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#OpPigroast / #OpAlbuquerque Supplemental

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Apr 5th, 2014
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  1. #OpPigRoast #OpAlbuquerque
  3. Today we bring you a juicy 0-Day exploit affecting U.S. police forces nationwide. It allows for the simple identification and d0xing of entire police departments. While we have been aware of this exploit since 2002, we have traded it only in private, out of fear of its abuse.
  5. The recent actions of the Albuquerque police department, the revelations of Edward Snowden, and the crackdown on the Occupy movement were all events that brought us to release this exploit publicly.
  7. It is powerful because it will force a sense of accountability that is lacking. It is powerful because it is legal. It is powerful because it sheds light on those who abuse their power.
  9. We can begin to monitor them. We can call them out. We can make them feel as vulnerable as they try to make us feel.
  11. We can turn the tide.
  13. Join us. Activist organizations, act upon this exploit before the government patches it. Community organizations, open government advocates, and freedom lovers - stand against any attempt to limit our open and democratic access to government data in the name of false security. Datalovers, seed it far and wide.
  15. Collaborate and share the data receiv
  16. ved, even with your enemies. Check and see if documents are already online, and if not, put them online yourself.
  19. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> Nao for teh candy!
  21. The exploit takes advantage of two bureaucratic vulnerabilities in the United States to allow the d0xing of entire police departments.
  23. //````````````````// //Vulnerability 1 // //````````````````//
  24. Step 1: Query Local Board of Elections for "Active Registration Database"
  25. // "Active Registration Database" will contain names and addresses of all registered voters
  26. // They may charge duplication fees or provide only a printed copy
  27. // Websearch: "[your county] Board of Elections"
  28. // Some records are already online, see example for terms to search for:
  29. // example:
  30. // example:
  31. // They can even be purchased online here:
  33. //````````````````// //Vulnerability 2 // //````````````````//
  34. Step 1: Query City Clerk for "Municipal Employee List"
  35. // "Municipal Employee List" will contain name, salary, & position of municipal employees
  36. // They may charge duplication fees or provide only a printed copy
  37. // Websearch: "[your city] City Clerk's Office"
  38. // Some records are already online, see example for terms to seach for:
  39. // example: [select "Police Department" from list, leave rest empty, and click search]
  40. // example:
  42. //````````````````// //Method // //````````````````//
  43. Step 1: Isolate all police officers on "Municipal Employee List"
  44. // Very handy if in computer file; if they gave you printed, it's worth the time to type them in
  45. Step 2: Compare names on "Municipal Employee List" with "Active Voter Registration"
  46. // Extract addresses of individuals identified on "Municipal Employee List" from Voter Registration data from "Active" DB.
  47. Step 3: lulz!
  48. //
  50. //````````````````// // Usage / Tips // //````````````````//
  51. 1: Develop a nationwide database of police officers, tracking abuse.
  52. 2: Develop a reverse police blotter, posting the home address and photo of police officers accused of abusive behavior. Remember - if they can print your name and address in the police blotter without a conviction, you can do this.
  53. 3: Explore the wonders of bureaucratic data mining online; utilize Google streetview and exposed social media profiles to compile creepy walkthroughs of people's houses without ever being there; utilize their county clerk's online records to check for mortgages, divorce filings, etc...the sky is the limit!
  54. 4: The same method *should* scale to county and state agencies and police departments, however this is untested.
  55. 5: Cities with residency requiremens for PD employment may notice a large amount of 1st year recruits living at same address. Verify people actually live there. ;-)
  57. //````````````````// // Extra Credit // //````````````````//
  58. 1: Quick and dirty method for mass PD Facebook search: Type "People who work at [your local police department]" in FB search bar.
  59. 2: LinkedIn is golden.
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