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  1. Guest_jakemejias14 has joined the chat
  2. Guest_jakemejias14: Hello
  3. IDollyI: May I ask why you added me randomly?
  4. IDollyI: and...
  5. IDollyI: Welcome to Unholy Desire. Please State Proper Status Once Loaded (Single is NOT a Status) | Please Stay Off Stage | Enjoy your stay | Don't forget to rate! ((Proper Status: Name, Age, Role, gender, Seeking))
  6. IDollyI  files her nails waiting impatiently
  7. Guest_jakemejias14: My name is Jake I’m 23 I’m a male looking for a relationship with fun
  8. IDollyI: This is a BDSM room >.>
  9. IDollyI: so do you know what a status is?
  10. Guest_jakemejias14: And I added you cause you look beautiful and i didn’t know if you were there so and I know a bit about bdsm my ex taught me
  11. Guest_jakemejias14: And my role is a dominant
  12. IDollyI: side throne and I am off the market sweetheart unless you want to deal with my sub and my Owner bc both of them are clingy and dont like sharing much
  13. Guest_jakemejias14: Yea I can deal with them
  14. xEntityx has joined the chat
  15. IDollyI: No you cant bc my sub is off limits and my DD does not take lightly to having competition
  16. IDollyI: Hi Dad
  17. IDollyI: and I dont do vanilla at all
  18. Guest_jakemejias14: See your wrong there I’m Carmel
  19. xEntityx: Unless its icecream
  20. IDollyI: Oh so a kinky wannabe it
  21. IDollyI: and I dont even like vanilla ice cream >__<
  22. xEntityx: :l
  23. xEntityx: Oml
  24. IDollyI: Panda paws is the shit
  25. Guest_jakemejias14: No not a wanna be just new to it lol
  26. IDollyI: Still I wont Own you and you wont get the chance to Own me
  27. IDollyI: so why try?
  28. Guest_wRexw has joined the chat
  29. Guest_jakemejias14: Cause it’s ambitious and trudge so take it how it is
  30. IDollyI: Plus I am a switch that knows enough for her own good and knows what i want and I normally get what I want
  31. IDollyI: Welcome to Unholy Desire. Please State Proper Status Once Loaded (Single is NOT a Status) | Please Stay Off Stage | Enjoy your stay | Don't forget to rate! ((Proper Status: Name, Age, Role, gender, Seeking))
  32. Guest_wRexw has left the chat
  33. Guest_jakemejias14 has left the chat
  34. Guest_jakemejias14 has joined the chat
  35. IIRebelliousSouLII: gotta love that Diet coke advert
  36. IIRebelliousSouLII: welcome
  37. Guest_jakemejias14: Hello
  38. IDollyI: well here we go again
  39. Guest_jakemejias14: lol
  40. IDollyI: Do you really think you can handle me tho?
  41. Guest_jakemejias14: Yea
  42. IDollyI: lol
  43. xEntityx: Lol
  44. IDollyI: already ran off 25 men that said that this month alone
  45. Guest_jakemejias14: I don’t run off easy
  46. IIRebelliousSouLII: "yea"
  47. xEntityx: Gl
  48. Guest_jakemejias14: Appreciated
  49. xEntityx: you gunna need it
  50. xEntityx: your*
  51. Guest_jakemejias14: I don’t run off easy
  52. IDollyI: Like i said I am a switch and I test any Dom/Domme's patience and try to break every rule long the way bc I am a brat and frankly enjoy getting in trouble I am hell on heels and escort on here for credits my sub is off limits and my Owner doesnt like competition not that you really could compare to him
  53. IDollyI: Oh he's speechless
  54. IDollyI: XD
  55. Guest_jakemejias14: Here’s the thing my ex did that to me I didn’t break lol tried her best to break patience and she was also a brat nothing new
  56. Guest_jakemejias14: Again wrong
  57. IDollyI: lol funny you think I am tameable tho
  58. IIRebelliousSouLII: lol
  59. IDollyI: Especially considering I have been in the lifestyle for almost 14 years
  60. Guest_jakemejias14: Once I figure you out and get the lifestyle and I already know the rules about limits so .... ok you got experience on me
  61. Guest_jakemejias14: Doesn’t mean I will tend to push your limits
  62. IDollyI: Gl figuring me out besides in order to get with me need to get family approval and I dont see them approving of you tbhas for limits I have 2 tops
  63. IIRebelliousSouLII: brb
  64. xEntityx: Lol
  65. xEntityx: rekt
  66. Guest_jakemejias14: Not a real rekt and proving to them is all I need to do
  67. Guest_jakemejias14: Now I’m gonna crash
  68. Guest_jakemejias14: I had 13 hour day
  69. IDollyI: gl bc my sister wont let you past the front door
  70. xEntityx: Proving to them
  71. xEntityx: Um
  72. xEntityx: And to me
  73. IDollyI: mhm
  74. xEntityx: But Good luck with that lad
  75. xEntityx: haha
  76. Guest_jakemejias14: Doubt isn’t anything new so I’ll let you doubt and show you otherwise
  77. Guest_jakemejias14: I’m gonna crash goodnight all
  78. IDollyI: You didnt get that i said I am Owned did you?
  79. Guest_jakemejias14 has left the chat
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