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Jan 27th, 2020
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  1. Slot: BoHo
  3. Stage Name: Liana
  5. Name: Liana Lihua-Nari Tsai
  7. Nicknames: Lily, Nymph
  9. Age+DoB: December 27, 1996 + 23
  11. Height+Weight: 157 cm (5'2") + 43 kg (95 lbs)
  13. Gender: Female
  15. Background: Liana was born in Taipa, Macau to a Macaunese father and Korean mother. She grew up with her parents, four older brothers, and younger brother. Shortly after Liana was born, her family moved to Los Angeles, California. Liana grew up in a wealthy family since both her parents were in the medical field. As a child, Liana focused on her studies, singing, and soccer. She would start traveling to her soccer tournaments at the age of 9. Throughout middle and high school, she got good grades and was known to be good at soccer. She was also getting popular on TikTok. Besides soccer, TikTok, and her studies, Liana had a passion for music. After graduating high school she started university in Korean and became a SM trainee. Then Liana left SM shortly after she turned 22 since she felt that she wasn't getting anywhere and decided to focus on her studies. While studying she got scoutted by P Nation around the middle of 2019 and became a trainee.
  17. Personality: Liana is pretty quiet and is the person to observe people than interact with them. She's down to earth and can be pretty blunt sometimes. She treats people equally and somewhat of a mother figure. Liana tries to look and find the good in people no matter who they are. When you first meet her, Liana is pretty shy but more distant. Once you get to know her, she's warm-hearted, gentle, dependable, caring, selfless, intelligent, funny, considerate, and loyal. She's also a good at listening to others and being patient with others. Even though she has a gentle smile on her face, she tends to hide her feelings no matter what. She's very hard on herself and be extremely stoic.
  19. TikTok Account: liana_ln_tsai
  21. Clothing Style: Neutral colors, coat, hats, loose clothing
  23. Extras:
  24. - Likes: Cooking, reading, kids, nature, listening to music, and soccer
  25. - Dislikes: Messy places, rude people, cold weather, losing, mosquitoes, artificial fruit flavors, and crying in front of others
  26. - Hobbies: Playing sports, composing & producing songs, going in hikes, hand embroidery, and floral design
  27. - Fears: Failure, being abandoned, thunder/lightning, the dark, and supernatural creatures
  28. - Habits: Waking up early, looking down at her shoes when she's shy, and closing her eyes for a long period of time before a game, performance, or something that makes her anxious and nervous
  29. - Friends: Joshua (Seventeen), Jun (Seventeen), Kun (NCT), Yanan (Pentagon), Chungha (Soloist), and Jisoo (Blackpink)
  30. - Family: Father, Mother, Three Older Brothers, and Younger Brother
  31. - Hometown: Los Angeles, Angeles
  32. - Has been playing soccer since she was 3 and used to be MVP of her school's soccer team and travel team
  33. - Liana is half Macaunese and half Korean
  34. - She has four older brothers named Josiah (30), Kaysein (28), Kaysian (28), Shane (25) and a younger brother named Alec (19)
  35. - Has a nephew who's 4 and a neice coming on the way
  36. - Is usually underneath a tree or somewhere that seems quiet
  37. - Hasn't dated anyone since she was in high school because she's afraid of getting hurt again
  38. - She's going to graduate from Korea University
  40. Positions: Main Vocalist, Leader
  42. LI: Johnny (NCT)
  44. FC: Zhao Lusi (Actress)
  46. Voice Claim:
  47. Talking - Yoohyeon (Dreamcatcher)
  48. Singing - Yoohyeon (Dreamcatcher)
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