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  1. Honedge Heavy Ball
  2. Wingull Dive Ball Heart Ball
  3. Cyndaquil Level Ball Fast Ball
  4. Chikorita Friend Ball
  5. Charmander Moon Ball Dream Ball Love Ball
  6. Tepig Heavy Ball
  7. Bronzor Dream Ball
  8. Riolu Moon Ball
  9. Froakie Moon Ball
  10. Mimikyu Heavy Ball Moon Ball
  11. Nidoran Dive Ball Safari Ball
  12. Magikarp Dive Ball Beast Ball
  13. Totodile Lure Ball
  14. Mareanie Dive Ball Heal Ball
  15. Dratini Lure Ball
  16. Turtonator Heavy Ball
  17. Grimer Beast Ball
  18. Meowth-Alola Beast Ball
  19. Grubbin Moon Ball
  20. Feebas Dive Ball
  21. Finneon Dive Ball
  22. Jangmo-o Love Ball Level Ball
  23. Shroomish Nest Ball
  24. Mawile Love Ball
  25. Treecko Friend Ball
  26. Beldum Beast Ball Heavy Ball
  27. Shinx Beast Ball
  28. Gligar Dream Ball Dive Ball
  29. Torchic Dream Ball
  30. Eevee Love Ball
  31. Bruxish Luxury Ball
  32. Magnemite Luxury Ball
  33. Bagon Safari Ball
  34. Munchlax Love Ball
  35. Pawniard Moon Ball Dream Ball
  36. Ralts Love Ball
  37. Skrelp Dusk Ball
  38. Cutiefly Heal Ball
  39. Meditite Moon Ball
  40. Sandshrew-Alola Beast Ball
  41. Gastly Moon Ball Beast Ball
  42. Togedemaru Fast Ball
  43. Scyther Friend Ball
  44. Drifloon Quick Ball
  45. Stantler Love Ball
  46. Zorua Luxury Ball
  47. Oranguru Premier Ball
  48. Spoink Level Ball
  49. Fennekin Love Ball
  50. Squirtle Dive Ball
  51. Delibird Beast Ball Love Ball
  52. Turtwig Friend Ball
  53. Tauros Premier Ball
  54. Drilbur Dream Ball
  55. Starly Dream Ball
  56. Oshawott Beast Ball
  57. Lapras Dive Ball
  58. Clamperl Friend Ball
  59. Absol Dream Ball
  60. Chimchar Fast Ball Dream Ball Beast Ball Luxury Ball
  61. Yanma Beast Ball Luxury Ball
  62. Mantyke Moon Ball
  63. Bulbasaur Level Ball
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