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  1. C
  3. Felicia: Nee-san...I'm sorry...
  4. Flora: 'Sorry'? What are you apologizing for?
  5. Felicia: Nee-san...Are you angry?
  6. Flora: Me?
  7. Felicia: Yes, you...
  8. Flora: No, there's nothing I'm angry about, but...
  9. Felicia: That's a lie. You look like you are mad at me. Could it be...
  10. Felicia: When I returned from the mission, I fell down and at that moment...my weapon hitted Nee-san's head slighthly...
  11. Flora: Except it wasn't sligthly.
  12. Felicia: S, so are you mad about that?
  13. Flora: ...Of course, that was painful. But I'm not angry at all. That always happens...
  14. Flora: Besides, after that, Felicia came to my room and apologized immediately.
  15. Felicia: Y-you really aren't angry?.. Nee-san...
  16. Felicia: We are twin sisters. I think there's things we can hide, but also things we cannot. So, please, if you are mad at me, say so clearly.
  17. Flora: Understood, of course I'll say so, because you are my precious little sister. I cannot break our friendship.
  19. B
  21. Felicia: Nee-san... Obviously, you are angry.
  22. Flora: Felicia...Persistent, as always. How many times I told you I am not angry?
  23. Felicia: No, as your twin, I understand you..! So...please...don't hold back your feelings and be frank.
  24. Flora: But there's nothing for me to speak about...
  25. Felicia:...Understood. Then, I'll be frank instead.
  26. Felicia: Nee-san is different from me - she is always calm (...cool) while doing her work by all means skillfully.
  27. Felicia: In my case, I'm clumsy and get strictly scolded...
  28. Felicia: Occasionally, comforted gently...
  29. Felicia: I'm saying this clearly now: a sister like you is my very ideal...My aspiration...
  30. Felicia: But, there's something I can't comprehend.
  31. Felicia: As I said many times, sometimes you are angry but keep it silent.
  32. Felicia: So...at what moment did Nee-san become angry?
  33. Felicia: Vaguely, I understood that...It is after I took the weapons.
  34. Flora: After you took them?
  35. Felicia: Yes.
  36. Felicia: Back in the Village of the Ice Tribe, you were like that all the time. After weapon training, Nee-san would come and talk to me once in a while.
  37. Felicia: And, it's the same now.
  38. Felicia: After the mission, Nee-san...was somewhat...scary.
  39. Flora: ....I see. So, that was the reason. Hey, Felicia. Let's talk a little, please? About me...why it looks like that and why I think so.
  40. Felicia: ...Yes.
  42. A
  44. Flora: Felicia. I got it at last. The reason why I looked angry to you...
  45. Felicia: ! Really?
  46. Flora: First, I wasn't angry. I can say this much clearly.
  47. Felicia: Th, then why...
  48. Flora: Usual Felicia is pretty clumsy.
  49. Flora: So I thought of protecting you as your older sister.
  50. Flora: But once you took weapons in your hand...
  51. Flora: You became a very reliable soldier. But, I...I'm not as excellent soldier as Felicia.
  52. Felicia: No, no way...
  53. Flora: I'll say this simply... I was envious of that Felicia.
  54. Felicia: Eh?
  55. Flora: With that sudden change of sides on the battlefield - the one who protects and the one who is being protected - I felt that I no longer was the older sister...
  56. Flora: I couldn't grasp that.
  57. Flora: Maybe that's why I was avoiding Felicia after the mission.
  58. Felicia: No way, that's why I mistaked Nee-san to be angry?
  59. Flora: I think so. When we were in Freesia, it was like that too...When the training started, our Father, the head of the village, praised only you. So, I disliked training.
  60. Felicia: No...I didn't understand that at all...I'm sorry. About the misunderstanding...
  61. Flora: It's alright. I should thank you instead. Because Felicia was often telling me, I was able to recognize something...I locked my own's heart with the negative feeling known as jelaousity.
  62. Flora: Uncounsciounsly, I wounded Felicia, my family... I am sorry...From this on, I'll be honest too.
  63. Flora: My feelings for Felicia changed from envy to yearning.
  64. Felicia: No, no way... Nee-san is admiring me...! But...I'm, too, yearning for Nee-san...!
  65. Flora: Fufu. Isn't that good.
  66. Flora: We are twins...Together, we embrace (have, harbour) similar thoughts...It's no wonder. Take care of me from now on, Felicia.
  67. Felicia: Y-yes! This is what I should say! Please, from this now and on, always, always take care of your clumsy younger sister! (lit. sister who is bad at her job)
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