Helping Her Numero 3

Jan 16th, 2016
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  1. >Where the fuck is it?
  2. >Today is Friday, and due certain complications at work you had the day off…. again.
  3. >Seriously if it wasn’t for the fact that you got paid regardless of hours you’d be looking for a new job.
  4. >But yeah, back on topic you were so fucking stupid.
  5. >Dumping the contents of another drawer you searched for “it.”
  6. >Come on brain, I feed you alcohol all the time, get my back on this.
  7. >Now the you think about it, your liqueur cabinet is running a bit low.
  9. >Good job brain! You’ll get some booze for your contributions.
  10. >With the speed of a thousand kenyans’, you ran to the living room.
  11. >Making a leap over the couch you landed in front of a cabinet filled with a bunch of movies/games/well all your shit.
  12. >It’s got to be in here.
  13. >Tearing through shelves and tossing everything behind, you finally found it!
  14. >Opening the manila folder you scanned the lone page inside it.
  15. >Come on where the fuck is it.
  16. >Bingo!
  17. >With a heavy sigh you walked over the couch and sat down.
  18. >How the fuck were you this fucking dense.
  19. >By comparison that time you left your prom date at the dance to go stand in line for the midnight release of a video game was nothing.
  20. >But now you were responsible for more than just yourself you couldn’t let shit like this happen.
  21. >So yeah, you fucked up.
  22. >You missed Scoots birthday.
  23. >It wasn’t until you saw some birthday party commercial for some family restaurant that it hit you.
  24. >There was only one thing left to do.
  25. >Taking your phone out of your pocket you started dialing.
  26. >A few rings later a familiar voice filled the speaker.
  27. >”Hey asshat, whadya want?”
  28. >Katie was as eloquent as ever.
  29. “Not too bad, but listen I need a favor.”
  30. >”I told you before I don’t fuck dudes, get a vag then we can talk.”
  31. “Can you get your mind off of pussy for just one second.”
  32. >”Oh I’ll get off alright.”
  33. >Why can’t you ever have a normal conversation with this woman.
  34. >Did you piss off some god in a past life?
  35. “It’s about Scoots.”
  36. >”Did something happen?”
  37. >The change in her voice was instantaneous.
  38. >Katie despite being a complete bitch, but she cared for that little filly just as much as you did.
  39. “I‘m going to need a hand getting a party together, so I was hoping you and Fluttershy could do me favor.”
  40. >”Okay I’m off in two hours, we’ll talk then. I think Fluttershy has a friend with experience in this kind of stuff.”
  41. >For some odd reason a sudden chill went down your spine.
  42. >Like something was telling you that somehow making this phone call was a bad idea.
  43. >Nah, you were probably just over thinking it.
  44. >Putting your phone back in your pocket you looked around your previously clean living room.
  45. >Double fuck.
  46. >After cleaning up a bit.
  47. >Okay a lot, you headed out.
  48. >If everything went right you’d give Scootaloo a party she wouldn’t forget.
  49. >But the biggest problem still bothered you.
  50. >What the heck would you get her?
  51. >Besides eating everything in the fridge she didn’t really have any hobbies.
  52. >Heck you still wince whenever you look at your blender from the last gift you got her.
  53. >It was nothing more than a simple Barbie.
  54. >She ended up putting it in your awesome “new-at-that-point” blender and turning it into plastic puree.
  55. >That’s how you figured out she wasn’t a doll liking filly.
  56. >So the question remains, what to get her?
  58. ---
  59. >Nerf gun, transformer, weird alien looking thi... nope that's a doll.
  60. >Why was toy shopping such a fucking pain.
  61. >Endure Anon, endure this bullshi..
  62. >"Can I help you sir?"
  63. >Turning from the display you saw one of the store associates looking at you expectantly.
  64. "Uh yeah, I'm trying to find a gift for… well a pony."
  65. >One of her eyebrows rose at your declaration.
  66. >"We really don't carry any toys for horses sir, might I suggest tractor supply."
  67. "No no, not a horse pony, the little kind. You know pastel, they talk, that kind of stuff."
  68. >The confusion seemed to leave her almost immediately
  69. >”Oh that makes a lot more sense, follow me.”
  71. >Walking home with a big box tucked under your armed you hummed a jolly little jingle to yourself.
  72. >Scoots was going to love her present.
  73. >You were going to make sure that this was the best birthday party ever.
