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I legit don't get why people expect Johnny to make good plan

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Nov 12th, 2015
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  1. [2015-10-25 13:26:29] <Mishie|Johnny> Johnny finishes off his cigar and throws in into the trash as he walks out of the park. Followed by a couple of empty bottles that he's got in his coat from earlier.
  2. [2015-10-25 13:27:25] <Mishie|Johnny> "Hmmmmm, time to go back to work I guess"
  3. [2015-10-25 13:28:16] <Mishie|Johnny> Johnny COULD spend time wandering around the city trying to find girls that fit the cliches, or he could just y'know, blatantly cheat and save himself a whole lot of time and effort.
  4. [2015-10-25 13:28:30] <Mishie|Johnny> hahaha, who the fuck is he kidding, time for some Miracles!
  5. [2015-10-25 13:30:29] <Mishie|Johnny> As he wanders down the street, he heads down an alleyway and as he does so, Creates the Risk of him running into a girl that's always optimistic and wants to see the best in everything. Somebody that's just so stupidly nice that you can't help but smile.
  6. [2015-10-25 13:30:53] <Mishie|Johnny> Johnny is also fairly certain that this will involve him literally running into her, but since he's pretty sure he's bigger that isn't going to be his problem!
  7. [2015-10-25 13:33:49] <Darkened> Johnny runs into a girl!
  8. [2015-10-25 13:34:22] <Darkened> She's rather muscular and compact enough to send him stumbling as she dashes past.
  9. [2015-10-25 13:35:18] <Darkened> "Sorry Mister!"
  10. [2015-10-25 13:35:35] <Mishie|Johnny> hahafuckthat, Johnny creates the Risk of her tripping over and falling to the ground.
  11. [2015-10-25 13:35:49] <Mishie|Johnny> That'll teach her to not conform to his assumption.
  12. [2015-10-25 13:37:36] <Mishie|Johnny> Johnny then gets to his feet and smiles, "It's alright, I should have been paying attention to where I was going I guess."
  13. [2015-10-25 13:38:02] <Darkened> She stumbles but catches herself!
  14. [2015-10-25 13:38:16] <Darkened> "Anyway you should probably run or something!"
  15. [2015-10-25 13:38:31] <Mishie|Johnny> "Uhuh, any reason?"
  16. [2015-10-25 13:42:34] <Darkened> "Illuminati or something or someone, not sure!"
  17. [2015-10-25 13:42:39] <Darkened> She seems oddly upbeat for saying that!
  18. [2015-10-25 13:44:03] * Mishie|Johnny shrugs and runs with her "So uh, any reason why you're being chased?"
  19. [2015-10-25 13:46:14] <Darkened> "No clue!"
  20. [2015-10-25 13:54:06] <Mishie|Johnny> "Uhuuuuh, so I'm just assuming that you've just got random mysterious dudes in black suits just chasing after you then?"
  21. [2015-10-25 13:57:54] <Darkened> "You're pretty smart mister!"
  22. [2015-10-25 13:58:04] * Mishie|Johnny nods
  23. [2015-10-25 13:58:28] <Mishie|Johnny> "In that case, I'll stay behind and try to distract them so you can get away! It's the least I can do for somebody as nice as you are."
  24. [2015-10-25 13:59:45] <Darkened> "Nah, it'll all work out somehow. Wouldn't want to trouble you mister."
  25. [2015-10-25 14:00:02] <Mishie|Johnny> "Don't worry, it's the right thing to do."
  26. [2015-10-25 14:00:26] <Mishie|Johnny> Johnny stops for a moment and lets the girl overtake him slightly before punching her in the back of the head. Knocking her out instantly and also removing the details of her meeting with him!
  27. [2015-10-25 14:00:47] <Mishie|Johnny> (Aspect 3 enough Darkened?)
  28. [2015-10-25 14:08:17] <Darkened> Sure.
  29. [2015-10-25 14:08:20] <Darkened> Wait
  30. [2015-10-25 14:08:22] <Darkened> Amnesia?
  31. [2015-10-25 14:08:27] <Darkened> Like literal amnesia punch?
  32. [2015-10-25 14:08:29] <Darkened> That's aspect 7
  33. [2015-10-25 14:09:39] <Mishie|Johnny> What if I create the Risk of my punch happening to cause Amnesia as well?
  34. [2015-10-25 14:14:26] <Darkened> That seems like it's pushing it.
  35. [2015-10-25 14:14:37] <Darkened> Since that doesn't really happen.
  36. [2015-10-25 14:15:01] <Darkened> Maybe if you were to make the bigger case, the risk of punches causing amnesia in general, you could aspect 3 it.
  37. [2015-10-25 14:15:14] <Darkened> But that'd be a more expensive miracle.
  38. [2015-10-25 14:17:19] <Mishie|Johnny> I'm totally okay with Amnesia Punches being a thing now
  39. [2015-10-25 14:17:24] <Mishie|Johnny> like
  40. [2015-10-25 14:18:00] <Mishie|Johnny> Greater Risk that when people are punched in the head, they don't suffer any serious injury, but instead are knocked out and have mild amnesia
  41. [2015-10-25 14:18:12] <Darkened> If you want to spend the Mp
  42. [2015-10-25 14:18:25] <Mishie|Johnny> doinit
  43. [2015-10-25 14:19:32] <Mishie|Johnny> (down to 1 AMP and 3 DMP)
  44. [2015-10-25 14:20:37] <Mishie|Johnny> As Johnny knocks her out and then puts her into his Sack of Kidnapping, he gets a Brillianterest Idea.
  45. [2015-10-25 14:20:48] <Mishie|Johnny> A way to help out Kitsune with her Redhead problem!
  46. [2015-10-25 14:21:09] <Mishie|Johnny> Through the Power of Friendship!
  47. [2015-10-25 14:21:21] <Mishie|Johnny> (is nice girl knocked out yet Darkened?)
  48. [2015-10-25 14:21:59] <Darkened> She is!
  49. [2015-10-25 14:23:18] <Mishie|Johnny> Johnny puts the Sack of Kidnapping over his shoulder and heads back to the park!
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