 14:36:37] <Kkat> 3Within the stairwell inside are stenciled arrows pointing towards "Oversight" and "Bio-Containment".
  83. [2012-08-08 14:37:04] * Noble_Heart nods her head and bows it briefly to Crescendo as well, adding another pony to her transit to the top. SHe looks out over the valley. "Were do you think this pegasus would have fled to?" Her question directed to her smallest passenger.
  84. [2012-08-08 14:41:45] * Crescendo_ looks over at the skeleton on the roof. "I don't think this one's gonna talk, even if I ask nicely."
  85. [2012-08-08 14:41:47] * Get_Lost shrugs "problem is, we don't have a terminal to attach to that thing, so until the others are back, we're grounded here unless we want to peek our noses inside alone..."
  86. [2012-08-08 14:41:50] <Kkat> 3The empty terminal mount was for the terminal that opened the roof access door.  Shatara has done away with the need for it.
  87. [2012-08-08 14:42:34] * Mitzi watches Shatara work some repair wizardry on the laser rifle. She would probably have to cannibalize at least one of the other rifles for parts, but she seemed to be doing it
  88. [2012-08-08 14:43:32] * Crescendo_ considers taking the skull with them to use like a sock puppet... but that would be silly. "Well if it can't be helped then I guess we should venture inside."
  89. [2012-08-08 14:44:55] * Bookwright lets his magic fade and sighs. "Well, nothing interesting here." Watching with intent interest as Shatara skillfully works mechanical wonders, he muses, "Do you think, given a set of blueprints, you could build a custom magical energy weapon from parts?"
  90. [2012-08-08 14:48:13] * Get_Lost shrugs "okay but keep a loook on anything green, or blue, okay?" the mare tries descending a couple of steps to take a look inside the building
  91. [2012-08-08 14:48:13] * Shatara pops open various panels, solders a few leads, replaces a bad anixiological extrudifier with a spare on from a nearby rifle, reverses a couple polarities, fabricates a nice, large, sturdy grip frame...and voila! A shiny new hellound rifle! He looks up and and beams and...finds 2/3s of the party gone. He applies forehead to workbench before offering the completed rifle to
  92. [2012-08-08 14:48:13] * Shatara Mitzi.
  93. [2012-08-08 14:49:46] * Noble_Heart peers out over the valley, looking at the terrain and pondering the way she got all the way out here, and where she might go on the way back. Perhaps not the best idea, but she could fly and so could this pegasus. That gave them something in common in the way they travelled at least. Somewhere out there was the one she had to catch.
  94. [2012-08-08 14:51:42] * Mitzi takes the rifle and looks it over. She tried out the modified grip in her claws and tests the trigger. Satisfied that she wasn't slicing the rifle in half just by holding it, she slips the micro-sparkle cell back in and slings the rifle over her back. "Thanks Sh'tara." She says, smiling broadly at the griffon and showing a few too amny teeth
  95. [2012-08-08 14:52:36] * Shatara sighs a little. "Yeah, no problem..." He turns toward Bookwright. "I guess it crazy are we talking?"
  96. [2012-08-08 14:53:02] <Kkat> 3There are five flights of stairs before reaching the bottom and the blue-painted cinderblock hall marked with "BIO-CONTAINMENT FACILITY" in stenciled yellow letters.  There are a couple doors that look like they lead to closets along the hall; at the end, the hallway terminates with a large, super-heavy vault door with a terminal mounted to one side.
  97. [2012-08-08 14:53:05] * Bookwright smiles cheerfully. "I have no idea. As soon as we get some downtime, I intend to find out."
  98. [2012-08-08 14:53:07] * Get_Lost moves cautiously towards the "oversight" area
  99. [2012-08-08 14:54:01] * Get_Lost looks at the terminal "hello there.... oh, yes...." the mare trots towards the terminal and sits in front of it "alright, let's see what we can do from here"
  100. [2012-08-08 14:54:58] * Crescendo_ takes up position beside Get_Lost, keeping watch for flying death robots and the like.
  101. [2012-08-08 14:55:59] * Get_Lost mutters "oh yes, finally a terminal where everything is whre it is suppesd to be! a lot more intuitive than that useless STABLE crap...."
  102. [2012-08-08 14:56:12] * Bookwright looks around. "Well, I think we've spent long enough here. I'm going to go find Get_Lost and Bio-Containment".
  103. [2012-08-08 14:58:35] * Crescendo_ peers over Get_Lost's shoulder. "Why does the little recycle-bin-thingy look like it drops files into a grinder?"
