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Jul 25th, 2011
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  1. //This Javascript should grab the Id URL parameter, and update the "Taken By" field, setting it to empty.
  2. //This code is designed to be placed in a button on the Feature__c detail page.
  4. {!REQUIRESCRIPT("/soap/ajax/19.0/connection.js")} //adds the proper code for inclusion of AJAX toolkit
  5. var url = parent.location.href; //string for the URL of the current page
  6. var recordOnPage = window.location.href.replace('https://' + + '/', '');
  7. var updateRecords = []; //array for holding records that this code will ultimately update
  9. if (id == null) {
  10.     alert("Please select at least one record to update."); //alert the user that they didn't make a selection
  11. } else { //otherwise, there was a record selection
  12.     var update_Feature = new sforce.SObject("Feature__c"); //create a new sObject for storing updated record details
  13.         update_Feature.Id = recordOnPage; //set the Id of the selected record
  14.     update_Feature.Taken_By__c = ""; //set the value for Taken By field to an empty string
  15.     updateRecords.push(update_Feature); //add the updated record to our array
  16.         console.dir(updateRecords);
  17.     result = sforce.connection.update(updateRecords); //push the updated records back to Salesforce
  18.         //ERROR: Refused to set unsafe header "User-Agent"
  19.         console.dir(result);
  20.     //parent.location.href = url; //refresh the page
  21. }
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