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  1. >"Well then, if it means getting to know the hero colt then Trixie agrees." Trixie says in a high and mighty way. "Of course, if the princess is actually willing to give me a chance, then Trixie wouldn't mind...hrn.." Trixie stopped herself when she gazed upon Twilight's less than enthused expression "Must you look at me like that?"
  2. >"Because it's still very shady. I'm giving you this chance just because you happen to be right. It doesn't mean I'm just going to look the other way and let you get too close." Twilight was being very untrusting and suspicious.
  3. >When it came to Trixie, you couldn't help but just see those red flags yourself. Yeah, Twilight was being a little too hard on her. But whenever Trixie spoke to Twilight, it was in a condescending tone. The tension between them was fucking ridiculous.
  4. >"Hmph, so be it Princess. It only presents Trixie with a challenge. And that challenge is of course showing that I can in fact befriend Anon and surpass your less than generous expectations. Of course, if I was the Princess of Friendship, then I'd let anypony have an actual second chance. You know, the one where they don't have somepony hovering over them?"
  5. >You notice Trixie give a arrogant grin when she said that. Yeah, totally something up. You had to keep on your hooves.
  6. >".....Let's just go, we're wasting time. Just behave yourself, and everything should be fine.." And yup, Twilight's excited and adorkable mood was gone...oh so gone.
  8. >And so, the three of you made your way into the Everfree Forest. Taking a path that didn't go directly into town. Trixie didn't want to really be seen in public. At least not yet. She had to be extra insistent however to even get Twilight to agree. But didn't exactly state WHY she wanted to stay out of town.
  9. >"Thank you for taking us down another path Princess..." Trixie said, as she looked towards the buildings that lined the outer edges of the town. Trixie's tone was a little more worried than arrogant.
  10. >"I still don't understand why though, you do know cutting through the town would have been faster, right?" Twilight asked as she led the both of you towards the Everfree.
  11. >"Of course I do. But how am I supposed to bond with Anon if we get there too fast? By the sounds of it, it doesn't sound like we'll do a lot of talking once we get there." Trixie's tone that time however, had quickly switched back to arrogant.
  12. >"...that's because it's an educational sort of tour. You're supposed to be listening, and asking questions." Twilight tried to stay focused. This was for you and her, she had to keep this in mind. It was supposed to be bonding between you and her.
  13. >"hmmm, I see...well then.." Trixie turned to you, her arrogance immediately washing away as she gave you a more gentle smile. "Anon, since we have some time. Why don't you tell The Humble and Apologetic Trrrixie!.....ahrm..about your adventures?"
  14. >You didn't want to talk about that. You wanted to go deeper. Either Twilight and you had a reason to be suspicious...or this was actually genuine.
  15. "Ahm, actually Trixie. Let's talk I mean, how have you been since the whole"
  16. >What's a way to put it delicately?
  17. "Amulet thing?"
  18. >There...seemed to be a flash of regret on her face before she put on a smile. "Oh, Trixie has been doing....things. Mostly planning my tour...coming up with names. Oh, and of course practicing my routine."
  19. >Ok...but you knew that already.
  21. "I mean, emotionally. How have you been doing?"
  22. >Trixie hesitated ".....I've been...Humble..and Apologetic"
  23. >She was dodging the question completely. Now you knew something was up. But what? You needed to be sure if this was just her wanting the horn for the show...or for domination. If you could get her to spill it before entering the forest. All the better.
  24. "Ok, anything else? I mean, things must have been pretty hard after that. I'm surprised you'd come back to Ponyville at all....from what I heard I mean."
  25. >Twilight never dropped from staring at her. She knew something was up. And she was getting an inkling that you may have been actually interrogating her. But she didn't want to press it.
  26. >"Do we have to talk about this? Why can't we talk about something nice? Like....." Trixie was looking around, then she looked up at the clear skies "The weather?"
  27. >You look up, it looked fine.
  28. "It's nice I guess. But Trixie, really. I want to get to know you, but you're dodging my questions.I just want to know how you're feeling and how you've been. Haven't your other friends worried about you?"
  29. >Did...she even have any friends?
  30. >Trixie was starting to shake, her expression was like she was trying to hold in a burst of emotions, she was squirming.
  31. >That's when Twilight spoke "Trixie....don't you have any friends at all?"
