Mar 11th, 2020
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  1. >"There we are, good girl."
  2. >You would protest if your vocal cords weren't currently elsewhere.
  3. >In the darkness, beneath deadened eyes, you can make out many things suspended in the air around the operating table that has become your hell.
  4. >You have no idea just how much of you is left, what she's changed and what she's kept.
  5. >When she drugged your drink two weeks ago though, she did tell you that you would be just as good as the real thing.
  6. >You don't doubt it, despite her unhinged nature she's clearly a medical genius. The fact of the matter that you aren't dead after two weeks of being ripped apart is evidence enough of that.
  7. >You exhale loudly, trying to draw her attention.
  8. >"Aww, is my little girl thirsty?"
  9. >A sippy cup is placed in your mouth, and you drink from it greedily.
  10. >"Mommy is almost done. Just hold my hoof cutie, it'll all be over soon."
  11. >The haze is lifted from your eyes and you almost vomit at the sight. Thousands of giblets of man all hanging in the air over you. Your legs, your old heart, your…
  12. >You never thought you'd actually see a central nervous system removed.
  13. >Well, maybe your moral fiber will improve a bit now…
  14. >Your attempt at humor does little to calm your racing mind.
  15. >You've got to get out of here, tell somebody that your body has been stolen.
  16. >You spot your vocal cords. Of course, she's going to put them back in and then you can tell somebody about this!
  17. >With a flourish, every part of your body not attached to you is engulfed in flame.
  18. >You let out a bellow, distorted sobs coming from your ruined face.
  19. >"Shh… it's better this way. Why don't we get you in the bath and then you can sleep in your own bed?"
  20. >You see her jotting down something on a notepad before your clasps are lifted.
  21. >You try to run, but you're still using your knowledge of the workings of a human body and topple off of the operating table.
  22. >Twilight catches you, petting your back with a hoof.
  23. >"That was close."
  24. >She levitates you gently to the ground, where you begin to try to get your bearings.
  25. >Left arm moves back left, right arm moves forward left…
  26. >There's no rhyme or reason to it, so you just flop over on the floor.
  27. >Twilight takes the opportunity to scoop you up by your neck with her mouth, and you go limp.
  28. >Even though part of your mind is still screaming at you to run the hell away while you can, this feels strangely calming.
  29. >Like you can trust Twilight to care for you, no matter what.
  30. >The gentle sway of your wrong-feeling flesh in her mouth continues until she makes a turn into the bathroom.
  31. >"Spike, thank you for getting the water warmed up for little Nonny."
  32. >"Oh, no problem Twilight."
  33. >He turns to you.
  34. >"I know you can't talk, but I'm sorry about the accident. Don't worry, Twilight is just as capable of a mother as she is a surgeon, maybe even more so."
  35. >She playfully hits his shoulder with a hoof.
  36. >"Now don't scare the poor thing, you'll make her think I was careless enough to leave a sponge in her when I took out her spleen. Spike, would you mind…"
  37. >"Oh, of course not. Girl time."
  38. >The door is pushed shut from the outside.
  39. >"Have you ever had a major surgical procedure before this?"
  40. >You shake your head.
  41. >"Well, count yourself lucky. Most doctors will use methods that forbid showering or bathing."
  42. >You're lowered down to the surface, the tips of your new hind legs allowed into the water.
  43. >"Too cold?"
  44. >You shake your head.
  45. >"Too hot?"
  46. >You hesitate, then nod.
  47. >After a bit of cold water is added, she asks you again.
  48. >You shake your head, and she slips you into the hot, but not overbearingly so water.
  49. >A rubber duck is placed on your fuzzy chest and you look up at her pleadingly.
  50. >"You're going to have to learn somehow. Would you rather it be through play, or do you want to hit the ground running tomorrow when you start school?"
  51. >You angrily try to say that you've already graduated, that you were in your third year of college, but of course everything comes out like a downie trying to argue.
  52. >You give up and just let the tears run down your face while you get the hang of kicking your legs, moving the rubber duck back and forth, and rubbing shampoo into your coat.
  53. >Twilight helps you quite a bit with the last part, and you doubt you could've gotten clean if she didn't.
  54. >"You're going to have a few issues that normal earth ponies don't have. Since transforming you into a filly was impossible through purely magical means, you will not be able to harness magic, even if you took the time to learn it. Your hooves, no matter how hard you concentrate, will never generate mana fields to lift objects or allow you to turn doorknobs. You will have to adapt to these shortcomings quickly or find a friend who can help you get around them."
  55. >You're not sure how she grew out your coat so quickly, but it's sopping wet when she lifts you from the warm bath.
  56. >You begin to shiver.
  57. >A hooded towel modeled after Twilight herself begins to vigorously dry you off.
  58. >"Do you want to ride on mommy's back, or would you prefer mommy to carry you? One hoof-tap for back, two for carry."
  59. >She holds up a hoof and you tap it once, already addicted to the feeling.
  60. >True to Twilight's word, the bed you are tucked into is very comfortable. A pan is removed from it before you're put in, likely full of hot coals to keep it warm for you.
  61. >"Anon… there are a few things I need to tell you before I read you your story and say goodnight."
  62. >She shimmies in next to you, wrapping a wing around the back of your head.
  63. >"You'll need to take a very powerful anti-rejection medication every twenty-four hours for the rest of your life. If you don't, your now almost entirely equine body will reject your very human brain and cause you to die. I don't want that, and you don't want that. So…."
  64. >She pats your speechless neck.
  65. >"Don't do anything stupid like try to run away, alright cutie?"
  66. >A small, pastel pill is lifted in front of you along with a glass of water.
  67. >You swallow it immediately, water forgotten.
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