  74. >Cause she deserved it.
  75. >A few minutes later you were back at home.
  76. >Sure enough Katie outdid herself.
  77. >Decorations lined the outside of your home.
  78. >If the inside looked half as good as the outside you were going to go and find her a new friend.
  79. >And by new friend you meant a scissoring buddy.
  80. >Ok a lesbian.
  81. >But you digress.
  82. >Opening the door you stepped inside to a smell of baked goods.
  83. "Katie how’s everything coming?"
  84. >You heard some noise from the kitchen before a face covered in flour appeared in the doorway.
  85. >"Just finishing up the cake, how'd it go on your end?"
  86. "Good, where are the girls?" you asked setting the package down and hanging up your coat.
  87. >Dusting her hands on the apron she was wearing Katie smiled.
  88. >"I asked Nana to take them to the park to play, so we got some time."
  89. "Cool, I'll be in the living room setting up."
  90. >"Alright jackass."
  91. >Time to dig out your tools.
  92. >Walking into your bedroom you dug through your closet for the toolbox.
  93. >Pushing some stuff aside you saw it, right underneath a dusty old bag.
  94. >Holy crap you’ve been looking for this thing for a while.
  95. >Grabbing both items you headed back to the living room.
  97. ---
  98. >Looking at the scooter you've been putting together for the past hour you couldn't help but marvel at how well it came out.
  99. >"Not gonna lie, that looks like shit."
  100. >Fucking Katie, one of these days you'll punt her right in the cunt.
  101. "Its not bad at all, might not be my greatest work, but its the thought that counts."
  102. ---
  103. “Happy Birthday to you, Happy birth day to you, Happy Birthday Scootaloo, Happy birthday to you!”
  104. >The chorus wound down as everyone clapped their hands and hooves.
  105. >Scootaloo took in a massive breath and blew out the candles which adorned her large birthday cake.
  106. >All the prep work was well worth it at this point.
  107. >Katie was snapping pictures while Scoots jumped in her seat with excitement.
  108. >”This is soooo awesome! I haven’t had a birthday party in forever.”
  109. >”Well it’s not over yet, cause now it’s time for presents!” Katie happily proclaimed.
  110. >And just like that everyone brought out their gifts for the birthday girl.
  111. >You couldn’t help but smile as she thanked everyone.
  112. >Granny made her a scarf with what she said was a pattern of a team called the “Wonderbolts”
  113. >As she got present after present the pile of toys and books grew in front of her.
  114. >You could only stand back and smile as she tore through the various boxes the moment they were placed in front of her.
  115. >”Psst Anon.”
  116. >Looking around you spotted Katie by the doorway motioning for you to come over.
  117. >As quietly as possible you snuck away.
  118. “Whats up?”
  119. >”Go grab your gift, I’ll keep an eye on things here.”
  120. >Giving her a thumbs up you walked past and into your bedroom where you hid the present.
  121. >There was a part of you that was honestly scared that she wouldn’t like it.
  122. >Grabbing the wrapped gift you made your way back to the living room and peered in.
  123. >From the looks of it she’d already gone through and opened everything in the span of thirty seconds.
  124. >Clearing your throat you walked in.
  125. >Everyones heads turned to you.
  126. “Scootaloo, normally there’d be a nice speech that I could give here, but I really suck with words.”
  127. >You could see Katie facepalm at that.
  128. “So I’ll keep it simple. You have made this place a home, and brought all of us together here.”
  129. >You gestured to everyone gathered around.
  130. “And we may not be a traditional one, but today were all a family.”
  131. >Stepping up you placed the gift right next to her seat.
  132. >…
  133. >…
  134. >Ok did you screw this up.
  135. “Uh… heh heh, you can open the gift now.”
  136. >Scoots head was downcast.
  137. >Oh shit you fucked up.
  138. >Looking around you saw the same look of confusion on everyones face.
  139. >In that one instant you felt the force hit your chest as the little filly clung onto you.
  140. >Quickly reaching up you hugged her as she hung onto.
  141. >Looking down you saw tears streaming down her face.
  142. >But she was smiling.
  143. >Sitting down you still held Scootaloo close.
  144. >If you had been paying attention you would have also noticed that everyone else came over and sat down right beside you.
  145. >Katie, Granny, Fluttershy, Cheerilee, and all the others.
  146. >Your new family was an odd one, but you wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world right now.
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