  32. >"o....o...of course..T-Trixie does. Trixie...has...a lot..of...friends.."
  33. >Oh good lord...She didn't have any fucking friends.
  34. >And the first time she actually to get something.
  35. >And looking at Twilight, she immediately softened up as well. Seems she came to the same realization.
  36. >Not even one offscreen friend.
  38. >Trixie began to step back away from the both of you. She wasn't able to say a word.
  39. >"Trixie, are you alright?" Twilight asked, actually, truly, concerned for her.
  40. >Trixie at first looked like she was going to get angry, but, it was like she couldn't even come up with a reason to run away. She was too hurt by the realization that someone other than her knew. Even moreso, her hated rival.
  41. >but then something entered your head. Something that didn't seem to click with Twilight. What if this was a master ruse? Like the ruse of ruses? Trixie was a performer after all. She came here looking for the horn. What if this was just an act to gain sympathy points?
  42. >Maybe she even had a friend. at least one. If not, her fucking family must still care about her. No, you'd proceed with suspicion still. You couldn't get tripped up by this.
  43. > it's time to lay the bait.
  44. "Trixie....I didn't know. We didn't know. I feel awful, I do. I'm really sorry for bringing this stuff up. In fact. How about I make a promise. If we become good friends by the end of the day, I'll let you have the horn for your show. No questions asked."
  45. >Trixie stopped, and looked at you with a meek expression "R-really?"
  46. >You nod, giving her a confident smile
  47. "Of course, if I say something I mean. Then it's the truth."
  48. >Twilight however hesitated. She stood there in thought. But seeing Trixie's further confused and pained stance. She thought maybe it wasn't a bad idea. Second chances and all that. She was the princess of friendship. And if Trixie had no friends...that had to change. "And you don't need to worry about me Trixie, If Anon decides to let you have the horn for the show. Then fine. And it's very lucky that you're coming with us. Because you have a chance to make four friends. Doesn't that sound great?"
  49. >"....I-I see. T-then Trixie will..." Trixie turned away, and was taking short breaths. and from the motion of her foreleg. Wiping a tear.
  51. >She then turned around, she still had no confidence in her face, But it seems she was willing to try. "I' to just be able to have at least one's been so lonely for T-t-t...I've been lonely."
  52. >Well, she took the bait.
  53. "Well, then you're going to have to be a little more honest Now come on, let's get going."
  54. >Twilight moved up to Trixie with a sweet smile. and started to walk alongside her. "If you want, we could discuss the magic and abilities of Hoofdini. Maybe speculate how he managed to pull off some of his tricks?"
  55. >Trixie tensed up when Twilight drew near. But only for a moment. She seemed to be trying to get used to the entire situation.
  56. >it didn't take long for Trixie to agree. Which was good for you, you were able to observe Trixie and focus on how she was speaking.
  57. >She went from saying "Princess" to "Twilight" within a short time. And the subject matter put her at ease since she was very knowledgeable about the exploits of the great Hoofdini, even moreso than Twilight.
  58. >You just observed as the three of you entered and traversed the forest. They both were really into the subject. Trixie was even starting to act arrogant. Acting as if she was superior in her knowledge of Hoofdini. Which you could tell started to tick off Twilight. But, this was for friendship, so she held her patience.
  59. >"Actually, this reminds Trixie of something. Has Anon ever been to a spectacular magic show?" Trixie turns to you.
  60. "Huh? uh, no. I get enough magical shenanigans from my dad"
  61. >"Then you don't know what you're missing. In fact, I'd be glad to set up a special seat for you for my upcoming show" Trixie said with confidence and excitement.
  62. "You mean the one you need my horn for right?"
  63. >Trixie's eyes went wide, she then sheepishly smiled, laughing nervously "Y-yes...that one."
  64. >...huh...already getting confident.
  65. "Well, if it happens. I wouldn't mind."
  66. >Is that all she actually cared about? Hmnn.
  68. >The three of you finally arrive at Zecora's hut. Twilight steps ahead and looks upon the both of you. "Alright. Trixie, Anon. Welcome to Zecora's. I hope the both of you are ready for a real educational and fun treat!"
  69. "I am!"
