Anon - Moony-san!

May 15th, 2014
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  1. “Anon what are you doing?”
  2. >You turn around and notice Moon Dust in the doorway to your room
  3. >”Watching anime Moon Dust”
  4. “Anime?”
  5. >”Animations made in Japan, it's from the human world. It’s a bit different than the usual cartoons”
  6. >Moon Dust raises an eyebrow as he looks at you
  7. “And why are you wrapped up in a blanket and sitting cross legged like that?”
  8. >You shrug
  9. >”It was too cold to be in my underwear only and I was too lazy to put clothes on”
  10. “Ok...”
  11. >You sign for Moon Dust to come over to you
  12. >”Come watch some with me”
  13. >Moon Dust seems a bit unsure
  14. >”I’m sure you’ll like it”
  15. >Moon Dust sighs and comes over to your bed where you are sitting on and settles down next to you
  16. >You shake your head and Moon Dust looks at you with confusion on his face
  17. >You open up your blanket and sign for him to sit in your lap
  18. >Moon Dust blushes once he realizes what you want him to do
  19. “You can’t be serious Anon...”
  20. >You just smile at Moon Dust and pat your lap
  21. >”Just come here you cuddly moth and let me cuddle with you”
  22. >Moon Dusts blush deepens and he grumbles, but climbs to sit onto your lap and rests his back against your front with his hooves pulled close to his body, of course after tucking his wings close to his body sop they won’t get in the way
  23. >As you close the blanket and wrap your hands around him, carefully so you won’t damage his wings at all, you feel his soft butt pressing against your crotch
  24. >”There, isn't this better?”
  25. “You can be such a goofball...”
  26. >Moon Dusts voice is heavy with embarrassment but he does not try to struggle away from the touch of your body
  27. >You resume the anime and the two of you cuddle and watch
  29. >...
  30. “Anon?”
  31. >”Yeah?”
  32. “Why are all the women so well endowed?”
  33. >”It’s an anime thing”
  34. >Moon Dust resumes paying attention to the screen
  35. >You on the other hand pay attention to something completely different
  36. >You are rubbing Moon Dusts soft tummy
  37. >It’s not fat by any means, but just so soft and cuddly
  38. “Anon... why are you rubbing my tummy so much?”
  39. >”Just because”
  40. >Moon Dust returns to being silent again and you keep gently rubbing his tummy
  41. >He smells nice...
  42. >You push your face onto his mane and breathe in his scent
  43. “Anon...quit it...”
  44. >Moon Dust gently boops his head against you to make you back off
  45. >You move your face back and then settle it next to his head
  46. >The two of you resume watching the chinese cartoon about flashing lights and powerlevels
  47. >Moon Dust squirms in your lap a bit
  48. “Anon, stop that...”
  49. >You breathe your warm breath against his neck once again
  50. >”Stop what?”
  51. >Moon Dust seems a bit unsure
  52. “...nothing...”
  53. >You reply by giving him another hot breath on his neck
  54. >You can feel how Moon Dust shivers a bit in your lap
  55. >Now that you pay attention to it, he’s blushing rather hard now
  56. >You press your cheek against his and nuzzle him
  57. “...Anon, are you even watching this cartoon thing of yours?”
  58. >”Nope~”
  59. >Before Moon Dust can say anything back to you, you fall to your side on the bed while holding on to Moon Dust and bringing him down with you
  60. >He gives out a cute little yelp before the both of you impact the mattress
  62. >And then you two just lie there
  63. “So in the end all you wanted to do was cuddle?”
  64. >Moon Dusts voice sounds a bit embarrassed and shy now
  65. >”Yeah, you’re so cute that I just can’t help it~”
  66. >Moon Dust says nothing back but you bet that if you could see his face now he would be blushing hard and looking a bit happy
  67. “It doesn't make me happy at all that you call me cute Anon...”
  68. >You just plant a little kiss on the back of his neck
  69. >Moon Dust says nothing for a short while but then presses against you
  70. “You can be such an idiot Anon...”
  71. >And the two of you keep cuddling on the bed
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