(TF) Celestia and Luna pick on humans for fun 10 (B)

Dec 29th, 2012
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  1. >Your brow couldn't arch any higher than it is right now
  2. "Dr. Dippy Mcgraw? Did I hear that right?"
  3. >"That's right. As I said, he's the perfect pony for the job."
  4. >The monster is currently rolling upon the floor with laughter
  5. >Joe has the same look on his face as you do
  6. >This specialist is considered a bit out there by his peers, weird by Mr. Paper Pusher here, and now has a name like Dippy Mcgraw?
  7. >Worry is in big bold print on the list of emotions you're feeling now
  8. "I guess.. If you think he's that good, then what have I got to lose?"
  9. >"That's the spirit Shiner. With his help I doubt you'll be having these 'hallucinations' for much longer."
  10. >At least Paper Pusher is confident about your success
  11. >You're about drained of hope by now
  12. >It just gets to be too much sometimes
  13. "Well, thank you for the help. I'll be sure to get in touch with the good doc as soon as possible."
  14. >You get up and shake hooves... as only ponies could do mind you
  15. >With a good bye and a good luck, you and Joe are heading out
  16. >"You're not as convinced about this Doctor as I am huh Shiner?" Joe asks, breaking the silence
  17. "Is it that obvious?" you reply with a small laugh
  18. >Joe lets out a light chuckle and ruffles your mane with his hoof
  19. 1/7
  21. >"Just think Shiner," he pulls you to him, "no more waking up to find some weird imaginary creature running his claws along your belly!"
  22. >He finishes that line with a poke to your gut
  23. "Yeah I know. I just didn't like that 'weird' comment." you respond while escaping his grip
  24. >"Haha, I'm sure it will be alright. Just stay focused on the goal."
  25. "I suppose you're right."
  26. >"Suppose? No, I'm definitely right. You won't beat this thing if you don't give it 100%."
  27. >He -is- right
  28. >No way will that insufferable beast disappear if you're feeling like giving up
  29. >If only you could knock that smug look off his face
  30. >Ugh, what the hay is he up to now?
  31. >You almost gasp as you realize just what he's doing
  32. >He's urinating on that potted plant by the wall
  33. >Fortunately, he's only a figment of your imagination since the plant isn't being murdered right now
  34. >You would set the poor thing on fire out of pity if it actually had to take sustenance from such a liquid
  35. >Nothing but a volatile chemical could emerge from a body that behaves like he does
  36. >Another part of you dies as he loudly sighs in announcement of completing his foul deed
  37. 2/7
  39. >Once outside, you see Joe off as he has to return to work
  40. >He promised to check up on you later, but he needs to get back to his business
  41. >Well, you kinda forced him to get back to it because you have something else you need to do
  42. >Checking to see that he's out of sight, and that nop0ny else is watching, you reach into your saddlebag for that note
  43. >That crazy mare actually wants to see you tonight
  44. >You made a lewd comment towards her, and she nearly destroyed you
  45. >This doesn't add up at all
  46. >Let's see... where did she want to meet you?
  47. >Hmm, it's not that far from your place
  48. >That's not very close to the castle, but it's also not a home you don't think
  49. >If memory serves, the address should lead to a warehouse type building
  50. >Oh that sounds real lovely
  51. >She's going to exact her revenge finally in a secluded location
  52. >Although, that area isn't desolate in the least
  53. >Somep0ny would surely notice something wrong if you both went there and she was the only one to come out
  54. >You hatch an idea to make sure that somep0ny becomes aware that you're missing should this "date" turn out bad
  55. >Heading over to Joe's, you let him know to expect you sometime later
  56. >If you don't show up by 10, then feel free to check in at your apartment
  57. 3/7
  59. >He asked what was going on, but all you said was that you might have a date
  60. >"Is it concerning that note you found at your hooves earlier?"
  61. >Your ears perk up hard, and your eyes take on the size of dinner plates
  62. "What?"
  63. >Oh good going, try not to sound so surprised next time Shiner
  64. >"Don't think I didn't see that note too. Was it the girl who led us to see Paper Pusher? She actually likes you doesn't she? Hard to believe after she nearly turned you into mushed apples yesterday."
