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  1. <Daf>: Anyway. If anyone wants to ask Lu some questions, just ask away.
  2. <Glass>: ooohhh
  3. <Glass>: Well, Lu. What do you look like?
  4. <Daf>: "I am a small and cute girl! Short hair!"
  5. <dontforceit>: hi lu, did you or daf choose your name? is it short for something? I like it!
  6. <Jakob_>: Lu: whats your favourite color, nuber and shape?
  7. <Jakob_>: I love that question
  8. <Daf>: "It's short for Xiao Lu. I chose it! Daf said he didn't like it at first."
  9. <Glass>: Awh, but you're supposed to get her to think!
  10. <Glass>: hehehe
  11. <Daf>: "Um red? I dunno about number. Square."
  12. <Glass>: How do you feel about Daf>
  13. <Glass>: ?
  14. <Glass>: Yourself?
  15. <Daf>: "I love him. Too much!"
  16. <Daf>: "I like how Daf made me!"
  17. <Daf>: Oh god I'm blushing.
  18. <Glass>: Awh~
  19. <Glass>: There is no such thing as 'too much love' silly!
  20. <Daf>: Well she's always wanted to be in a relationship with me. But that's for another subject.
  21. <Daf>: She agrees with you, Glass.
  22. <Glass>: Hmm.
  23. <Glass>: How about....
  24. <Glass>: Food! Do you eat?
  25. <Daf>: "Lasagna!"
  26. <Jakob_>: L\ Being in love with host is amazing
  27. <Glass>: You mean romantically?
  28. <Glass>: Or just in general?
  29. <Jakob_>: L\ that special kind of love
  30. <Glass>: oooo Lasanga! I love it! Josh dislikes it =)
  31. <Glass>: It's fun to eat! Very messy!
  32. <Daf>: "Josh is dumb!"... Erm I guess Josh just hasn't tasted my mom's homemade.
  33. <Jakob_>: L\ Josh isn't dumb, he made Glass
  34. <Glass>: [oh wow, massive smile]
  35. <Jakob_>: you can't argue with that logic
  36. <Daf>: She's just joking.
  37. <Glass>: To be fair, letting me do whatever I wanted without knowing what I'd do was probably
  38. unwise.
  39. <fOrceez>: lmao
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