She knew (TwiggyxAnon, cumplay, lewd, short)

Aug 29th, 2017
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  1. "W-wait, Twilight--"
  2. >"No, I need more sauce, there's barely any in this last batch,"
  3. >You try to squirm free of her magical grasp but to no success, and in less than five seconds, you're naked, knees on the table and hands still bound behind your back
  4. >And you groan when you feel her magic on your pride
  5. >It hurts, what with the five times you came in the last two hours
  6. >There was a lot of burgers
  7. >But it hurts so good
  8. "H-how--oh shit,"
  9. >She simply stand there, sitting on her stool, smirking and gazing at you hungrily, while she engulfs you shaft in her aura and moves one of the burger in front of it
  10. >She won't have to work too hard, you were already at full mast by watching her devour your love
  11. "How did you know...?"
  12. >She raises an eyebrow in disbelief, but the hunger stays
  13. >"Did you really think I wouldn't notice? I've known since the start, silly,"
  14. >Your heart skips a beat when the realization dawns on you
  15. >All this time
  16. >She knew
  17. >And she never said or did anything to make you stop
  18. >She wanted you to cum in these burgers
  19. >She wanted to consume your essence
  20. >Fuck
  22. >The thought alone is enough to make you throb, and her grin widens even more as she separates the bread from the fake meat, placing it right under your pride
  23. >"Come on Anon, I'm hungry,"
  24. >And with that you give her everything you've got
  25. >And it's quite a lot
  26. >Much more than you thought you still had in you
  27. >Fuck
  28. >She keeps her eyes on your crown and licks her lips, happily humming about the quantity you provided as her magic keeps coaxing your shaft for every last drops you could still hide inside
  29. >Then, realizing that no more will come out, she leans forward and capture your tip in between her lips, giving your slit a slow, loving lap, cleaning it of the miniscule bead that was still clinging to it
  30. >Her magic hold disappears at the same moment her lips part from you
  31. >You think of maybe getting down the table and finding clothes
  32. >But you can't
  33. >You can only look as your princess brings the burger to her lips, and takes a bite
  34. >A moan escaping her throat as your 'sauce' hits her tastebuds
  35. >Her eyes stay on yours the whole time
  36. >And they're telling you that she wants more
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