Hungarian Pony #3

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  1.         “I’ve spent… too long here.”
  3.         Twilight Sparkle was on petrol. She always hated petrol. It was time consuming and hot, and she was forced to face the thing she feared most: her thoughts. It was consisted of nothing more than walking back and forth through a Middle Eastern desert, looking out for anybody uninvited. There was always a strong chance of death, too. Then again, she didn’t fear death. If she did, the Taliban would’ve driven her crazy long ago.
  5.         She picked up her assault rifle and shot herself in the face.
  6.         “Ah, that feels better.” She cooed. She always loved killing herself. It was the only way she could feel like a woman. She was going to pull the trigger again, but she was interrupted.
  7.         “Well, well, well… What is going on here?” It was a teasing, seductive, triangular tone. It was none of other than Rainbow Dash.
  8.         “Hello, Rainbow Dash.”
  9.         “Yes, hello 2u2 Rainbow Dash. I can see the person I am looking at is killing herself.”
  10.         “Yes, the person whom I am looking at is killing herself.”
  11.         “That makes me hard.”
  12.         Rainbow Dash’s penis became incredibly hard. She ran at Fluttershy and pinned her down. A huge smile crusted across her face. It was not Rainbow Dash at all.
  13.         “’Tis you?!” Sparkle exclaimed.
  15.         “And what doth bring thy back to such an unesteemed place!?”
  17.         “But, isn’t thou Rainbow Dash?”
  18.         “Never forget.”
  20.         Twilight Sparkle awoke from her restless slumber… It had been no more than a mere dream. She was breathing heavy and felt an odd sensation between her legs. She lifted her pig skin blanket and found a puddle by her limp 2 inch penis. It looked to be a bleach-like substance, possibly amniotic fluid, most likely spilled from a deceased X20-R2-5665 Vibrator/SpermicidalRay. There were maggots writhing in the odd liquid.
  22.         A smell wafted up to her ears. It smelled like 10-day old shit mixed with a busted hemmoriod. A sudden burning encompassed her asshole and she watched shit shoot out of butt. It fired out so fast it hit the blanket and sent it flying. Twilight was still holding it when her shit rammed into it. It pulled her so hard both of her hooves dislocated and spine snapped. Her face was now dangling in front of her pussy, her eyes staring into her slowly bleeding asshole.
  24.         Another blast of shit spewed out, now mixed with blood. However, last night’s dinner had been a fetus cum, melted kitten, slushy. There were chunks of kitten and small, gooey slabs of fetus cum flying in her face. She tried to keep her mouth closed, by the pressure broke her lips and shattered her teeth. She felt the sharp shards penetrate her throat. Her mouth was filling with diarrhea,fetus cum, and melted kitten. Finally the pressure was too much and her neck snapped too.
  26.         She now shitting directly down her throat, guaranteeing an endless process of shitting, eating said shit, and then shitting said shitted shit. She heard her door open. She waited for them to help her, because quite frankly eating her own shit was getting kinda annoying. But then, she felt a hand from behind her, powerfully shoving her face into her bleeding, shitting, pussy.
  28.         There was a wet, slapping noise each time her face hit her cunt. Her mouth was still broken and all she could taste was decomposed cat (and fetus cum), period blood, and shit. Suddenly, for no apparently reason, maggots started to appear in her shit. But these weren’t normal maggots: they were milk maggots.
  30.         They were maggots made entirely out of milk that had been sitting for so long, it became alive and turned into maggots.  Suddenly, the intruder stopped slapping her face against her two incher and pulled her up. He pushed the lifeless rag doll back and mounted the bed. Rainbow Sparkle couldn’t see how it was. Her eyes were blinded by shit.
  32.         “Hey, hey, hey kids!” The menace laughed. He then took his cock and shoved it into her still shitting asshole. There was no more shit being shit out, but 10x as much blood. There was just a river of blood and milk maggots filling the room. The intruder could feel the blood masturbating his dick.
  34.         Flutter Sparkler felt his cock slide up into her body. It kept going and going until finally it was coming up her throat. She vomited, but no vomit came out. Only more blood. Then she vomited again and this time vomit and regular maggots came out. A little shit too.
  36.         His dick shot out of her mouth and started to go straight. The still blurry intruder opened his mouth and started to take his dick through fluttershy’s body. He came into his own mouth by only confetti came out. He ripped his now limp – but equally long – long did out of her body, causing her to rip in half.
  37.         She looked up to see the face of the menace, but her eyes were still too shitty.
  39.         “Hey, hey! Let me help with that little girl!” The intruder stuck both of his thumbs deep in her eye sockets, but his thumbs had mouths so they started eating her eyes. They licked up all the shit and eye her eye lids.
  41.         She looked infinityly at the creature. She could not move and felt the room still filling with blood from her cunt. It was up to her bed. It was already about to pass her chin. She couldn’t move, let alone swim. She would drown in her own blood, shit, and milk maggots. But she said his name, just once before dying, just for expositional reasons relating to this story:
  43.         “Krusty the Clown.”
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