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Spell Slinger Interview

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  1. GeneralFreedom: Spell Slinger is called to the newly constructed Prodigy Center, a state of the art facility that will soon act as the home of Gen Prime! A robot guard greets him at the gates gestures him in, directing him to a meeting room set up specifically for hero interviews. When he arrives, Bom-Pom sits behind a desk reading over a tablet with a somewhat bored expression. Behind her is a fancy robot. "Please take a seat," Bom-Pom says, glancing up from her tablet. The robot leans over her shoulder and takes it from her, showing no reaction as she gives it a glare.
  3. swedsman: Walks up to the table in a casual stride, taking in the view. He sis down and takes out an old looking deck of cards that he starts fiddling with "Fancy view you got here miss"
  5. GeneralFreedom: "Only the best," Bom-Pom grins smugly. "So let's get this moving! I'm Bom-Pom, Becky Neven. This is Tutor, who will be acting as my co-leader," she gestures back to the robot and it gives a short bow. "So, have you been doing hero stuff long and do you have any experience that will help you out in this kind of environment?" She looks over the cards curiously while she speaks.
  7. swedsman: "Yes and no, miss. I've battled some demons for quite a whilst, though this costumed gig is new fad for me. Wanna see a magic trick?" he says as a handful of cards floats up and presents themselves neatly in front of her
  9. GeneralFreedom: "Not exactly a straight answer..." Bom-Pom looks back at Tutor, who shrugs, then back to the cards. "Sure, I want to see where this is going."
  11. swedsman: "I suppose one wouldn't call me exactly the straight kind of guy. Pick a card, miss Neven" he says with a slight smirk
  13. GeneralFreedom: Becky reaches out and confidently picks out a card. "I'm hoping this has a payoff that's worth it," she tsks and takes a look at the card, examining it closely.
  15. swedsman: "That's for the audience to decide." Neven finds herself looking down a heart of seven, coincidence?
  17. GeneralFreedom: Tutor leans in to take a look at the card as well! Maybe it's curious too? "I suppose so." She raises an eyebrow and waits for him to continue with his trick.
  19. swedsman: The cards floats back neatly into Spell Slinger's constant shuffling of his cards "How about yourself, this capes and crimefighting thing just dropped out of the blue?"
  21. GeneralFreedom: "I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to be the one asking the questions around here," Bom-Pom smirks. "I only started recently. Daddy didn't want me to start TOO young. I've wanted to do it for a while though and this team is a good start."
  23. swedsman: "Of course, pardon me miss. Ask away, I'm an open book" Slinger says as he casually leans back in his chair, resting the back of his head in his palms. The deck of card he's been fiddling with seemingly disappeared into thin air, or maybe just up his sleeves. Who knows?
  25. GeneralFreedom: "I... hm," she pauses a moment then shakes her head and continues. "Well the next question is about powers and abilities. I'm guessing your answer is going to be magic."
  27. swedsman: "Now what could have possibly given you that impression?" he says with a grin
  29. GeneralFreedom: Becky gives a little snort. "Well. Tell me what you can do. Besides card tricks."
  31. swedsman: "Illusions are my game, tricks and devilry of most kind. Also knows a thing or two about the dark arts of magic, shadow manipulation and such"
  33. GeneralFreedom: "Hmm... Okay, that sounds interesting," Bom-Pom nods. "I like the spooky stuff. It fits with my look." Tutor quickly comments, "That should be your last concern, Ms. Neven. We wish to maintain a good public image on the team. Your powers aren't too ghoulish, I hope." Bom-Pom rolls her eyes at the robot's concerns.
  35. swedsman: "I can assure you miss that all my interactions with the devil and his likes have been of mutual discord, born of necesity only. You see, at birth some less well meaning relatives of mine tried to sell my soul for the winning number of the lottery. I saved my soul the only way I knew back then, throw a gamble." Leans forward again, putting his arms on his knees. The deck of cards now back, shuffling in his hands
  37. GeneralFreedom: "Really now," Bom-Pom scoffs, crossing her arms. "I'm all for a good story but that sounds like a bit of a stretch!" Tutor seems to consider this a moment before going on with his own question. "What do you hope to gain from working with this team? What drew you to schedule this meeting?"
  39. swedsman: "I used to be a gambler, living of the thrill of the dice and the draw of a card. With these new powers however, it's just not enough anymore. I need a bigger thrill, a bigger purpose."
  41. GeneralFreedom: "Used to be? What, back when you were just a kid?" Bom-Pom snickers.
  43. swedsman: "Gamblers rely on luck, I forge my own luck." Slinger says, stopping his shuffling and carefully drawing on card, holding up with its back to Bom Pom "Care to make a guess?"
  45. GeneralFreedom: "I'm going to guess it's my card," she tsks. "Seven of hearts."
  47. swedsman: Slinger turns the card around and indeed reveals her card "Lucky guess" he says with a smirk
  49. GeneralFreedom: Becky rolls her eyes and gestures for Tutor to pass a fancy Gen Prime card across the table. "You're confident. I guess I'm curious to see if you're actually any good." Tutor gives another short bow of his head. "We'll be in touch."
  51. swedsman: "Looking forward to it already" he says, taking the card and mixing it in with his deck. Spell Slinger gets up from his chair "Miss Neven, Tutor" he says and offers both a nod before leaving
  53. GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom quickly turns and snatches her tablet from Tutor, going back to whatever it was she was doing before the meeting.
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