[INCEST] [TRIXIE] Turning Trix (short)

Apr 28th, 2017
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  1. Like 3 dumb one-shots I made.
  2. This is actually pretty funny. I might just try and expand on this someday.
  4. ------------
  6. "Trixie, stop being weird."
  7. >"Trixie is not being weird! YOU stop being weird, Anonymous!"
  8. "I'm not going to put my hand in 'the magic box' again, okay? That only worked once."
  9. >"This is a completely different magic trick, Anonymous. This is the, er.... the... the magic skirt trick. You have to put your hand up my magic ski-"
  10. "I-I can figure out what the trick is!"
  11. >"...Step forward and be amazed!"
  12. "Are you at least wearing panties this time?"
  13. >"No. The Great and Powerful Trixie made them disappear. Check your back pocket."
  14. "Oh for fu-Trixie! How did you even get them-what?!"
  15. >"Ah ah ah! A good magician never reveals her tricks!"
  16. "Oh Jesus, they're soaked."
  17. >"Trixie might have been watching her brother shower before hand."
  18. "You watched me sho-"
  19. >"And Trixie might have gotten a little bit excited."
  20. "Just... Just show me the damn trick, Trix."
  21. >"Ahem! Observe Trixie's magic top-hat! Gaze in wonder as she places it on her lap!"
  22. "Trixie, you tried this TWICE now."
  23. >"Shut up! This is different! Now, can Trixie get a volunteer from the audience?"
  24. "..."
  25. >"...I said, can Trixie get a vol-"
  26. "Yeah, fine, I'll volunteer."
  27. >"Excellent! Now: you should have a magic wand somewhere in your person. Check your front pocket."
  28. "Nope; nothing."
  29. >"Aha! Check your BACK pocket!"
  30. "Still nothing."
  31. >"Isn't there? Undo your fly and rummage around; Trixie is sure that you will be able to find a long, thick wand in there."
  32. "Trixie..."
  33. >"It's not what you think! If you come and slide your magic wand into Trixie's Moist and Warm top-hat, she will make it disappear! And then reappear. And then disappear again. And then reappear again. And then dis-"
  34. "Trixie, I'm leaving."
  35. >"No, wait! Come back and shove your wand into Trixie's hat! Trixie needs this!"
  37. ------------------------
  39. "Okay, c'mon. For real?"
  40. >"Trixie is a changed woman, Anon. See? She is even using that stupid shortened version of your name as an act of good will."
  41. "That's bullshit, but I'll believe it for now. So, what's up?"
  42. >"Trixie wants to demonstrate another magic trick for her beloved brother."
  43. "Does this one involve shoving my hand inside of objects that clearly lead to your vagina?"
  44. >"Not this time."
  45. "Not this ti-well, fine. At least you're honest about it."
  46. >"Trixie would never lie to you, Anon."
  47. "I thought being a magician was all about deception?"
  48. >"Trixie... uh... wants to show you her trick now."
  49. "I'm going to regret this, but fine. Lay it on me."
  50. >"Pick a card; any card. And do not let Trixie see what it is!"
  51. "So, should I look at it?"
  52. >"Do not look at it until Trixie can dazzle and amaze you."
  53. "Fine. What next?"
  54. >"Just... just let Trixie shuffle these cards.... Oh, they're so slippery... Nothing up Trixie's sleeve..."
  55. "Trixie is not wearing sleeves."
  56. >"Which is exactly why she does not have anything up them. Try and keep up, dearest brother. Now! Is this your card?"
  57. "...Trixie, that isn't a playing card. That's a picture of a penis."
  58. >"Ahem! Is this your card?"
  59. "Is... is that MY penis? Trixie, where did you-"
  60. >"Look at your card!"
  61. "Okay, I-wow. Trixie, why... what? Trixie, whose vagina is this?"
  62. >"It is Trixie's."
  63. "I'm done here."
  64. >"But Trixie did not show you the next part of the trick! Look closer at Trixie's vagina! There's a hole in the middle that Trixie will slip the penis card into!"
  65. "I'm locking my bedroom door tonight."
  67. -----------------------
  69. "Last chance, Trixie.
  70. >"Trixie will not let you down, Anonymous. Now watch as Trixie gets inside of her magic cabinet."
  71. "Whooo...."
  72. >"Shut up. Now, you remember that Trixie was wearing her bodysuit and cloak, correct?"
  73. "I don't think I'll ever forget that cameltoe."
  74. >"Trixie is counting on it."
  75. "I don't know why I even bother."
  76. >"Because you love Trixie. Now, reach into Trixie's top-hat and grab the wand inside."
  77. "Okay, lemme just... uh..."
  78. >"What is the matter, Anonymous? Are you not the competent stage assistant that you claimed to be?"
  79. "Trixie, that's not a wand; that's a dildo."
  80. >"It makes Trixie feel magical."
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