  104. [2012-08-08 14:59:50] * Get_Lost "because it obviously deletes files in the unrecoverable mode by default, it's boring to empty the trash bin every 6 months!"
  105. [2012-08-08 15:06:25] * Get_Lost taps her head for a moment "hey, Crescendo_ i think that the pegasus fled towards the mountains, not the town.... try going upstairs and if those hot heads are still there tell them to look for some sort of hideout next to the mountain pass"
  106. [2012-08-08 15:09:25] * Crescendo_ nods. "Good thinking," he says before making his way back to the roof and yelling out, "Hey Noble_Heart, Kid,  are you guys still around?"
  107. [2012-08-08 15:10:05] * Noble_Heart looks up from her place on the roof. She just couldn't see anywhere likely for this pegasus to go. She turned around towards Crescendo. "We are here. What is the problem?"
  108. [2012-08-08 15:10:11] * Shatara follows Bookwright, since theres not much else can do
  109. [2012-08-08 15:10:16] * Kid is having a lot of trouble with the map. Stupid thing is in a different language or something."Yeah? What is it?"
  110. [2012-08-08 15:13:36] <Kkat> 3The terminal to the BIO-CONTAINMENT facility is a Very Hard terminal.  Hacking it requires Science 100.
  111. [2012-08-08 15:13:43] <Crescendo_> "Get had an idea about where the pegasus went. He was a soldier and grabbed his stuff before making a fighting retreat, right? So he's going to try and head back to base. Probably toward that 'Sentinel' place toward the mountains."
  112. [2012-08-08 15:13:47] * Mitzi falls in behind Shatara and Bookwright, hoping for a chance to test out her new weapon
  113. [2012-08-08 15:15:03] * Noble_Heart frowns and nods her head, turning to look off towards the mountains. Well that wasn't very helpful, but it was a start. "If they have a place to hide in the mountains finding it could take weeks. But it may be larger than just the two as well. This could prove most dangerous. But We think it would be wise to continue in that direction along the river. They found this place,
  114. [2012-08-08 15:15:03] * Noble_Heart and the other storage facility. Perhaps they followed the river here?"
  115. [2012-08-08 15:18:01] * Get_Lost checks unde the terminal, looking directly, not touching
  116. [2012-08-08 15:21:54] * Bookwright walks outside and shouts up at Noble_Heart. "Would you kindly give me a lift? I want to at least /look/ at bio-containment while you folks figure out where to go."
  117. [2012-08-08 15:22:43] * Kid rolls her eyes. "Oh, sure. If ah c'n find th' damn think on th' map, I'd be happy t'-" Wait a minute. She stared at the map for a little while and turned it around. Oh. Ooooh. Well, didn't she feel like a silly pony.
  118. [2012-08-08 15:22:46] <Kkat> 3Get_Lost looks under the terminal.  There is a piece of ancient duct tape stuck to it with the word "wearelikegods" written in badly-faded Solaris-brand Unfading Ink.
  119. [2012-08-08 15:22:55] * Mitzi looks to Bookwright, then up to the roof; "Uh cud carry yu up."
  120. [2012-08-08 15:23:19] * Bookwright looks askance at Mitzi. "Uh... okay."
  121. [2012-08-08 15:23:21] * Get_Lost shrugs and tries inserting the password in the terminal
  122. [2012-08-08 15:24:01] * Get_Lost "really, sometimes i'm embarassed of being related to such ponies... am i stupid like this?"
  123. [2012-08-08 15:24:28] * Mitzi easily picks Bookwright up and slings him over her shoulders, then digs her claws into the building and begins climbing up
  124. [2012-08-08 15:24:50] * Bookwright goes limp and tries to shut down his sense of smell.
  125. [2012-08-08 15:25:38] * Shatara chuckles a little at the sight, lifting off and perching on the ledge.
  126. [2012-08-08 15:26:04] * Mitzi takes a few minutes to scale the building, but do so without too much strain thanks to her bulky physique. She sets down on the roof and plucks Bookwright form her shoulders, setting him down on the roof, then smiling at him
  127. [2012-08-08 15:26:22] * Noble_Heart sighs quietly and continues to stare out into the valley, the call from Bookwright calls her attention briefly but doesn't retain it long once she spots that Mitzi is beginning to carry him up. "Whenever you have a guess to their location, We are prepared to depart."
  128. [2012-08-08 15:26:59] * Bookwright whuffs quietly as he regains his footing. "That was an incredible experience. Simply incredible." He trots down the stairwell towards BIO-CONTAINMENT.
  129. [2012-08-08 15:27:45] * Crescendo_ goes back inside after the show was over, heading down to Get_Lost.
