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Diapered Normality

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  1. Originally by cargoweasel, sanitized by anon.
  4. It was a routine day.
  6. "Oh, Diet Coke is on sale, I'd better pick up a case," thought Charlie as he pushed his cart along the aisle at the supermarket.  As he bent down to grab the silver and red box of cans, his bowels started to gurgle and a heavy *sppllrrttch* of poop surged from his bowels through his relaxed asshole, bulging into the diaper he was naturally wearing under his overalls.  He barely noticed this event, even as he was standing back up, a warmth spread in his diaperfront, his bladder emptying itself and yellowing the padding as it soaked up his pee.  Without a second thought Charlie put two 12 packs of soda into his cart and continued shopping.  A short distance later he noticed the squishiness between his legs and felt he needed a change and would get to it at some point.
  8. Elsewhere in the supermarket, a young woman with her kid riding in the shopping cart twitched her nose.  "Oops, someone's got a full diaper.." she thought to herself, slipping her hand down to check her toddler son before realizing the heaviness between her own legs was HER loaded diaper.  Oh well, time for a change.  She sighed and headed towards the clearly marked restrooms.
  10. In another part of the store, a teenaged stockboy, was shelving cans.  He didn't even break the motion of his pricetag gun as his diaper yellowed and sagged under his uniform, the thick padding absorbing the piss that dribbled, then flooded unnoticed from his sheath.  He smiled a little at the pleasant warmth and continued shelving and pricing cans of soup.
  12. The cashier checking Charlie's groceries out was a husky-looking  male, dragging each item across the scanner and tapping in the codes for produce.  One item failed to scan, and he lifted up the microphone. "Price check on 12, Quaker .. nngh.. oatmeal."  His grunt was involuntary and unnoticed, the other patrons of the store taking no more notice than they would a throat clearing, as his asshole unclenched. His loose anus relaxed further around the emerging load of his wastes, which dumped heavily into the back of his diaper with an audible *frrt*, slightly muffled under his clothes.  The waiting padding shifted and bulged, sagging heavily under the weight of his poop as it slid through his anus and landed in the soft cushion of his diaper.  The man was completely incontinent, of course, as was everyone else in the world, and he thought nothing of this diaper messing, something that routinely happened to everyone several times a day.  His butthole was permanently loose and unable to tighten to any great degree, as were the muscles regulating his bladder, which had relaxed of its own accord and gushed a surging flood of urine into his full diaper, the cashier vaguely aware of a damp warmth but not even thinking about it as he boredly continued keying in Charlie's groceries.
  14. The supermarket continued its operation, every patron and staff person in the store periodically pooping or peeing into their diapers, routinely.  Charlie changed his diaper in the parking lot, depositing the used padding in a large receptacle marked USED DIAPERS, carried by trucks to huge recycling plants, broken down and re-made into new clean diapers, such as the one Charlie nonchalantly taped around his waist before tugging his clothes back up.  It wasn't long before he felt a little gurgle in his belly and a moment later, his slack asshole was stretched with the familiar heavy squish of a big load pooping into his diaper.  He barely even noticed.  His quivering butt would have been utterly unable to hold back the load if that thought had even occurred to him.  He truly needed to wear diapers, but that wasn't unusual at all.
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