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Feb 20th, 2020
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  1. "꒰ WE'RE SO YOUNG ❜
  3. username : alicelysiqn_
  4. name : LINLIN
  5. password : GO
  7. slot : MOOMIN LOVER
  8. backup slot : OH YOU ARE NANA
  10. face claim : EVERGLOW YIREN
  11. backup face claim : WEKIMEKI YOOJUNG
  13. ꒰ WE'RE SO FREAKY ❜
  15. name : geom taemi + 검 태미
  16. other name : tina geom
  17. nickname : TAE ,, she is often called tae by her members.
  18. TINA ,, it was the name her parents made for her but it wasn't eventually used since she ran away.
  19. MIMI ,, only her members could call her that.
  20. TAME ME ,, a phone nickname that is made by the member after her, it coincidentally sounded like "taemi" so she used it.
  21. ICE QUEEN ,, a nickname when she was first accepted into the group since she didn't have any emotions at all even when she was being humiliated.
  23. age : 20
  24. birthdate : 12.09.2000
  26. nationality : german-korean
  27. ethnicity : korean
  28. birthplace : stuttgart, germany
  29. hometown : incheon, korea
  31. height : 163 cm
  32. weight : 49 kg
  36. background : a background you would never really hear from taemi, her parents were very hardworking, they would work until late midnight just to get what taemi wants, when she was around 4 or 5 her parents were so loving but when she turned around 13 she finally noticed how her dad kept telling her lies she also knew how her mom only uses her dad for only money, she was a mistake she kept saying,, when she turned 15 she ran away from house because of the scenario that still hunts her in her sleep every night, her mother using a knife to kill her father silently but painfully, taemi's parents didn't knew anything about how much she was hurting. when she ran away she planned on not following the footsteps of her parents in anyway, she couldn't stand the fact of sugar-coating the things that would hurt somebody the most so she would always say things very straightforward which would lead everybody to turn their back on her she gave up but not this time.
  38. personality : + emotionless, taemi isn't really like that but she can't show her true emotions anymore she's tired of showing her feelings it hurts her to be happy knowing she would be sad later on. she smiles all the way but no one ever looked through her eyes to see if she was alright or to see if she needs some comfort and hug, she would hide it under her smile.
  39. + caring, taemi couldn't really show how much she cares for her members sometimes her membrs would think if there was a problem why was she like that but deep in side she cares for her members she only shows it very very very rarely.
  40. + gets irritated easily, taemi is and will always be irritated she gets easily irritated which she couldn't show since she's quiet but also noisy at the sametime she always becomes sarcastic and sassy when she's irritated, it's only noticed when she eventually gets mad.
  41. + generous, she is actually one of the most generous members in her group even when they are having a hardtime she would be there to buy what that member would certainly need, she also is going to use her money for the fun of others.
  43. likes : + computers.
  44. + taro bubble tea.
  45. + tattoos.
  46. + oversized sweaters.
  47. + the color combination of blood and the white cloth.
  48. + she really likes blood.
  49. + any sharp blade, knife, scissors etc.
  50. + the character moomin.
  51. + children, but she isn't good with them.
  52. dislikes : + sugarcoating things.
  53. + lying to people.
  54. + doing aegyo, or anything that involves cute things.
  55. + the color green.
  56. + seeing families fighting.
  57. + kids crying.
  58. + that flavor in one cafe with strawberries in it.
  59. + strawberries.
  60. + people not asking permission.
  61. trivia : + she owns a guitar.
  62. + she actually began playing with knives at the age of 12.
  63. + she actually couldn't control her emotions before, but it soon changed.
  64. + she had promised herself not to be involved in anyways of killing before.
  65. + she hides all her worries through smiling.
  67. habits : (1st habit > she has this habit on sleep talking but when she's with other members she wouldn't show it, let's just say she doesn't sleep) + (2nd habit > she would unintentionally hack into her members phone in result of her having fun but the members wouldn't notice that she's joking since she could hide it very very well by being cold as fvcking ice and not minding anyone) + (3rd habit > she would drink coffee before going to bed so she could sleep early, but coffee has caffeine resulting of her staying up late and going down where the weapons are to practice)
  68. hobbies : (1st hobby > singing inside her room without someone hearing her, she's actually really embarrassed when someone hears her singing) + (2nd hobby > doing yoga in her room (or in the bathroom) before sleeping so her members wouldn't see her having an hour of relaxation) + (3rd hobby > she would first hack into some house before going out or when she's bored, anything for her to be relaxed) + (4th hobby > practicing how to use the weapons every 3 in the morning to see if anyone was going to dare to disturb her)
  70. preferred choice of weapon : when taemi's out she prefers to use a pistol or a pocket knife (sometimes both) , but when she's inside she would mostly likely to use a pistol and a laptop she's a hacker for a reason, taemi also knows how to handle almost every single weapon so anything would do just for her to be safe.
  72. ꒰ GO , GO❜
  74. any additional info : taemi hates sugarcoating things because of how things would go if you told someone that everything would be okay when you weren't even sure of anything, it was also the best for that specific person to know things that to have some hope that would hurt you. taemi couldn't show her true emotions anymore because she's already drained out, she cried everynight knowing how things is in the house and now she's drained even the feeling of happiness she couldn't feel it anymore, what was the point of being happy when you had many problems circling your mind. taemi also smiles even though how much it hurts, she covers all the guilt, worries, sadness, disappointments by smiling she doesn't want anyone to feel any guilt towards her so she just smiles through out all the day.
  76. note to mei : hi ! i was glad you let me sumbit it in pastebin, your af was actually the applyfic i was finding I couldn't really look for one but when i saw your af i was happy ! anyways,, i hope a very good and hopeful journey for this applyfic.
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