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  1. <b><color=#808000><size=40><align="center">JackInTheBox Community</size>
  3. Info
  4. - Hosted in the UK.
  5. - Friendly fire is enabled/disabled randomly, check the server title.
  6. - IP:
  7. - Intercom max speech time is 25 seconds and the cooldown is 120 seconds.</align></color></b>
  8. <b>
  9. Discord Link: <link=""><color=#f44259><u></u></color></link>
  10. Donations: <b><link=""><u>Donate</u></link></b>
  12. <color=#00E6FF>
  13. = JackInTheBoxRunaway Community Streamer Rules/Requirements =
  15. [ 1- Be a well known member of this community/be relatively active in the community.]
  16. [ 2- Have at least 15 viewers per stream.]
  17. [ 3- Have at least 100 followers.]
  18. [ 4- Have a ban/restriction record on the server/community that's as clean as possible.]</color>
  20. <color=#808000>
  21. RULES</color>
  22. <color=red>
  23. [1) You must report any bugs/exploits to the server owner or management, not to the official SCP:SL Staff.
  24. [2) You must report anyone who breaks the server rules in the #reports channel on the discord.
  25. [3) Discrimination/Harassment/Racism will not be tolerated, this includes names.
  26. [4) Teaming between: D-Class & MTF/FG, Scientist & Chaos is not allowed unless they are cuffed. Teaming between: MTF/FG & Chaos, MTF/FG & SCP is never allowed.
  27. [5) Use common sense and never try to circumvent rules by attempting to find loopholes.
  28. [6) Always refer to people by their ingame name.
  29. [7) This is an English speaking server, please refrain from speaking other languages.
  30. [8) Teamkilling is not allowed, this can include Crossfire and Killing AFK people.
  31. [9) Do not Stream snipe or intentionally target SCP:SL Staff/Streamers or Community Staff.
  32. [10) Do not mic-spam in Dead/Spectator, Round Start/End or over the Intercom (This includes loud music). High pitch tones or earrape can be punishable even when spawned in!
  33. [11) Listen to staff at all times, they have the final word.
  34. [12) Never reveal hidden SCP:SL Staff or Community Staff.</color>
  36. <color=#808000>
  37. Staff Rules
  39. - Staff are NOT allowed to kick/ban/do anything to staff higher than them without consulting the managers/owner first.
  40. - All staff members have to get a valid reason for warning/kicking/banning someone.
  41. - No staff members are allowed to give people items for no reason (unless an event is occurring).
  42. - No staff members are allowed to force class players for no reason.
  43. - All staff members need permission from owner or management to do events.
  44. - All the staff will and must follow same rules as players.</color>
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