Interlinking Niche Sites

Jul 1st, 2020
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  1. Interlinking Niche Sites
  2. I've been checking out some competitors backilinks and I've realized he has a whole bunch of micro niche sites all interlinking each other and they are all ranking well for some high search volumes (50-100k), some more some less,
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  14. The designs are almost all the same and the links are all placed on home page after the products listing (Amazon) with a short text saying "visit our other websites"
  15. It looks more like a pbn than a Amazon site
  16. I am not posting his URL
  17. The thing is I thought interlinking sites is a red flag for ranking factors,.
  18. Is anyone else doing something similar with good results ?
  20. He will get taken down probably when the next update hits.
  21. Interlinking Each other sites might be good, if you are doing that in the right way, Like:-
  22. 1. If it is not for link purpose only and giving some extra info to the visitors
  23. 2. Too many links from home page is really a bad idea, if i have 100 websites i could interlinks each other but from the different pages of each site, say site A giving 5 links from home page, 5 links from each inter page if it is required.
  24. 3. I also would do a lots of off page work on home and internal page of each site, before doing this
  25. You found a competitor's not so smart private blog network.
  26. If these sites are simply stuffed content and not legit they'll likely be taken down soon.
  27. But it comes to show how a well implemented link network still works. There are recent cases where sites ranked without any real content at all.
  29. People never feel joyful to read any complex articles. You will have to present simple and precise material to engage your readers. By reading more variety of articles over the
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  33. sections, and more. Also, don’t miss out to produce plagiarism-free content.
  35. “Make your content simple to be a sample one.”
  37. No need to guess:
  38. One publisher said its Facebook-monetized videos had an average CPM of 15 cents. A second publisher, which calculated ad rates based on video views that lasted long enough to
  40. reach the ad break, said the average CPM for its mid-rolls is 75 cents. A third publisher made roughly $500 from more than 20 million total video views on that page in September.
  41. That's how monopolies work. Whatever is hot at the moment gets pitched as the future, but underneath the hood all compliments get commoditized:
  42. as a result of this increased market power, the big superstar companies have been raising their prices and cutting their wages. This has lifted profits and boosted the stock
  44. market, but it has also held down real wages, diverted more of the nation's income to business owners, and increased inequality. It has also held back productivity, since raising
  46. prices restricts economic output.
  47. The future of the web is closed, proprietary silos that mirror what existed before the web:
  48. If in five years I'm just watching NFL-endorsed ESPN clips through a syndication deal with a messaging app, and Vice is just an age-skewed Viacom with better audience data, and
  50. I'm looking up the same trivia on Genius instead of Wikipedia, and'publications' are just content agencies that solve temporary optimization issues for much larger platforms, what
  52. will have been point of the last twenty years of creating things for the web?
  53. They've all won their respective markets & are now converging:
  54. We've been in the celebration phase all year as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Facebook take their place in the pantheon of classic American monopolists. These
  56. firms and a few others, it is now widely acknowledged, dominate everything. There is no day-part in which they do not dominate the battle for consumers' attention. There is no
  58. business safe from their ambitions. There are no industries in which their influence and encroachment are not currently being felt.
  59. The web shifts information-based value chains to universal distribution at zero marginal cost, which shifts most of the value extraction to the attention merchants.
  60. Interlinking Niche Sites
  61. The raw feed stock for these centralized platforms isn't particularly profitable:
  62. despite a user base near the size of Instagram's, Tumblr never quite figured out how to make money at the level Facebook has led managers and shareholders to expect ... running a
  64. platform for culture creation is, increasingly, a charity operation undertaken by larger companies. Servers are expensive, and advertisers would rather just throw money at
  66. Facebook than take a chance
  67. Those resting in the shadows of the giants will keep getting crushed: "They let big tech crawl, parse, and resell their IP, catalyzing an extraordinary transfer in wealth from the
  69. creators to the platforms."
  70. The. Problem. Everywhere. Is. Unaccountable. Monopoly. Power. That. Is. Why. Voters. Everywhere. Are. Angry.— Matt Stoller (@matthewstoller) September 24, 2020
  71. They'll take the influence & margins, but not the responsibility normally associated with such a position:
  72. "Facebook has embraced the healthy gross margins and influence of a media firm but is allergic to the responsibilities of a media firm," Mr. Galloway says. ... For Facebook, a
  74. company with more than $14 billion in free cash flow in the past year, to say it is adding 250 people to its safety and security efforts is'pissing in the ocean,' Mr. Galloway
  76. says.'They could add 25,000 people, spend $1 billion on AI technologies to help those 25,000 employees sort, filter and ID questionable content and advertisers, and their cash
  78. flow would decline 10% to 20%.'
  79. It's why there's a management shake up at Pandora, Soundcloud laid off 40% of their staff & Vimeo canceled their subscription service before it was even launched.
  80. Deregulation, as commonly understood, is actually just moving regulatory authority from democratic institutions to private ones.— Matt Stoller (@matthewstoller) September 23,
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