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Death's Waltz

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  1. The little ol' witch,
  2. Driving her hungry kids to a ditch,
  3. Joined them in a waltz,
  4. Carried them in lots,
  5. Spilled their organs into her pots,
  6. Diminished and seasoned, but not yet to be finished
  7. as she cried of ghosts,
  8. transparent with their ego and truculent boasts,
  9. Little did the crawlers know, of her virulent toasts
  10. As she spread reason, the jury called it treason
  11. With a clone of deception, with children of optimistic perceptions
  12. Blinding them with curtains, tied around their throats
  13. With a rope hanging from the ceiling,
  14. Of the frog who croaked with no feeling,
  15. And she had sent the fire at stake, reeling
  16. While the floor under, creaks of thunder
  17. And a shake to send the black cat away,
  18. to bring all the brats at verdant bays,
  19. as algae floats among the bodies,
  20. hiding them as they block thee,
  21. And the stench of who rots, it reeks.
  23. Autumn arrived late,
  24. Sirens heard at midnight's wake,
  25. as the owls guide to rake the leaves,
  26. deceive the children to believe
  27. The myths of little ol' witch
  28. who was never to be seen,
  29. Dressed in Raven's feathers as she grieves
  30. and there, the crickets perceives
  31. hanging around on eaves,
  32. while the wheat plains arose,
  33. as the spirits of the kids grow,
  34. as long as the filth continues to mow
  35. Gray lawns, during empty dawns
  36. Tossed at, thrown at
  37. They were all the little ol' witch's pawns.
  38. So long, to it all
  39. to the policemen who arrived at the crime scene,
  40. as the water had shared of no scarlet genes,
  41. and the weapon kept clean,
  42. And the joker, in disguise at the scheme
  43. among the detectives, reliable it seemed,
  44. but bottled up spleen
  45. Green became of gray, white became of black
  46. And here, I hang lonely onto this coat-rack.
  48. Embraced the chains,
  49. Crossed lanes,
  50. Given colored paths,
  51. Knew none could last, so switched the signs
  52. Put them in a line,
  53. Name by name,
  54. Snitched, but little ol’ witch did not give me stitches
  55. Only what imagined to be “riches”
  56. Shamed, and forced in a blender
  57. Trauma couldn’t have cared less!
  58. And all the black cat did,
  59. Was rest to lest unnecessary mess.
  60. Could you have taken a guess,
  61. That I was the child,
  62. Who died at morning’s death?
  63. -
  64. it's basically about slavery, but for children, in a way.
  66. the "little ol' witch" references the person who had taken them in by force, had a group of them, lots
  67. she took advantaged of them and "seasoned" up their emotions and pain. though, she was a very "twisted" woman who dealt with a lot of things, so it led her to rage and cries. the "ghosts" are those who help her with this slavery, they are basically very egotistical, aggressive, and violent. the "crawlers" could reference the children, as they aren't too aware of what would happen next. virulent meaning poisonous and cruel. toasts as in cheers or honor, which could be her cheering with the others included for her accomplishments.
  69. eventually, she was caught. she tried to spread lies by using "reasons" to deceive them, but the juries did not believe her because they were far too convinced it was nonsense to back herself up. however, that was just someone else and not actually her, a "clone" or someone in disguise to trick others just in case she would have been caught. it was a plan she came up with for her safety. the children became optimistic because they had thought she was finally gone, but their throats were still dry and their perspective on it all was completely blind and naive. among them, though, had been hunged and died with no last words but just a breath. the woman, or the person in disguise, was set for a death sentence. keep in mind these people that worked with her all admired her and were very loyal to her. they walked towards children's rooms, and their footsteps could be heard against the floor, almost the sound of thunder which could scare a person. the black cat i'll explain later, since that's actually an important character in all of this, in a way.
  71. the people were to punish the kids for their cheers for the so-called "death," which even they didn't know was all a fake and a trick. they brought the children at sea where nobody was, at midnight, and killed them one by one and sent them off in the bay.  the bodies start to be covered with algae and is rotting because days are passing, until finally policemen arrive due to a report by a fishermen. the "witch" was still not yet to be seen. again, she enters a state of unstable mentality. they didn't kill off all the kids, they kept some to sell off. i forgot to mention this my bad... but anyways, the kids weren't aware of what had happened but had slight fear, but were still happy about the situation. they thought the kids were just sent freed, so they finally feel hopeful again. “gray lawns” expresses the depressing atmosphere with the people in town who had heard the news about the kids.
  72. The cops could not find the murder weapon or any blood that could have been left behind by the murderers. However, a detective who had been far too observant for his own good, almost was aware of what was going on. He disguised this worry until he’d find proof, as he did not want to trouble anyone or get a scolding. You could even say he used to be part of something like this, too. he felt hatred of which he had to bottle up.
  74. The kids are now embracing reality and crossing lanes to be in line, being called name by name. a child snitched on another for switching around, and they did not receive scorn but the child was punished with a brutal death. Being blended by that machine they usually use on animals. Their body was torn apart, but the kid who snitched dealt with far too much and became too accustomed routine. They were praised in a way by the witch. (of course, this is when the witch finally reveals herself to be back.)
  75. The black cat was the detective, the one who had observed all of the situations. The detective? He looked back to his past.
  76. The black cat who had been the detective? The black cat was the child, who had escaped but been killed before running off completely.
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