  70. >You shout, acting excited. While still gazing at Trixie
  71. >"As is Trixie! I will show all just how the FRIENDLY AND MOTIVATED TRRRRIXIE CONDUCTS HERSELF!"
  72. >Friendly and motivated now? hmmmm
  73. >Twilight seemed to enjoy her enthusiasm, she turned and knocked on the door. "Zecora. Zecora! We're here!"
  74. >The door just mysteriously opened however. Without an answer. Twilight however was acting as if this was normal, and yet not. She was trying to fake being surprised. Which just prepped you to be wary. Why would she be acting this way? "Oh? The door is open? Well, let's let ourselves in, shall we?"
  75. >Twilight was being very cute. But now you had to be doubly suspicious as to why she was being all ignorant.
  76. >"Twilight? Are you...ok?" Trixie felt she had to ask "Is it alright that we just step inside like that? That doesn't seem like something a friend would do"
  77. >Twilight stopped. and turned to Trixie with a grin "Come on Trixie, she already knows we're coming. Just don't touch anything and we'll all be fine. Now let's go!"
  78. >....ookkkkkk, now Twilight is being kind of..creepy.
  79. >Both you and Trixie step inside the hut with caution. The door immediately slams shut. Both you and Trixie look back, then around. Only the two of you were around. In front of a bubbling cauldron.
  80. "....What happened? T-Twilight?"
  81. >No wait...don't panic. this is a trick of some sort. part of the lesson?
  82. >"What's going on?! What kind of trick is this?" Trixie said, backing towards the door, worried.
  83. >But then you chuckle
  84. "haha, Twilight. Come on....I'm not that easy. I didn't even figure you as a prankster. So what? is there gonna be some potion juju. Aunt Fluttershy? You around?"
  85. >You look towards Trixie with a grin
  86. "Hey, relax. It's just a trick."
  88. >"A trick?" Trixie looked confused, until she realized Twilight had tricked her before. "What kind of trick? Why would she do this?"
  89. >You smirk and start looking about.
  90. "Probably some educational thing. I dunno...Hey Twilight! Come on, what is this all about?"
  91. >Suddenly, you hear a gentle clucking coming from behind the cauldron.
  92. "Twilight?"
  93. >Trixie hears it as well "...That doesn't sound like her"
  94. >You both take a look around the cauldron.
  95. >.........oh shit.
  96. >...OH SHIT.
  97. >It..was..a chicken head..on a lizardish dragon body. ...It..was...
  98. >Both you and Trixie yell in fright as you back off from it "COCKATRICE!!!"
  99. >You both try to bash open the door, but it won't work.
  101. >It terrified you, holy shit. In a world where turning to stone can actually happen. Actually turning to stone was fucking scary as fuck.
  102. >"I DON'T KNOW! I'M TOO BUSY HAVING MY EYES CLOSED!" Trixie falls backward. using her forelegs to cover her eyes.
  103. >"It would seem my cockatrice has you both shaken, perhaps a second look should be taken"
  104. >You hear a familiar voice behind you. And although Trixie wasn't willing to take a look. You take a peek, the cocatrice. Wasn't even paying attention. It was pecking at the floor.
  105. "Huh?....what th-WOAH!"
  106. >Just by a small tilt of your head, you spot the zebra shaman right up on your face. making you fall backward onto Trixie. Making her freakout all the more.
  107. >"IT'S GOT ME! QUICK! SOMEPONY SAVE TRIXIE!" Trixie yelled, getting you in her hooves and tossing you forward, making you slam onto your face and slide right towards the cockatrice. She didn't even notice it was you.
  108. "E-eghh.."
  109. >You look up, dazed, only to see the cockatrice staring right into your face.
  110. "AGH! AAAAGH! OOHHHH AHHHH....ahhhh....ah?"
  111. >You were thrashing about, weren't going stiff.
  112. "Ahhh....Am I...dead?"
  114. >"....ok, that was probably a bad way to start things. I guess Fluttershy was right. This wasn't the best idea." You hear Twilight sigh.
  115. >"Twilight, you said yourself that Anon jumps into fights. It's actually good that the chicken has caused him fright"
  116. >Chicken?
  117. >You take a good look at the
  118. >You get up, now annoyed with the whole situation as your heart beat a million miles a second.
  119. "....It's...a chicken in a costume?"