  130. [2012-08-08 15:28:25] * Mitzi follows behind Bookwright; "Keeps Ur in shape."
  131. [2012-08-08 15:28:42] * Get_Lost is messing with the terminal, next to the gigantic vault door "i think i found the password, it was written under th terminal, as those mails said... safety at work in first place!"
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  133. [2012-08-08 15:29:15] * Bookwright shakes his head. "Their foolishness is our gain. What have you found out?"
  134. [2012-08-08 15:29:46] * Get_Lost "so far? nothing... it's takinfg a life to accept ot... maybe it's wrong?"
  135. [2012-08-08 15:31:34] * Crescendo_ scratches his chin. "Maybe the circuits are dusty, or need a while to warm up."
  136. [2012-08-08 15:31:40] * Bookwright frowns. "According to the internal email, the old head doctor kept the password to the terminal taped to the bottom of it. If that doesn't work, I think we're out of luck. I can't crack a terminal that secure."
  137. [2012-08-08 15:32:04] <Kkat> 3The screen goes blank for a moment, and then fills with text as a feminine mare's voice (you can barely tell it's artificial) pines through the terminal speaker, "Good evening, Doctor Vernal?  How may I be your willing slave today?"
  138. [2012-08-08 15:32:41] * Bookwright rolls his eyes. "Wow. This guy must have been on a real power trip."
  139. [2012-08-08 15:32:42] * Get_Lost frowns "vocal interface... ah-hem" the mare states loud "list options!"
  140. [2012-08-08 15:32:53] * Mitzi tilts her head at the terminal; "Gloween box eez slave?" She looks like she's having difficulting processing that thought
  141. [2012-08-08 15:32:58] <Mitzi> difficulty
  142. [2012-08-08 15:33:27] * Bookwright "Glowing box is masturbatory toy in addition to work device."
  143. [2012-08-08 15:33:53] * Mitzi blinks. "What masterbaitoree?"
  144. [2012-08-08 15:35:23] * Bookwright thinks hard. "It's having sex with yourself."
  145. [2012-08-08 15:35:49] * Noble_Heart frowns and peers out into the distance. "We believe that following the river may be Our best bet to find this pegasus. If the pegasi followed it south, We may yet find them to the north." She nods her head confidently, as though that ended the question. "Then We shall take vengeance and see them brought to proper justice. We will not allow Our little ponies to face another
  146. [2012-08-08 15:35:50] * Noble_Heart apocalypse or see another darkened day upon the skies as such evil stalks the corners of the world!"
  147. [2012-08-08 15:36:00] * Bookwright goes on. "But... with a device instead of another member of your own race."
  148. [2012-08-08 15:36:04] <Mitzi> Mitzi turns her head; "Sex... Yu mean mateen? Yu need partner tu mate."
  149. [2012-08-08 15:36:11] <Kkat> 3The terminal flirst, "You have access to all my options, Master.  Would you like to open the vault, or just peek inside?  Or are you in the mood for something more... detailed?"
  150. [2012-08-08 15:36:26] <Kkat> 3s/flirst/flirts
  151. [2012-08-08 15:36:48] * Bookwright nods. "Yeah. The Good Doctor used this gloweenboxen like an artificial mate, for pleasure."
  152. [2012-08-08 15:36:59] * Get_Lost "i need a report on the situation inside, activate the cameras or whatever you have to give me an idea of what's going on"
  153. [2012-08-08 15:37:45] * Get_Lost "and revert to a different vocal interface.... i want sophisticated butler"
  154. [2012-08-08 15:37:52] * Crescendo_ "And when you've turned the camera on put a shoe on your head."
  155. [2012-08-08 15:37:54] * Mitzi just looks confused. "Arteefical? Like... fake? Uh can't see how dat does anyting gud."
  156. [2012-08-08 15:39:09] * Get_Lost "oh and refer to me as miss solaris, thank you"
  157. [2012-08-08 15:39:44] * Bookwright nods again. "You're getting the idea. It doesn't do anything good, or bad. It's just a sex toy. A fake mate."
  158. [2012-08-08 15:39:49] <Kkat> 3"Yes, Master."  The screen blanks again, and then divides into half a dozen security camera feeds.  They all look frighteningly similar -- the Bio-Containment vault has been completely overrun by what is clearly a breed of killing joke.
  159. [2012-08-08 15:40:12] <Kkat> 3The floor is flooded.
  160. [2012-08-08 15:40:38] * Mitzi spies the image of Killing joke on the terminal and lets out a rather unbecoming yipe, takign a few cautious steps backwards.
