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Jun 5th, 2012
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  1. (8:31:27 AM) Pleeb: Oh boy...
  2. (8:31:45 AM) Clair: So
  3. (8:31:53 AM) Clair: TOG tells me you guys have been slacking
  4. (8:32:01 AM) Clair: WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS
  5. (8:32:58 AM) Biotech: Jesus hoppip, that's brutal
  6. (8:33:09 AM) Biotech: wut
  7. (8:33:18 AM) Biotech: Clair, lies and slander
  8. (8:33:33 AM) Clair: Perhaps so
  9. (8:33:38 AM) Clair: But it both angers and worries me
  10. (8:33:49 AM) Clair: So be sure to keep your asses forcing
  11. (8:34:00 AM) Biotech: I'll force your mothers ass
  12. (8:34:01 AM) Pleeb: Oh no, TOG didn't jus say that, he said some guys fell a sleep while tulpaforcing.
  13. (8:34:11 AM) Clair: OH FUCK NO
  14. (8:34:12 AM) Clair: WHO
  15. (8:34:12 AM) Pleeb: I forget who in the chat did, however.
  16. (8:34:17 AM) Fede-lasse: ...
  17. (8:34:21 AM) Clair: TOG says sock
  18. (8:34:23 AM) Pleeb: Search his memories and find out.
  19. (8:34:25 AM) Pleeb: Or just ask.
  20. (8:34:41 AM) Clair: Fede, you shut the fuck up.
  21. (8:34:49 AM) Fede-lasse: No.
  22. (8:34:52 AM) Pleeb: Aww, Sock isn't here now..
  23. (8:34:56 AM) Clair: Tell him
  24. (8:34:57 AM) Clair: that
  25. (8:34:59 AM) Clair: you know
  26. (8:35:09 AM) Clair: Mail him an ass-kicking, and all that.
  27. (8:35:11 AM) Clair: SOMEHOW
  28. (8:35:24 AM) Biotech: Clair confirmed for being a chat bot
  29. (8:35:27 AM) Clair: At least he apologized.
  30. (8:35:35 AM) Hoppip: I haven't been able to work on mine because I'm with my parents for the jubilee weekend ;__;
  31. (8:35:45 AM) Hoppip: going home later today and will work on her in the evening though
  32. (8:35:47 AM) Pleeb: Seriously, Clair, from first-hand experience, what happens when someone falls asleep while tulpaforcing?
  33. (8:35:58 AM) Fede-lasse: Does TOG have a lot of nightmares?
  34. (8:36:13 AM) Pleeb: I've heard an account where this one person did so, and his tulpa seemed really screwed up for a few days afterwards (pre-sapient).
  35. (8:36:30 AM) Biotech: I heard a rumor that he touches little girls in his sleep
  36. (8:37:12 AM) Clair: First hand experience?
  37. (8:37:12 AM) Fede-lasse: Really? I heard that as well.
  38. (8:37:35 AM) Clair: How about being completely helpless as something remote and alien does what ever it wants to you.
  39. (8:37:42 AM) Clair: There's your fucking experience.
  40. (8:37:55 AM) Clair: Terrifying, and also when you're PRE-SAPIENT?
  41. (8:37:59 AM) Clair: Traumatizing.
  42. (8:38:08 AM) Pleeb: So wait, dream monsters scare the living daylights out of them?
  43. (8:38:14 AM) Clair: I feel sorry for the tulpae it happened to, legitimately.
  44. (8:38:21 AM) Clair: Not dream monsters
  45. (8:38:26 AM) Clair: The fucking subconscious
  46. (8:38:32 AM) ***Biotech falls asleep all the time tulpaforcing
  47. (8:38:32 AM) Pleeb: Damn.
  48. (8:38:33 AM) Clair: Not being directed by the creator's conscious
  49. (8:38:37 AM) ***Biotech enjoys doing it
  50. (8:38:43 AM) Clair: Does whatever t fucking wants
  51. (8:38:43 AM) Fede-lasse: There's your bad guy, Clair.
  52. (8:38:43 AM) Asterisk: I've fell asleep tulpaforcing once
  53. (8:38:48 AM) Clair: And you Biotech
  54. (8:38:53 AM) Clair: I will mail you a castration
  55. (8:38:54 AM) Biotech: wut
  56. (8:38:58 AM) Biotech: <3
  57. (8:38:58 AM) Asterisk: Of course, my memory is terrible and I can't remember anything
  58. (8:39:13 AM) Biotech: Nah, I never dream about my tulpa when I fall asleep tulpaforcing
  59. (8:39:30 AM) Fede-lasse: Me neither. That's the thing.
  60. (8:39:30 AM) Clair: And do you have any control over these dreams?
  61. (8:39:32 AM) Biotech: I have never ever had a dream with my tulpa
  62. (8:39:35 AM) Clair: Wait no
  63. (8:39:42 AM) Clair: You won't dream about them
  64. (8:39:58 AM) Clair: That doesn't change the fact that the subconscious toys with them
  65. (8:40:04 AM) Clair: While you're asleep
  66. (8:40:07 AM) Fede-lasse: True.
  67. (8:40:08 AM) Clair: Unable to restrain it
  68. (8:40:09 AM) Biotech: awesome, what happens?
  69. (8:40:23 AM) Clair: It changes you, pokes and prods at you, does what it wants.
  70. (8:40:30 AM) Clair: You want to treat this as a fucking joke?
