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  1. G21       ;metric values
  2. G90       ;absolute positioning
  3. M82       ;set extruder to absolute mode
  4. M106      ;start with the fan on
  5. G28 X0 Y0 ;home X/Y
  6. G28 Z0    ;home Z
  7. G92 E0    ;zero the extruded length
  8. G29       ;initiate auto bed leveling sequence
  9. ;start cleaning sequance
  10. G1 X250 Y150 Z15 F4000
  11. G1 X250 Y150 Z0.30 F1000
  12. G1 X1 Y150 Z0.25 E15.0 F2000
  13. G1 X1 Y150 Z0.25 E14.0 F4000
  14. G1 X1 Y1 Z0.25 F16000
  15. G1 X1 Y1 Z0.25 E15.0 F4000
  16. G92 E0
  17. M107      ;start with the fan off
  18. ;end cleaning sequance
  19. ;G92 X132.4 Y20 ;correct bed origin (G29 changes it)
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