  161. [2012-08-08 15:40:43] * Bookwright looks at the terminal. "Holy- That's bad. That's really bad. I don't even want to think about what SOLARIS did to poison joke to get /that/ stuff."
  162. [2012-08-08 15:40:56] * Get_Lost "okay, do we have a clear mode in case of biological breach? i don't know.. agent orange, napalm, microwaves.... a grasscutter?"
  163. [2012-08-08 15:41:36] -->| AMARDA-Phone (AndChat401249@Pony-l6j.o6t.153.222.IP) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPnP
  164. [2012-08-08 15:41:54] * Crescendo_ "She means besides sending in the interns with a pair of clippers."
  165. [2012-08-08 15:42:19] * Mitzi looks to Bookwright; "Dat killeen joke. Worst plant tu ever exist."
  166. [2012-08-08 15:42:39] -->| Strobe ( has joined #FalloutEquestriaPnP
  167. [2012-08-08 15:42:39] =-= Mode #FalloutEquestriaPNP +o Strobe by ChanServ
  168. [2012-08-08 15:43:14] <Kkat> 3The female voice replies, "I'm sorry, Master.  I do not have 'sophisticated butler'.  But I can do a sexy maid outfit if you prefer?"  A moment later, a slightly pixilated animation of a white alicorn in a maid outfit trots across the screen.  It takes you a moment to realize it, and the voice, are meant to be like Celestia.
  169. [2012-08-08 15:43:24] * Kid grumps a little. "Do ya'll get tired of dramatizin' everythin' all the time?" For once, it wasn't a complaint, exactly. Simply an observation.
  170. [2012-08-08 15:43:35] * Bookwright grimaces. "I know it is. But this is a SOLARIS project. What are the chances, do you think, that this particular breed is somehow /even worse/ than what we find in the Everfree Forest?"
  171. [2012-08-08 15:44:12] * Shatara peeks over the ponies shoulder and pomfs.
  172. [2012-08-08 15:44:29] * Bookwright "Because I don't have any doubt that this breed is worse. Do you?"
  173. [2012-08-08 15:44:34] * Get_Lost "okay, don't change the settings then, now please answer me, do we have some B-plan in base of biological breach? something involving the genocyde of whatever is behind that vault door?"
  174. [2012-08-08 15:44:58] <Kkat> 3The "sexy Celestia" terminal voice responds, "The Emergency Flush Protocol is available, Master."
  175. [2012-08-08 15:44:59] * Mitzi shudders at the idea; she'd seen and been told stories of the horror of Killing Joke
  176. [2012-08-08 15:45:35] * Get_Lost "please state the exact action performed during an emergency flush protocol"
  177. [2012-08-08 15:45:41] <Get_Lost> *actions
  178. [2012-08-08 15:46:56] * Get_Lost in the meantimee turns towards the others "it's pretty infested, let's see what these solaris guys had in mind for a flush..."
  179. [2012-08-08 15:47:52] * Mitzi raises an eyebrow at Get Lost; "How eez toilet gunna help wit dis?"
  180. [2012-08-08 15:48:02] <Kkat> 3"The vault reactor will vent radiation into the bio-containment vault.  I calculate a 142% chance that the radiation will be extreme enough to kill off any manner of life in the vault."
  181. [2012-08-08 15:48:58] * Get_Lost nods "alright, now please, can you relate to me about the mutations of the blue flower? in other words, how did it mutated, what its original form did and what does it do now?"
  182. [2012-08-08 15:49:27] * Get_Lost and please print on screen the data while you relate them
  183. [2012-08-08 15:49:42] <Kkat> 3The screen goes blank, then brings up a lot of tiny text.  
  184. [2012-08-08 15:50:39] * Crescendo_ watches as the pixelated figure leaves the screen. "Just don't ask it to bare all... or reveal everything. My childhood has been destroyed enough."
  185. [2012-08-08 15:52:03] * Get_Lost "hey at least it's an alicorn with the proper gonads... better than that fallus maximus thing we were forced to see everywhere...."
  186. [2012-08-08 15:53:09] =-= Arcane_Scroll is now known as Arcane_Scroll[A]
  187. [2012-08-08 15:54:38] <Kkat> 3The lab documents and scientific reports of Doctor Vernal reveal that the plant inside is a breed of highly-aggressive Poison Joke retrieved from the Stable 101 dig site and "slightly" modified by magically splicing it with a plant from the zebra lands.  This was apparently the first phase of PNG-B, and about as far as it got.
