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Oct 20th, 2019
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  1. Noobs, this is a suggested Daily flow chart to help learn the flow of the Plan and what to expect.
  2. >Be Your Own Boss
  4. DAY SHIFT [short term goals]
  5. 8am Potus tweets
  6. 8am scrape tweets and dig for intel
  7. 10am memes generated memes based on dig and intel
  8. 1pm social twitter apply themes per social thread advice and Dough Advice
  9. 2pm social fb apply themes per social thread advice and Dough Advice
  11. NIGHTSHIFT [Long term goals]
  12. *Think Tank ideas plans strategies
  13. *Great Awakening develop ideas, graphics
  14. *Moar potus tweet intel scrapping if you can
  15. *Specialty threads created (stick to main players and entities)
  16. *Thread archives updated
  17. *Board Dough updates
  18. *Catalog maintenance
  21. *Notables run 250 500 700
  22. *Minibuns run 700
  24. Positions and Their Tasks.
  25. >BO manages dough and all the BV's
  26. >BV manages board and all the BAKERS
  27. >BAKERS eyes on potus tweets for thread ideas and shout out focus agenda for the noobs (shiff pelosi)
  28. >SCRAPPERS gathers intel based on bakers thread and Potus recent Tweets
  29. >NOTETAKER collect notables and notes based on current focus
  30. >MINIBUNS gather info per focus. minibuns try to post at end, or at top of next bun.
  31. >MEMERS build on gathered info of the focus post in thread
  32. >SOCIAL fires based on current bread memes, the meme repo and specialty thread memes
  33. >BV posts minibuns/notables/memes to respected threads for normies and newcomers to get to speed.
  34. >LURKERS watch our back and catalog for shill attacks
  35. >ARCHIVE archive any important links posted in thread (not arvhived)
  37. EXAMPLE of how it should play out.
  38. newb. hi im new, whats all this shit im hearing about shiff.
  39. anon. i got u. check out this thread on shiff >>18339 we got and this thread on memes >>960 to use, we even have a social thread >>15186 to learn how to apply the plan. It should help you get up to speed on whats going on and what we are doing here.
  42. ######################
  43. Help Please - Anon Positions Needed
  44. statusfag whats the status on us. threads dig meme pray? social doing callouts?
  45. threadfag need importante threads based on focus group and main deep state players
  46. trumptwitfag follow and post twitter and group post twitter archive time/date ranges (a list of tweets since last post [caps bebest] )
  47. archivefag >>14925 >>14951 we are behind in archiving
  48. memefags how goes getting those memes to this thread?
  49. socialfags feeeeeddddbaaackkkkk
  50. minibunfags please collect convos per focus group and post here
  51. warroomfags keep the hash tags coming and those charts analytis review charts and advise
  52. machinefags hows our base? are safe and solid? any attacks on the horizons? where are the attacks?
  53. spreadsheetfags >>14934 >>14958
  54. spanishmemefags get em out
  55. pollfags watch for fox polls (the flippening)
  56. 4chanfag >>14266 whats going on out there
  57. voatfag ^^^^^
  58. grammarfags collect thread notables from notable buns and repost in next thread as a group pelosi, shiff, biden...
  59. analyticsfags check with waroom whats going on. whats working whats to hit, whats not working?
  60. toolsfags find tools lots of tools add stuff u think woould help
  61. servicesfags find services ^^^^
  62. scrapefags go though current thread and repost memes for ammo (group please) shiff, pelosi, biden...
  63. planefags watch the air
  64. landfags watch the land
  65. waterfags watch the water
  66. spacefags watch the stars
  67. moneyfags watch the money
  68. bakerfags keep the order
  69. notefags supplies notables based on focus group+
  70. lurkerfags eyes on for shills. calle'm when u see'm [watch the main catalog and sub threads for illegal postings]
  71. gematriafag >>14609
  72. astrologyfag
  73. astronomyfag
  74. obamafag eyes on obama 24/7
  75. hillaryfag eyes on hillary 24/7
  76. sorosfag eyes on soros 24/7
  77. celebrityfag
  78. sportsfag
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