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  1. Upon my arrival tonight, __PM__ informed me that room 229 was a problem room. She had already dealt with them behaving inappropriately in the pool area and loud talking and cussing in the hallways.
  3. 11:30 - I ran some amenities up to the 2nd floor and when I stepped off the elevator I could heard loud music coming from their room and quite a few people talking. I knocked on the door and asked for the room owner and was informed that she was "in the car" and would be going to work soon. I informed her that the Hilton Employee would need to come to the desk immediately or they would need to pay the full nightly rate. I also informed them that there were to be a max of 6 people in the room and she said that she would send the extras home.
  5. 12:15 - No employee. No kids leaving. I call up to the room and ask for Ms _______. "Yes, this is her." I ask her to come down to the desk.
  7. 12:30 - Ms ________'s sister comes to the desk and informs me that Ms _______ is still not here and they cannot get ahold of her. I again inform her that they need to pay the full rate or get Ms ______ here as per policy. I tell her I can give her until 1am to do so.
  9. 1:00 - I call to the room and inform them that they need to either pay for the full rate or vacate. Was told "we are not leaving"
  11. 1:15 - Adult male from the room comes down and confronts me about why they need to leave. I show him the policy and he gets heated. He pulls out a phone and starts recording. I go into back office and call Mishawaka PD.
  13. 1:20 - 5 officers arrive and talk to him, ask me what I want done. I inform them that they need to leave. Officers go to room.
  15. 1:30 - All occupants escorted to the lobby where they wait for their parents to pick them up.
  17. All times are approximate​
  19. Additional notes:
  20. There were a total of 20 people in the room (confirmed by the officers)
  21. I was called a racist, "Pussy", "Fat Bitch", "Pussy Ass Nigger", asked if I felt good about this, and was threatened twice by phone after they left​ that they would "beat my ass"
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