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sickbeard - myAnime - functions and possibilities of communi

lad1337 Jul 19th, 2011 179 Never
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  1. sickbeard - myAnime
  2. functions and possibilities of community exceptions:
  4. - exceptions are aliases for show names and basically anything else that might need aliases
  5. - everyone can add a exception
  7. - each exceptions can only be added ONCE
  8. - each exceptions belongs to a root
  10. - a root is the show or anything that the exception is the alias of
  11. - a root can have N exceptions each being unique
  13. - each exception has a score
  14. - the scores define a order for a group
  15. - a group are all exceptions for a given root
  17. - each successful snatch for given exception causes a vote (+1) for given exception
  19. - every exception will be passed to all users as long it is alive
  20. - a exception my die because it was not used or by an admin
  21. - after a given amount of time an exception may die if it did not get a vote during that time
  22. - exceptions can be made invincible by an admin
  24. - the default order given for a group can be changed in any way by the user ONLY for him self
  25. - each user may deactivate any of the given exceptions for this user ONLY
  27. - the exception list is updated every 24h
  28. - the addition of a exception is push right away to the server
  29. - the exception my be rejected automatically by the server
  30. - the exception is rejected if is not unique / not new, DEAD or ALIVE for the given root, an appropriate msg will be send to the user
  31. - a contact method will be provided to help with wrong rejections
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