Jan 18th, 2017
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  2. righteous indignation against the cold and arrows of the world
  3. appearing as a men's hooded kneelength fur coat made from the strangely pattern for of an impossibly bright and dark toned Geiselian animal buttoned with what appeared to be small circular Windows leading to a storehouse of fabulous and exotic wonders , the cuffs of which form many pointedly tapered strands seeming to squirm of their own volition , the hood of which bears embroidery resembling a the head of some behemoth with eyes formed of some hard unnatural substance not unlike Ivory, the lining of which seems to be composed of the night sky itself twinkling mysteriously righteous indignation against the cold and arrows of the world is the rebirth and physical representation of the memory and affection banchô-Anon feels for his first great project . His heavy vantablack jacket. His love of which was so great that when he first lost it He mourned for over 50 years before resorting to a backup and then he underwent great torment to merge himself with this backup so that he and his jacket could never be parted again righteous indignation against the cold and arrows of the world has all of banchô-Anon's ranged offensive powers Gemcraft magic, his durability boosts, his inventory perks and his sanity protection perks, God Tier Maid of space and Witch of space powers increased by not having access to physical strength boosts, speed boosts, learning or mental abilities. Indeed, it's mind is simple, kind and friendly ,Not unlike some of thecharacters found in children's educational puppet shows.
  5. Intimacies:durability, comfort, warmth, coziness,stationary active defense/ area denial, and protection of others.
  7. As a location righteous indignation against the cold and arrows of the world appears as a fortified bunker , complete with vaulted door The interior of which is stylized as a log cabin and greenhouse.
  12. The First and founding fool
  13. appearing as nothing more than my body mod body . The first and founding fool is formed from an expungement of the original mind, ego and spiritual natures of the person I was before I started jumping, he has a mere 33% of all his current Jumper selfs abilities . Save for the personality perks and willpower perks of which are increased to 166% for indeed he was excised from the chorus not as a form of punishment, but because drastic measures needed to be taken for his own mental health and from it. The mental health of banchô-Anon great pains were involved in the process of rehabilitating and befriending the wretch that all of banchô-Anon was built on top of
  15. Intimacies: novelty, self-improvement, exploration, banchô-Anon's loved ones, bettering the lives of others, Justice
  17. As a location The First and founding fool appears as a large prefabricated warehouse with a medical bay, housing facilities and many rows of shelving
  20. Warrior G-
  21. the fighting spirit of a giant robot and veteran of many great wars , the great battler Warrior G was the mind of banchô-Anon's driver belt before ascending into part of the choir but his time in the chorus did not agree with him , and so banchô-Anon promotes him sideways into a third Circle demon, but in freeing him of the influence of the choir Warrior G loses access to the vast majority of banchô-Anon's mental, spiritual and mystic abilities as well as his shape shifting and numerous alternate forms in trade for an ability to absorb both supernatural artifacts and copy the mystical abilities of others as easily as banchô-Anon copies their non-supernatural abilities and absorbs technology and biological abilities. Furthermore, he has been granted banchô-Anon's limitless ability to improve himself, his copies of Monique's evolutionary powers and full access to banchô-Anon's Cybertronian body .
  22. As a location Warrior G appears as a great star dock and manufacturing facility with clean, Spartan facilities and all the implements and materials necessary to create massive machines of war.
  23. intimacies : all aspects of the military, helping others improve themselves, strategy , righteous causes, giant fighting robots, outer space
  25. phlox miasma of 10,000 indulgences
  26. appearing as nothing more than an intangible phlox colored mist phlox miasma of 10,000 indulgences is the embodiment of banchô-Anon's passion for mind altering substances and hedonistic tendencies, indeed phlox miasma of 10,000 indulgences's form is not physical but rather a independently persistent intangible field that absorbs negative emotional energy and the light wavelengths necessary to create a phlox colored haze while emitting positive emotional energy and the effects but not substances of a great many drugs of its choosing In nearly limitless combinations, sensations and intensities, the main limit to the stability is that if a substance relies on a physical interaction to create a physical effect rather than a mind altering effect It fails due to the lack of any actual substances involved and that banchô-Anon must have experienced the substance, emotion or effect in question for it to replicate it.
  27. As a location phlox miasma of 10,000 indulgences appears is a very ornate postmodern opium den, filled with relaxation pods and gentle chillout music with subdued blue lighting.
  28. Intimacies: pleasurable experiences, mind expansion, psychonautics, mental healing, imagination.
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