  188. [2012-08-08 15:55:28] <Kkat> 3Unfortunately, the zebra plant is unknown to anyone in the party, and none can guess exactly what the effects of such splicing would be.
  189. [2012-08-08 15:56:04] * Get_Lost "okay, i don't understand enough of this and i don't want to take any risk... is everypony okay with vfeeding plasma to this thing? oh, and by the way, did anypony ever heard of -describes the zebra plant-"
  190. [2012-08-08 15:56:20] * Mitzi shakes her head
  191. [2012-08-08 16:00:30] * Noble_Heart frowns and looks down to Kid. "We are not dramatizing anything. We are merely stating the importance of this situation. We suppose We could not really expect a young pony like you to understand the gravity of what the ponies who came before did for Equestria. And what it would mean for it to be put in danger once again." She looked back up and out across the world. "We will
  192. [2012-08-08 16:00:30] * Noble_Heart trust Our friends to make the right choice."
  193. [2012-08-08 16:06:54] * Kid looked wide-eyed and furious at Noble, tilting her head slightly. That expression would look genuinely scary if it weren't on a roughly 100 pound pony. "Well, /sorry/ I wasn't born then, Princess. I didn't have th' good fortune t' get dipped in a bunch of taint. But as somepony who knows her books, I'd like it if y' can stop cheapenin' what they did by makin' us sound anywhere close."
  194. [2012-08-08 16:09:43] * Get_Lost sighs and speaks inside the microphone of the terminal again "state final objective of PNG-B"
  195. [2012-08-08 16:09:54] * Bookwright suddenly has a glint in his eye. "Hold on... this stuff is PNG-B, right? And PNG-A was designed to cleanse radiation, right? What are the chances, do you think, that PNG-B can cleanse radiation too?"
  196. [2012-08-08 16:10:47] * Noble_Heart sighs quietly and shakes her head. "We are sorry. We know it is not your fault nor can We claim responsibility for Our greatness either. Nevertheless, We have a duty to help those of Equestria which We can. And so We shall. Even if Our actions never measure up to those whom came before Us." She gives Kid a small smile. "We do not wish to see their achievements made smaller,
  197. [2012-08-08 16:10:47] * Noble_Heart nor undone."
  198. [2012-08-08 16:10:51] * Mitzi shakes her head; "Killeen joke wasn't made by radiation; made by sumting else in da Everfree."
  199. [2012-08-08 16:11:02] * Get_Lost "not sure, this was supposed to arrive after the radiation was cleansed.... this... this was what solaris had in mind to do with a pure world...."
  200. [2012-08-08 16:16:40] <Kkat> 3"Poison-Neutralizing Growth class B is intended to return Equestria to the beautiful, idyllic world we all wish it to be."
  201. [2012-08-08 16:17:05] =-= Arcane_Scroll[A] is now known as Arcane_Scroll
  202. [2012-08-08 16:18:33] * Get_Lost "what kind of poison or enviromental hazard has this specimen proven to be able to purge? does it have some specific high resistance?"
  203. [2012-08-08 16:20:09] |<-- Fear_Full has left (Quit: It only takes a few good words to save a only takes a few cruel words to end a life)
  204. [2012-08-08 16:20:26] <Kkat> 3"Poison-Neutralizing Growth class B is not ready for the testing phase.  There are still five more steps in the execution process."
  205. [2012-08-08 16:20:59] * Get_Lost looks towards the group "alright, i say, we dont' take risks and burn it"
  206. [2012-08-08 16:21:33] * Bookwright addresses the computer. "In the context of Poison-Neutralizing Growth class B, define 'poison'."
  207. [2012-08-08 16:23:46] * Get_Lost sighs "whatever it was, bookie, the problem is trhat they were at step 2 out of 8.... whatever could be the final result, this was just one passage, it doesn't anything similar to the final plant.... we could just download the data so far and study them later, if you want..."
  208. [2012-08-08 16:26:32] * Get_Lost clears heer voice "alright, look, we have a running pegasus and we can't stay here forever... at this point the computer has been activated and the door opened and it wasn't that hard... we can't leave this here like this, so i'm going to burn it anyway... any objection?"
  209. [2012-08-08 16:26:38] * Bookwright mutters. "Given this company's track record, I fully expect them to have named the plant before actually making it do anything, but if they've called it 'poison-neutralizing' I think there's a fifty-percent chance they know /which/ poisons they want to neutralize."
  210. [2012-08-08 16:27:11] * Bookwright shrugs. "Go for it. Melt that shit."
  211. [2012-08-08 16:27:28] * Get_Lost sighs "alright, alright... hey computer, what poison was this plant supposed to neutralize?"