  120. >Trixie raises her hoof from her eyes as she gazes upon the ignorant chicken. "What?! The Friendly and Motivated Trixie was scared by a chicken?! Why even a chicken?! What's the point of that! Why would you even do such a thing?!" Oh yeah, she wanted answers as much as you did.
  121. >"Well, the thing I was worried about was Anon's problem of diving into trouble. Atleast from what it seemed anyway. I just wanted to see how he'd react to a Cockatrice. If he went to try to hurt it. I would have stopped him and explained to him why trying to directly fight a Cockatrice is a bad idea." Twilight chuckles nervously "But I guess..." She looks at you " already knew that"
  122. >oh......that was really fucking dick. And it seemed even Fluttershy thought so....wherever she was.
  123. >You dust yourself off as you look at Twilight, annoyed...dammit. another slam to the head. as usual.
  124. "....That could have killed me you know..."
  125. >"Oh come on Anon, don't exaggerate. We just had to make sure you knew not to jump into a fight you might not only lose. But could lead into permanent consequences. I told you, this would be fun and educational. I thought you'd actually find this..y'know...exhilarating. Considering what you are normally used to. I thought just explaining things would bore you. And you can't learn anything when you're bored. It just doesn't stick."
  126. "I...guess...egh"
  127. >You had to put your foreleg to your chest. god it was thumping.
  128. >you took a breath and took another look around.
  130. "So, where is Aunt Fluttershy? I don't see her."
  131. >Trixie was straightening her wizard's hat. which got crooked from her falling down. "Hmph, such a stupid trick, if I was at the ready. I could have easily taken care of a real Cockatrice" she mumbled to herself.
  132. >"Your Aunt will be on the trail of our tour, Of which I hope that none will be a bore."
  133. >You look towards Zecora, There she was, the one and only Zigger of the Everfree. Seeing her in person. The black and white stripes were a tad jarring to the eyes, "Hello young Anon, I am Zecora, your host" Zecora then looks to Trixie. Unlike you or Twilight. She doesn't show a hint of suspicion on her. She just gently smiles as she says. "And I see you brought the one who likes to boast"
  134. >"Do I know you?" Trixie, who was still upset, put her hat back on and looked at Zecora with distaste "How do you even know me?"
  135. >"I know many many things" Zecora walks over to the chicken, she had a sort of flask like bag slung around her. She puts her hoof out to put some chicken seed from the bag on it, she then gently puts it down for the chicken to feed. "Knowledge is a power that gives you wings"
  136. >"......ok..." Trixie was confused.
  137. >Zecora just looked down at you again, then you noticed that she seemed to notice something about you.
  138. "...uhmmmm...miss..erm..Zecora was it? Why are you looking at me like that?"
  139. >Zecora didn't say a word. Instead she looked out her window,and took a breath, enjoying the fresh air. "Do not worry young Anon, I was just looking into a new chapter that has just begun."
  140. >Wut?
  141. >"Trixie doesn't want to sound rude, but what?"
  142. >"Yeah...that kind of came out of nowhere Zecora. Do you want to explain what you mean?" Even Twilight was confused. You all were. What the fuck did she mean by that?
  144. >Zecora lets out a small giggle. "Forgive me, I was just thinking . Twilight, for the current lesson, would you mind doing the speaking?"
  145. >Twilight nearly forgot.."the lesson. Right. Let's see.."
  146. >Twilight thought she'd just speak to Zecora privately later about what she meant. So, using her magic. she quickly brought together some notes Fluttershy wrote on the creature "The Cockatrice"
  147. "Woah woah, hold on. What did you mean? We just met and you're already talking all weird."
  148. >Well, weirder. You already knew she spoke in rhyme or in small single sentences.
  149. >Trixie looked upon Zecora, Even Twilight stopped reading to gaze upon her. Waiting for an answer.
  150. >Zecora nods, and just..obliges your question without resistance. "an observation is all I made, with room for error, even with an eye much trained. Please, continue with the lesson."
  151. >...goddamn her and her cryptic rhymes. What "observation" did she fucking make?
  152. >"Ok...Trixie, since you're technically here to learn too. Can you sit down next to Anon?"
  153. >"...I don't need to learn what I already know" Trixie, after all that nonsense, was not wanting to deal with having to move from her spot that she was already comfortable in.
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