NSFW - RD Chestfluffjob

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  1. >"Anon! Get off of me!"
  2. >you try pushing her off, compressing the snow behind her, but you haven't freed up any more space
  3. "It's not my fault you plowed us into a snowbank packed tighter then Twilight's virgin ponut!"
  4. >you would've smacked her atop the head, but your arms were currently pinned behind your back
  5. >in fact, your everything was pinned
  6. >either by the snow or by the blue pegasus on top of you
  7. >"Hey! You leave Twilight outta this! Just because she can't get any action doesn't mean that you can make fun of her for it!"
  8. "It's not like she'll ever find out. We'll freeze to death before either of us can even get out of here!"
  9. >You barely suppressed a shiver as you felt some snow slip down the crook of your neck
  10. >you were fine right now, but that wouldn't last
  11. >Rainbow sniffed the air, then scrunched her eyes shut
  12. >"I think I'll die from your stench before the cold can ever get to me!"
  13. "Not all of us can grow our own winter coat! Some of us have to wear ours. Do you know how hard it is to wash these things when it's 15 below outside?"
  14. >Rainbow mumbled something under her breath, still not making eye contact
  15. "Equestria to skydyke, come in skydyke. Please repeat your last."
  16. >Rainbow puffed up her chest a little, pushing on your groin area.
  17. >"I'm not a dyke you dumb ape"
  18. >only now do you notice that she's blushing ever so faintly
  19. >a shiver goes down your spine, and your fingertips were starting to go numb
  20. "Whatever you like getting shoved up your cooter doesn't matter Rainbow, I'll probably freeze to death before I'll get the chance to try"
  21. >Rainbow's eyes widened
  22. >"Y-you mean that you'd want to?"
  23. "Of course I want to! Who wouldn't? You're only the most attractive mare in town. Lean, strong-spirited, faster then a lightning bolt."
  24. >Rainbow bit her lip, cheeks reddenning.
  26. >"So if I get us out of here alive, will you go on a date with me?"
  27. >"I'll suck your marecock all night long if it meant not turning into a giant green popsicle"
  28. >Rainbow seemed to ignore that, and instead started pushing up against you
  29. >when she got as close as she could, almost driving all of the air out of your lungs, she pulled backwards
  30. >it wasn't really enough space to actually do anything with
  31. >she kept repeating the motions; pushing forwards and then pulling back
  32. "...what are you doing?"
  33. >"You get warmer if you move, so I'm moving to make us warmer"
  34. >you pause
  35. >it actually wasn't all that bad of an idea
  36. >the only problem was that she was unintentionally grinding up against your dick with each push
  37. >your pants weren't the tightest either
  38. >if she kept it up, you weren't certain that it'd stay in
  39. >"Uh, Anon... what's that poking me?"
  40. >...oh wait, it isn't in
  41. >well, the cat's out of the bag here
  42. >or well... you get the point
  43. >"Anon! What the buck!"
  44. "I can't help myself okay! It's a natural reaction! You were pushing on it and everything!"
  45. >"I didn't know that /that's/ what I was pushing on!"
  46. >Sweet jesus fuck it's so cold
  47. >Your tip was starting to go numb
  48. "Congratulations, you're going to geld your date before we can even get dinner."
  49. >Rainbow wanted to retort, so badly, but by the look on her face she knew that you weren't wrong
  50. >Inspiration flashed across her face
  52. >She bit down on her scarf, using her tongue to loop it around your member
  53. >"There! That'll keep it from getting too cold!"
  54. >Look at the big brain on brittney
  55. >It wasn't actually a bad idea
  56. >"And now that it's covered up, I don't have to worry about rubbing up against it while I'm keeping us warm!"
  57. >Wait, huh?
  58. >That's not quite how that worked
  59. >But with her soft cotton scarf cocooned around your member, and her chest fluff working it's magic around the parts that the scarf missed, you couldn't bring yourself to tell her otherwise
  60. >you leaned your head back, trying to get her out of your mind by focusing on your breathing
  61. >in and out
  62. >in and out
  63. >in and out
  64. >how did your breathing sync up with each push Rainbow gave?
  65. >her steamy breath made your dick twitch with every blow
  66. >her scarf kept it nice and warm, and her chest fluff tickled the edges
  67. >now that it's running through your mind, you can't help but focus on it
  68. >you can feel her powerful muscles pulsing against you
  69. >taking you into their fluffy folds and pressing against you
  70. >massaging you like she was some kind of pony penis pocket
  71. >it wasn't long before you could feel the tension in your member start to spike
  72. "R-Rainbow, stop! I'm about to-"
  73. >you didn't get the chance to finish your statement
  74. >your load splurged out your tip, painting Dash's cyan fur with streaks of white
  75. >some of it dribbled down onto her scarf, while the rest dribbled down her fluff
  76. >"ANON!!!"
  77. >you gave a sheepish smile
  78. "I tried to warn you"
  79. >Another voice echoed out through the snow
  80. >"Look, there they are! In that pony-shaped hole in the snow!"
  81. >Rainbow huffed
  82. >"Well great, now I've gotta hope that no one notices why some of the snow on my chest tastes salty"
  83. >You gave a small, awkward laugh
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