  65. >You can't believe your ears as he starts laughing when he finishes
  66. "H-how?"
  67. >"Please Shiner, only a blind pony would have missed that note. Your sneeze made it easier to understand what was going on too."
  68. >Well horseapples, but it doesn't really matter anyway
  69. "Yeah, I'm going to see what she wants, but the place she asked to meet me is a warehouse I think. I wanted to make sure that I'd get found if something like yesterday happened again, except more serious."
  70. >"I got ya. Who knows, maybe she wanted to meet you in secret, and that was the only available place."
  71. "I can only hope. Thanks Joe, and I'll see you later perhaps."
  72. >"Go get em tiger," he waves you off with a laugh
  73. >Gotta love that guy
  74. >You don't even let the monster spoil your mood about this
  75. >Who cares if he thinks that mare's flank is so big that it could take a "dollar" and squeeze out four of these "quarter" things by sitting on it
  76. >How and why would a mare do such a thing?
  77. 4/7
  79. >It doesn't take long to reach the destination, but it took a little longer than it should've as the monster distracted you for a moment
  80. >You can't believe you actually stopped to listen to him, and all he wanted was to ask you to pull one of his claws
  81. >Of course, you didn't do it, but he seemed eager about it
  82. >To Tartaros with him
  83. >There's a note taped to the side of the door too with your name on it
  84. >That's... a little creepy to be honest
  85. >Whatever, if this is your end, she won't get away with it at least
  86. >You knock on the entrance to the warehouse, and find that it's unlocked
  87. >Oh joy
  88. >It's dark on the inside obviously, so you opt to call out to her
  89. "Is anyp0ny here?"
  90. >"You actually came Shiner."
  91. >That voice! It's her
  92. >Lanterns light up suddenly, and you notice her horn lit up
  93. >Unicorns...
  94. >"I'm glad you could make it. I suppose you're wondering why I had you meet me here of all places."
  95. "I have an idea, but I wouldn't expect to get away with it."
  96. >The mare just laughs before finally responding
  97. >"You didn't think... Hahaha, no no Shiner. I didn't ask you here to hurt you. If it's about yesterday, I've gotten over it. However, I was also a little flattered that you were interested."
  98. >Her tone gets a little sultry on that last sentence
  99. >"It may have been a bit rude, but you wouldn't have said those things if you didn't see something you liked. Right?"
  100. >She approaches you with half lidded eyes
  101. 5/7
  103. >You slightly back away and gulp
  104. >This is moving a lot faster than you would like
  105. >Sure it's flank; however, this is starting to sound like a little much for a simple flank call as they say
  106. >Wait... you don't think you've heard such a phrase anywhere before
  107. >You snap out of that thought to the sound of the monster whistling and praising you for scoring such a mare
  108. >Curse him
  109. >Suddenly the mare stops before she closes the distance and begins laughing real hard
  110. >"You actually thought I called you here for that? Hah, you're cute and all, but no. That's not why we're here actually," she manages to say after her laughing fit
  111. >wut
  112. >"I actually wanted to introduce you to somep0ny Shiner. He seems to know you, and asked me to help him meet you in private."
  113. >This actually sounds worse than her trying to lift you once more for the last time
  114. "And just who would that be? Do I know this pony?"
  115. >She just smiles and shakes her head no
  116. >"I doubt you would have met him before. I'm not sure how he knows you either. Oh, here he comes now."
  117. >She looks behind her as your ears twitch to the sound of hoofsteps getting closer in the dark
  118. >A pony finally steps into the light, and you can't believe your eyes
  119. >You can only gawk as he pierces the silence with a sinister chuckle
  120. 6/7
  122. "Running Gag?" you finally mutter
  123. >It's the unicorn that disappeared not too long ago
  124. >You remember reading about him in the paper since he also took an entire bakery with him when he disappeared
  125. >The reports said he had gone crazy
  126. >There's no mistaking that purple coat and green mane, but you suppose you can't really mention the goggles he's wearing
  127. >They look like one of those old cheap gag x-ray glasses
  128. >"It's so nice to finally meet you Anon. I guess I should say hello to the human as well."
  129. >He finishes that line with a psychotic laugh
  130. 7/7
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