  212. [2012-08-08 16:31:49] * Get_Lost clears her voice again "computer: activate emergency flush protocol on a count of five minutes from now. please display thee countdown on the screen and set the process stopp password to: pleasegoon"
  213. [2012-08-08 16:32:30] * Kid lets out an scream from behind clenched teeth. This pony was driving her crazy! How is it that when she says a nice sentiment and then when it comes out of her stupid face, it irritates her to no end? "Whatever." She says simply. "We're here t' do a job, not t' be heroes.
  214. [2012-08-08 16:33:02] * Kid " Even though that would be pretty cool to lord over Southern back home.
  215. [2012-08-08 16:34:07] * Get_Lost waits to see that everything is set and get confirmation of the imput
  216. [2012-08-08 16:35:49] <Kkat> 3The image of maid-Celestia looks sorrowful.  "I'm sorry, Master.  I do not have that information.  The intended purpose of the Poison-Neutralizing Growth class B is simply stated as 'Fix Everything'."
  217. [2012-08-08 16:36:24] <Kkat> 3The screen begins a five-minute countdown.
  218. [2012-08-08 16:36:48] * Get_Lost at that piece of information, the mare deadpans "that's so solaris... okay fillies, we're geting out of here ,and fast!"
  219. [2012-08-08 16:37:53] * Get_Lost the mare checks that everything is okay while the others start to climb the stairs asnd as soon as everyone left the room she follows
  220. [2012-08-08 16:39:13] <Kkat> 3 4:45... 4:44... 4:43...
  221. [2012-08-08 16:39:25] * Noble_Heart frowns slightly at Kid's rejection of heroism, but nods her head respectfully anyway. As the others return she looks up. "We believe the best action is to take the ship and travel north. Are We all ready to go?"
  222. [2012-08-08 16:39:32] * Bookwright hurries upstairs. "Mitzi, would you kindly give me a ride down? Noble_Heart and Kid, we're leaving /right now!/ Get your collective plots in gear and let's get the hell out of here!"
  223. [2012-08-08 16:39:50] * Get_Lost takes just the time to turns towards the gigantic door one last time; her eyes sad and tired "everytime i hope it wasn't just another monstrosity... and everytime it's.... this... am i the same?" sighing, the mare follows the others
  224. [2012-08-08 16:39:57] <Kkat> 3 4:21... 4:20... 4:19...
  225. [2012-08-08 16:40:41] * Kid looks at the unicorn. "Right." She said, remembering what that meant last time. "Noble, let's go. /Now/."
  226. [2012-08-08 16:40:49] * Get_Lost arrives out in the open with the others "okay, let's get out of here: the generator will vent in 4 minutes and i dont' think those old walls will survive the explosion, so we have to fly away!"
  227. [2012-08-08 16:40:52] * Mitzi graps Bookwright and books it up the stairs.
  228. [2012-08-08 16:41:00] * Crescendo_ follows the others outside, glad to leave what was shown on the terminal behind.
  229. [2012-08-08 16:41:06] <Kkat> 3 3:52... 3:51... 3:50...
  230. [2012-08-08 16:41:38] * Noble_Heart nods in agreement to Kid, she began extending her magic field around everyone she could, spreading her wings to take to the air. Kid, Crescendo, Get Lost, Bookwright, everyone but Shatara really. It was a good thing she was not a weak pony, magically!
  231. [2012-08-08 16:41:44] <Kkat> 3 3:39... 3:38... 3:37...
  232. [2012-08-08 16:41:48] * Get_Lost waits her turn to be taken down the building, together with crescendo "do you think 5 minutes were too few?"
  233. [2012-08-08 16:42:13] <Kkat> 3 3:13... 3:12... 3:11...
  234. [2012-08-08 16:42:36] * Crescendo_ shakes his head. "Well it's not like it's going to explode after all."
  235. [2012-08-08 16:43:07] * Noble_Heart begins to head back to the ship at a full gallop. "We suggest not staying close to the building. Unless whatever failsafe thine actions triggered will have unexpected consequences."
  236. [2012-08-08 16:43:18] * Get_Lost "ah... it could.... but it should be contained, but if there's a breach in the vault... well... yay?"
  237. [2012-08-08 16:43:30] <Kkat> 3 2:48... 2:47... 2:46...
  238. [2012-08-08 16:43:50] * Mitzi gets to the roof then slides over the edge, Bookworm still gripped tightly under one arm. She uses her free claw to dig into the side of the building on the way down, slowing her descent
  239. [2012-08-08 16:44:04] * Kid starts to sprint out of the area when sent down. It's surprising how fast she is while being held down with all that stuff.
