[TLH/SinKid] Time to Fix

Feb 25th, 2019
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  1. Lulu stared at the otherwise unassuming metal door, covered in warnings, a keypad lock to the right. Her single artifical eye studied the circutry and structure as far as she could see down. It appeared to be an elevator of some kind.
  3. She tried the keypad, entering as many codes as she thought relevant before switching to brute force. She managed to get the code surprisingly easily, but as a panel slid down to reveal a strange needle device, she knew it wasn't going to be as simple as that.
  5. She frowned. Her mother had always been quite secretive in the sixteen years she had been alive. All it did was hone Lulu's curiosity, and how crafty she was.
  7. She tapped the needle with her cybernetic arm, and then her organic one. The second one caused the needle to jab out and pierce her skin, siphoning a bit of blood away. After a few moments the console flashed red with a loud warning tone.
  9. Lulu groaned. It must be some kind of blood scanner.
  11. Then she remembered she was in her mother's lab. She had to have a blood sample somewhere.
  13. She began tearing through the cabinets and fridges, hunting for the blood sample that she just knew her mother had. And she found them, alongside some other questionable substances.
  15. "Let's see..." She flicked through them, studying their labels. L1, L2, L3, and so on, until she found one marked LA, nestled between a RS and CMcB.
  17. She held her palm open and poured some of the blood on it, then formed a layer of skin over it. She approached the needle again and held her palm to it, the needle piercing the sac and drawing the blood into it. The console flashed green the doors grinded open.
  19. She stepped inside, pressing the singular button. The doors shut behind her, and the elevator began its long descent. The whole time, her eye scanned the architecture, and only after a solid minute did she pick up on a large structure below her.
  21. The elevator ground to a halt and the doors opened. Before her was a massive, smooth-walled chasm, a large column with glowing green lights set into it dominating the very centre of the room. Each of her footsteps, either clawed or metallic, rang out loud in the vastness of the chamber.
  23. A single console sat near the column, a singular blinking green light its only active feature. Warily, she approached it, and tapped her finger on the screen. It lit up, a weirdly primitive interface booting up. On it, was the date, 13 March 2061, and an activation button.
  25. Just as she was about to touch it, something exploded, and she froze, a sharp pain in her chest. She looked down, a spattering of red fluid over the console, her own shirt slowly turning crimson. Just as her legs started to give out on her she turned around, and saw...
  27. Her mother.
  29. The woman, much younger than she appeared, lowered the pistol in her hand and approached Lulu with what she could only assume was as close to parental disappointment as Lisa could get. "You were always too curious for your own good, L6/A-GFEx-11."
  31. "W-what...?" Lulu choked out, her body straining to keep itself intact and coherent.
  33. Lisa approached the console and wiped the blood off it. "There is a reason I forbade entrance to this room. This device is extremely dangerous with the potential to wipe all of Michigan of the face of the planet, if mishandled."
  35. "But... why...?" Lulu groaned, inbetween cries of pain.
  37. "While it is true you are the most stable version of the L6/A project," Lisa started, sliding her finger across the display a couple of times. "You are far from an adequate result. Your form is unstable and prone to degredation, hence the cybernetics, plus your self-defence capabilities leave much to be desires." Lisa stroked her chin. "Maybe the L2/A project would be more successful..." She shrugged, then tapped the screen. A couple of prongs opened up and out of the column, then a spark travelled between the two of them, opening up a large green rend in reality, bathing the entire area in a sickly green glow. "Oh well, there's always more time to figure that out."
  39. Lulu gasped for breath, as Lisa stepped towards the portal. "You... you monster...!"
  41. "Maybe so." Lisa said, at the cusp of the portal's edge. Then, she stepped forwards-
  43. Lulu screeched, lashing out with a mass of wirey sinew that ensnared Lisa, stopping her from entering. Or, so she thought, but the portal seemed to be trying to suck her in.
  45. "W-what are you doing?!"
  47. "I'll kill you!"
  49. "You moron! You're gonna be pulled in as well!" Lisa yelled back, already tipping into the portal.
  51. "Then I'll kill you on the other side!"
  53. Lisa paused, then frowned. "Guess I'll see you then." And with a hop, she fell into the green swirl. Lulu felt her 'arm' being dragged, and before she had a chance to let go or jump in after her, she felt her body be yanked into it.
  55. The moment she hit the threshold, she felt her mind being torn apart, unable to fully comprehend what was happening to her.
  57. And then, black.
  59. ---
  61. Lisa pulled herself up. "It never gets any easier..."
  63. Dusting herself off, she checked her watch. Aside from it being slightly outdated, it read 22nd June 2044.
  65. "Flawless."
  67. She heard banging on some glass next to her. She turned around, a vat of yellow-green fluid holding a half-formed and mostrous figure the size of a baby. Its sinewy claw struck hopelessly against the glass, its one eye staring at her with murderous intent and desperate confusion.
  69. "Ah, L6/A-11. I see you did decide to follow me." She smiled. "I'd tell you what just happened, but your body is falling apart as we speak, unable to contain its own raw power."
  71. L6/A-11 paused, then looked at its body, strings of biomatter slowly drifting away in a cloud of murky red. It went into a blind panic, flailing against the glass.
  73. "I am truly sorry, 11." Lisa placed her hand on the glass. "I did enjoy the time we spent together, though now that time is gone forever."
  75. L6/A-11's blind panic turned to raw, seething hatred, as it started attacking almost entirely in Lisa's direction, only making it fall apart faster.
  77. "I do hope L6/A-12 has your level of determination." Lisa sighed. "I can't bear to watch you suffer. I hate to do this, but..." Steeling herself, she grabbed a lever, and pushed it as hard forwards as she could.
  79. L6/A-11's eyes widened, moments before its body was wracked with a lethal amount of electricity, terminating it instantly.
  81. Lisa yanked the lever back, then pressed her forehead against the glass. "I'm sorry... Lulu..."
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