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  1. Strategy 1: Publish your video in the morning where most of your audience lives.
  2. Why? This strategy ensures that your video is live during all prime hours when the largest chunk of your audience is awake.
  3. How? Head to your Watch Time Analytics by Country and see where you get the most views from. If it's the United States, you can click to drill down into individual States. Find the time zone of the most popular location and plan to publish around 6am relative to their local time.
  4. Strategy 2: Publish your video a few hours before your peak traffic hours.
  5. Why? If you want views fast and increase the chance of virality, you might want to publish a couple hours before your audiences' peak viewing day/time of the week.
  6. How?
  7. Option 1: Head to your Real Time Views Analytics and examine your "last 24 hours" chart to find what hours of the day you get peak viewership and publish 2 or 3 hours before that.
  8. Option 2: Connect your YouTube Channel to Google Analytics for daily and hourly in-depth data much beyond what YouTube Analytics offers. Instruction Guide Here
  9. Note: Often times your peak analysis will coincide with your current publishing schedule. Keep this in mind when analyzing the data.
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