  240. [2012-08-08 16:44:17] <Kkat> 3 2:30... 2:29... 2:28...
  241. [2012-08-08 16:45:29] * Noble_Heart rushes towards the ship on the coast as quick as she can. She would use her magic to help the others wherever she could along the way, but did not wish to be anywhere close to the building when whatever Get Lost did took hold.
  242. [2012-08-08 16:45:33] * Bookwright grunts. As soon as he hits the ground, he books it, following Noble_Heart's path.
  243. [2012-08-08 16:45:41] * Get_Lost follows the others to the boat as fast as possible "okay okay, i think we're out of the range, i mean, it's under a mountain anyway, if it exhaust it will explode upward anyway, right?... ah... i hope we have tons of rad-away"
  244. [2012-08-08 16:45:42] <Kkat> 3 2:02... 2:01... 2:00...
  245. [2012-08-08 16:46:06] * Mitzi slips onto all fours and bolts after the others
  246. [2012-08-08 16:46:12] <Kkat> 3 1:44... 1:43... 1:42...
  247. [2012-08-08 16:46:41] * Kid sprints onto the boat and tries to find the captain. "CAP'N! WE WANT TO BE GOIN' T' NEXUS NOW!"
  248. [2012-08-08 16:47:37] * Mitzi leaps onto the boat... and manages a 10.0 faceplant
  249. [2012-08-08 16:47:48] <Kkat> 3Smiling Jack starts, jumping to all hooves.  "Nexus?  But that's where we ju' came from!  I thought I was s'posed t' be taking you up to Darkness Falls!"
  250. [2012-08-08 16:47:49] <Kkat> 3 1:20... 1:19... 1:18...
  251. [2012-08-08 16:47:53] * Mitzi grumbles; "stupeed boat."
  252. [2012-08-08 16:48:04] * Bookwright bellows. "Captain, I suggest that you expedite the shoving off process and get us the hell out of here as soon as everyone's on board!"
  253. [2012-08-08 16:48:20] * Get_Lost arrives at the boat? maybe "no wait, why the nexus? we need to proceed upstream, the enclave base is somewhere in that direction!"
  254. [2012-08-08 16:48:25] <Kkat> 3 0:53... 0:52... 0:51...
  255. [2012-08-08 16:48:36] * Noble_Heart points her head towards the north. "Take us that way, and quickly. As fast as this ship will travel!"
  256. [2012-08-08 16:48:39] * Kid "NOW!"
  257. [2012-08-08 16:48:54] * Get_Lost "yes, darkness falls, now just make this thing move! we are quite in the hrry!"
  258. [2012-08-08 16:49:02] <Kkat> 3Smiling Jack frowns, confused.  "Wait. What Enclave base?"
  259. [2012-08-08 16:49:16] * Get_Lost "JUST GO!"
  260. [2012-08-08 16:49:18] <Kkat> 3 0:37... 0:36... 0:35...
  261. [2012-08-08 16:49:35] * Get_Lost "this place is going to blow up!"
  262. [2012-08-08 16:49:39] * Kid nods at Get. "WHATEVER! WE'RE WANTING TO LEAVE NOW!"
  263. [2012-08-08 16:50:02] * Shatara quickly helps cast the boat off and raise the anchor
  264. [2012-08-08 16:50:25] <Kkat> 3Smiling Jack catches the sense of urgency.   "Okay, you steer, I'll kick on the motors."  He rushes towards the engine room, shouting back, "And somepony haul up the anchor or we ain't goin' anywhere."
  265. [2012-08-08 16:50:34] * Get_Lost the mare simply turns on herself and stares at the gigantic solaris logo visible from the canyon, sighing and puttig her sunglasses on
  266. [2012-08-08 16:50:44] <Kkat> 3He doesn't realize Shatara is already doing so.
  267. [2012-08-08 16:50:58] <Kkat> 3 0:14... 0:13... 0:12...
  268. [2012-08-08 16:51:02] * Mitzi stands up, but is still wobbly on the water and not really much use to anyone
  269. [2012-08-08 16:51:21] * Get_Lost mutters "who am i...."
  270. [2012-08-08 16:51:28] * Bookwright swaps his indoors glasses for his sunglasses.
  271. [2012-08-08 16:52:02] * Get_Lost grabs the wheel and tries to keep the boat on the run
  272. [2012-08-08 16:52:22] <Kkat> 3 0:02... 0:01... 0:00...  Initializing Emergency Flush.  Dumping irradiated reactor coolant into bio-containment facility.
