Treating a wound caused by a sword..

Apr 21st, 2019
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  1. Aldrah asks, "So, man.. Can you tell me what kind of problem ya have?"
  3. "You don't see it."
  5. The man torso was bleeding a lot. Nothing life threatning but also he would notice a light coming from the wound. His body got roughed up clearly and he would look to the man.
  7. "Do your best of what you can."
  8. (Shuz-tah)
  10. Aldrah's eyes stared at the wound as he scratched his chin. Aldrah did not have the best medical skills.. He was just beginning, but he would do his best.
  12. "Well.. I can take care of the injury, but relevant to this you say, that I am not able to see, I can not help much, understand..?" He spoke, staring at the man.
  14. Aldrah's head was a little confused as he thought it was just a basic injury, not something so complex he could not even see.
  16. Well, it did not matter, he had to start treating the wound! He snapped his fingers and his undead servants, who roamed the house began to move, one went to the kitchen, starting to fill an iron basin with water, another went to get some things on the second floor.
  18. "I ask you to remove your shirt, so I can treat the wound.." Aldrah nodded.
  19. (Aldrah)
  21. The man would scoff as he took off the cloth that was on the wound. He would see now the torso was ripped as the man staterd. A blade clearly used to mark the man. A light also was coming from it.
  23. "It trying to give me thoughts of regret. Its annoying and unbeautiful."
  25. The man would then let the doctor work.
  26. (Shuz-tah)
  28. Oh, that was complex. But Aldrah could at least treat the wound, cleaning and bandaging!
  30. "I'm not a professional doctor yet, but I know the basics, since I take care of undeads." He spoke with a sideways smile.
  32. After a few minutes, the necromancer's servants returned, one carrying an iron basin containing hot water, where he placed the basin on the table. Another brought a roll of wound bands, plus a cloth.
  34. "I'll clean the wound in the beginning.." He spoke, wiping his hands on the water in the basin and picking up the cloth. He plunged the cloth into the hot water, took it off and squeezed it, leaving it only damp.
  36. Then, calmly and firmly, Aldrah began to wipe the wound on the man's chest. He did it with extreme caution, did not want to hurt the man, more than he was already hurt.
  37. (Aldrah)
  39. The man would watch the other do his duty. It was quite a good display but the other would look at him with a twitch. The other clearly was not a true medic.
  41. "I can see that."
  43. As he cleaned the wound. He notice the other didn't bleed red but blue.
  45. "My peoples blood is able to heal others wounds. But we sadly cannot heal our own. Also. Do not hold back. Beauty is pain. And I am one who endures such on a daily."
  47. With that he be prepared for whatever to come.
  48. (Shuz-tah)
  50. The man continued, focused on what he was doing, he wiped away all the wound to prevent infections. After a few minutes he finished and then threw the cloth in the water, where then an undead came and picked up the bowl, where he left the place to go pour the water out.
  52. "Cleaning the wound will help prevent an infection from occurring." Aldrah nodded, "Now we will go to the second part, alright?"
  54. He then stretched out his arm, pointing his finger at the beginning of the wound, where from top to bottom, Aldrah began to conjure ice, a thin layer began to form in the area of the wound. He did this throughout the wound, this would help ease the pain and stop the bleeding for the time being.
  56. After completing the process, he stopped and then said, "Now just wait for the ice to melt.. That will be fast, so after this, I'll put the bands on." Aldrah nodded, looking at Shuz.
  57. (Aldrah)
  59. Shuz-tah would feel the cold progress. But he wasn't sure on this. Still he allowed the man to work. Shuz-tah would rub his chin in pain. This was quite a different concept on how people did things but he was getting help.
  61. "I-can feel that."
  63. Clinching his teeth.
  65. The man would feel his pain calm but just stay silent. He felt it was best to just let the doctor work and he would just nod when something was needed from him.
  66. (Shuz-tah)
  68. Aldrah remained silent during the process, while he waited for the ice that was on the wound to melt. After a few minutes, the ice had finally begun to melt, where the necromancer would now continue.
  70. "Well, now let's go to the last part!" Aldrah nodded.
  72. He picked up a roll of strip, which was on the table, then went to Shuz, where he now had no more ice and a little quantity water on the wound. The apprentice doctor then began to wrap the band around the man's chest, such that he made a turn in his body. Due to the water remaining on the wound, it would leave it wetness, which would be good for the pain in the wound. After completing bandaging the wound, Aldrah cut the end of the band and put the roll on the table, he fastened the band on Shuz's body and stepped back.
  74. "All set, it will help for the moment. I recommend you rest for now and do not do too much physical activity." Aldrah nodded, "If you do not feel better in some days, I recommend you talk to Sors, ??Lord Ultovex o' Adjudicator, he's the best doctor in my opinion, he will be able to help ya." Aldrah spoke, snapping his fingers and his undead servants, coming to collect the things on the table.
  75. (Aldrah)
  77. The man would nod and then allow the treatment to proceed. He closed his eyes and thought of a calming wind. Lightning booming around it. Water swaying in the waves. He was in a calm world filled with the elements that guided him.
  79. Gathering their essences to make his mind whole.
  81. The doctor treatment allowed him to meditate a lot of time. Controlling his mana circuits to finally connect all the bonds of his training into one aura.
  83. The treatment was not professional but it help this man staert his path. Shuz-tah was greatful.
  85. "I shall do it. He has healed me before and im sure you will eventually again. I shall be more careful."
  86. (Shuz-tah)
  88. "Good." Aldrah said going toward the exit, "Come on, let's go back to the city center."
  89. (Aldrah)
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