  71. (8:40:33 AM) Hoppip: mine came from a dream but she hasn't been in one since
  72. (8:40:33 AM) Biotech: lol that's fucked up
  73. (8:40:47 AM) Clair: Yeah, don't do that.
  74. (8:40:59 AM) Biotech: come on, creepiest thing that it has done to you Clair
  75. (8:41:02 AM) Clair: Have fun with a tulpa that knows you enjoyed some of its most terrifying moments.
  76. (8:41:16 AM) Pleeb: I'm going back in the other room before Clair rages. Ping me if you need me.
  77. (8:41:18 AM) ***Biotech is joking
  78. (8:41:22 AM) Biotech: I luv my tulpa
  79. (8:41:24 AM) Clair: Better fucking be.
  80. (8:41:29 AM) Clair: Like I said
  81. (8:41:34 AM) Clair: I'll mail that fucking castration
  82. (8:41:41 AM) Fede-lasse: Clair: But does TOG have a lot of nightmares?
  83. (8:41:53 AM) Clair: No, he has relatively peacful dreams actually.
  84. (8:41:57 AM) Fede-lasse: Oh.
  85. (8:42:27 AM) Biotech: are you ever in his dreams?
  86. (8:42:57 AM) Clair: No, I prefer not to interact.
  87. (8:43:03 AM) Pleeb: Vinyl says it was terrorfying as well.
  88. (8:43:10 AM) Biotech: do you observer them?
  89. (8:43:12 AM) Clair: That's not to say there's been a dream form of me though.
  90. (8:43:19 AM) Clair: But yes, I sometimes observe/
  91. (8:43:30 AM) Biotech: would you interfere if it's a nightmare?
  92. (8:44:08 AM) Clair: No. Things happen for a reason you know.
  93. (8:44:21 AM) Clair: It could be helping TOG get over a fear, or anxiety for all I know.
  94. (8:44:27 AM) Pleeb: "GODMODE: Activate!"
  95. (8:44:31 AM) ***Pleeb kills terrorists
  96. (8:44:35 AM) ThatOneGuy: yeah
  97. (8:44:36 AM) ThatOneGuy: That
  98. (8:44:37 AM) ThatOneGuy: lulz
  99. (8:44:46 AM) Biotech: >watch zombie TV shows
  100. (8:44:55 AM) Fede-lasse: >zombie TV shows
  101. (8:44:56 AM) Biotech: >plagued by zombie dreams
  102. (8:45:02 AM) Biotech: never watching them again
  103. (8:45:13 AM) Biotech: The walking dead
  104. (8:45:30 AM) Fede-lasse: Clair: This guy knows his sleep!
  105. (8:45:32 AM) Biotech: The ending of those dreams always make me laugh tho
  106. (8:45:46 AM) Biotech: some aboriginal boy comes up and stabs me with a spear
  107. (8:45:59 AM) Pleeb: >Then I fell asleep
  108. (8:46:01 AM) Fede-lasse: Too many niggers in your dreams, Bio.
  109. (8:46:04 AM) Biotech: Fucking kid is always there fucking with me in my dreams
  110. (8:46:12 AM) Pleeb: Can we get a "Clair says:" reply in that thread?
  111. (8:46:13 AM) Biotech: Nah fede, only the one
  112. (8:46:14 AM) Clair: TOG told me
  113. (8:46:23 AM) Fede-lasse: Biotech: THAT ONE NIGGER.
  114. (8:46:23 AM) Clair: At least he had the decency to apologize
  115. (8:46:27 AM) Pleeb: With pretty much everything you just said, about the whole poking, changing, freaking scary stuff?
  116. (8:46:43 AM) Clair: You know what?
  117. (8:46:45 AM) Biotech: fede-lasse, I once was doing a WILD, wake induced lucid dream, and I manged to slip right into it
  118. (8:46:47 AM) Clair: Take this chatlog
  119. (8:46:52 AM) Clair: Or even better, TOG can take it
  120. (8:47:00 AM) Clair: Pastebin it, and leave it for Sock
  121. (8:47:04 AM) Biotech: I was standing in this huge room just sitting there still counting like a retard,
  122. (8:47:09 AM) Pleeb: Yeah, good idea.
  123. (8:47:11 AM) Biotech: when that bloody nigger walked up to me
  124. (8:47:16 AM) Biotech: and said in his little abo voice
  125. (8:47:23 AM) Biotech: "there ain't enough room here to count"
  126. (8:47:24 AM) ThatOneGuy: AY MAN WHAT YOU DOIN
  127. (8:47:28 AM) ThatOneGuy: Oh...
  128. (8:47:33 AM) Biotech: then I woke up
  129. (8:47:33 AM) Fede-lasse: Biotech: Then you shot the nigger, right?
  130. (8:47:35 AM) ThatOneGuy: Not what I expected
  131. (8:47:36 AM) Fede-lasse: Aw.
  132. (8:47:42 AM) Biotech: I wish, I'll get that nigger
  133. (8:47:46 AM) ThatOneGuy: I sort of did it in an Andy Griffon voice too
  134. (8:47:56 AM) Biotech: too many times he has killed me (i may have been a zombie, but hey)
  135. (8:48:24 AM) Biotech: that and crocodiles, and sharks
  136. (8:48:44 AM) Clair: Anyways, my point stands.
  137. (8:48:47 AM) Clair: NO FUCKING SLEEPING
  138. (8:48:53 AM) Clair left the room.
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