  273. [2012-08-08 16:52:33] * Noble_Heart takes up a position near the bow of the boat. There was no way she could teleport something as big as this boat or shield the whole thing from any kind of massive detonation. She had to hope that this wouldn't end really badly.
  274. [2012-08-08 16:55:56] <Kkat> 3The steamboat begins to chug up the river, leaving Gaia Valley and Solaris behind.
  275. [2012-08-08 16:56:40] * Noble_Heart stares back at the building. Half expecting it to detonate spectacularly. And more than a little surprised when there's no indication of any change at all. A reassuring and yet worrying condition at the same time.
  276. [2012-08-08 16:57:41] * Get_Lost is still at the wheel, frowns a bit "weird, maybe my internal five minutes to explosion is broken, or we had no badaboom?"
  277. [2012-08-08 16:58:43] * Get_Lost shrugs "oh well, i guess we will check the place on our trip back?"
  278. [2012-08-08 16:59:51] * Get_Lost keeps the ship going towards darkness falls, relaxing a bit, but also getting a little sadderduring the travel
  279. [2012-08-08 17:00:29] * Noble_Heart sighs quietly and turns, trotting across the deck of the ship to find a way down into the lower levels where the ponies had whatever passed as personal space. She still had to get herself settled on for this trip, after all. When she first arrived they were just leaving.
  280. [2012-08-08 17:00:51] <Kkat> 3The steamboat continues on its path up the Ponytomic.  As it leaves Grimfire Canyon, the sun is dipping below the horizon, painting the world in a deep wash of color.
  281. [2012-08-08 17:01:24] * Mitzi looks up and aorund; "Uh thought dere was gonna be kaboom."
  282. [2012-08-08 17:02:03] * Get_Lost shrugs "now, mitzi, did you say you wanted those weapons improved? show me...."
  283. [2012-08-08 17:02:40] <Kkat> 3As the sun sets, there is a brief but brilliant flash from back in the direction of Gaia Valley.
  284. [2012-08-08 17:03:03] <Kkat> 3Like a second sun was born, lived briefly, and died.
  285. [2012-08-08 17:03:05] * Get_Lost probably doesn't even notice it
  286. [2012-08-08 17:03:22] * Noble_Heart was below decks, so certainly doesn't notice it.
  287. [2012-08-08 17:04:54] * Crescendo_ watches the flash, which quickly dies. "Well it couldn't be helped, I guess."
  288. [2012-08-08 17:05:21] * Kid just sits there in awe of what they did. "... So this is what it's like t' set off a megaspell." Huh. She expected more guilt out of it.
  289. [2012-08-08 17:06:32] * Mitzi looks to Get_Lost, then pulls off the rifle that Shatara had patched up and modified for her. It wasn't in mint condition, but it was a lot better looking than it had been. She also brings out the other broken one and holds them out to Get_Lost
  290. [2012-08-08 17:08:23] * Get_Lost works for a while on the two weapons, cannibalizing the seconf to improve the first; when she's done, the new rifle is a bit longer and has a lot more leds on it "her you go, it should be a little more potent"
  291. [2012-08-08 17:09:28] * Noble_Heart finds herself a quiet place and sets about writing out something on actual paper. With ink and a quill and everything.
  292. [2012-08-08 17:11:18] * Shatara finds a quiet corner of his own and decides to read wingbo-err, Equestrian Army Today. Yeah.
  293. [2012-08-08 17:12:05] * Kid lingers after watching the explosion and sits there with a conflicted look on her face. After a while, she trotted back to the mess hall. They needed a meal after this, and Kid needed to have something to vent with.
  294. [2012-08-08 17:12:58] * Bookwright goes belowdecks and starts sketching ideas for custom magical energy weapons.
  295. [2012-08-08 17:16:02] |<-- Silva_Mane has left (Quit: See you !)
  296. [2012-08-08 17:17:56] |<-- Crescendo_ has left (Quit: Flees!)
  297. [2012-08-08 17:19:01] * Get_Lost as soon as she's done with the rifles, the mare goes sitting on the deck and simply sighs her way to sleep
  298. [2012-08-08 17:22:41] |<-- Get_Lost has left (Quit: Leaving)
  299. [2012-08-08 17:24:00] -->| Mirage_ ( has joined #FalloutEquestriaPnP
  300. [2012-08-08 17:25:00] -->| Mirage__ ( has joined #FalloutEquestriaPnP
  301. [2012-08-08 17:25:11] * Mitzi slings the rifle over her back and smiles at Get_Lost; "Thanks."
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