Grimoire Table of Contents/Quotes/Captions

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  1. Table of Contents
  2. 25 Magic Power Outline
  3.     26 Defining Magic
  4.     28 Mamono's Magical Power
  5.     30 Magical Power Generation and Recovery
  6.     32 Incubus and Harems
  7.     33 A World Full of Magical Power
  9. 35 Grand Magic Dictionary
  10. 36 Preface
  12.     40 Archaeomancy
  13.         41 Mana Shot
  14.         43 Enchant
  15.         44 Mana Marker
  16.         45 Spell Break
  17.         46 Transition Magic
  18.         47 Space Creation Magic
  20.     48 Nymphomancy
  21.         49 Seduction Magic
  22.         50 Melty Kissu
  23.         51 Demon's Blessing
  24.         52 Pleasure Pledge
  25.         53 Dark Matter
  26.         56 Sighs of Ecstasy
  27.         56 Contract of Obedience
  28.         58 Topic - Magical Resistance of Mamono
  29.         58 Humanization Magic
  30.         59 Lolification Magic
  31.         60 Bountification Magic
  32.         61 Spell Succubanize
  33.         62 Succubus Instant
  34.         63 Level Drain
  36.     66 Sacred Magic
  37.         67 Recovery Miracle
  38.         68 Miracle of Power
  39.         69 Hero's Blessing
  40.         71 Topic - Hero as a Human Male
  41.         71 Topic - Hero and Incubus ~Those Who Remove Their Shackles~
  42.         75 Brave Force
  43.         76 Demon Destroying Spell
  44.         77 Seed of Corruption
  45.         78 God Eater of Corruption
  46.         79 Divine Protection of Sea Greeting
  47.         79 Lover Enhance
  49.     82 Elemental Magic
  50.         84 Vow of Elemental
  51.         85 Element Shot
  52.         86 Red Hot Fire
  53.         87 Clean Water
  54.         89 Untainted Wind
  55.         90 Fertile Soil
  56.         91 Four Great Spirit's Light
  58.     94 Ritual Magic
  59.         95 Magic Strengthening Formation Magical Range Increase Formation
  60.         95 People Warding Magic
  61.         96 Day of Pleasure
  62.         98 Fiend's Oath
  64.     100 Necromancy
  65.         101 Talk Whisp
  66.         101 Call Ghost
  67.         102 Secret Art of Resurrection
  68.         105 Topic - Nature of Undead and Necromancy
  69.         105 Blessing of Immortality
  70.         106 Blessing of Depravity
  71.         107 Soul Marriage Ceremony
  73.     110 Theriomancy
  74.         111 Beast Boost
  75.         112 Wild Pheromone
  76.         115 Sense Marking
  77.         116 Howling Force
  79.     120 Pharmacomancy
  80.         121 Check In
  81.         121 Medical Cure
  82.         123 Operate
  83.         125 Medical Healing
  84.         126 Pre-Operate
  86.     128 Monster Runes
  87.         132 Pleasure Rune
  88.         134 Rune of Insemination
  89.         135 Rune of Temptation
  90.         136 Demon's Contract Crest
  91.         138 Beast's Rune
  92.         139 Vixen's Rune
  93.         141 Rabbit's Rune
  94.         142 Topic - Engraving on Men
  96. 143 Magic Tool Inventory
  97.     144 Mana Cage
  98.     145 Magical Flame Candle
  99.     146 Magical Flask
  100.     147 Magical Seclusion Mofu
  101.     147 Love Divination Skull
  102.     148 Devil's Contract
  103.     149 Statue of Wisdom
  104.     150 Witch's Broom
  105.     151 Succubus Key
  106.     152 Call Back Bed
  107.     153 Bell of Temptation
  108.     154 Demon's Guide
  109.     155 False Book
  110.     155 Dream Incense
  111.     156 Memory Incense
  112.     157 Projecting Mirror
  113.     159 Celestial Sphere of Trysts
  114.     159 Emblem of Gluttony
  115.     161 Succubus Nostrum
  116.     161 Vigor Replenishing Medicine
  117.     162 Tentacle Medicine
  118.     163 Beast Medicine
  119.     164 Doppelganger Medicine
  120.     165 Slime Nostrum
  121.     167 Rune Activator Medicine
  122.     168 Hel's Nostrum
  123.     169 Lilith's Panacea
  125. 171 Sabbath Guidebook
  126.     172 What is Sabbath?
  127.     173 The Secret Power of Sabbath and Its History
  128.     175 The Body of a Witch is Amazing!
  129.     177 Makeup! Familiar Power!
  130.     180 Schematic! Here is Where Baphomet is Amazing!
  131.     182 Sabbath's Onii-chans!
  132.     186 Sabbath's Cute Uniform Reference Book
  133.     192 Sabbath's Activities
  134.         192 Invitation to Sabbath
  135.         193 Sabbath Pamphlet
  136.         193 Baphomet's Eye
  137.         196 Study of Magic
  138.         198 Fun Black Mass
  139.         199 Kedamono's Feast
  140.         200 Witch's Soup
  141.         201 Wine of Corruption
  143. 209 Afterword
  144. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  146. Quotes and Other Info
  147. 31 Difference in men and women handling magic.
  149. 34 Cycle of Magic Power in the age of the old Demon Lord, Current Magic Power cycle
  151. 41 “May you continuously gasp in agony amidst my incessant flames...”
  152.         ~"Shirokuto" the White Goat of Wisdom~
  154. 44 Master, could you enchant me with gaze attraction magic?
  155.    The current male spirit sucking target, when he looks at my chest spirit sucking efficiency increases.
  156.    Moreover... when that gaze is directed to me... Aaaa...❤                                                            
  157.         ~Later, this golem will be tied to a companion~
  159. 45 Located a position for subjugation. Leave a mark with magic and return.
  160.    5 male targets, the number is exact.
  161.    Let's have fun and get along...❤
  162.          ~Radical's Sweeping Corps Amazoness~
  164.    I'm alright now. You undid the magic from the monster.
  165.    You saved me... You... Aaa... You look so delicious...❤
  166.         ~Human Female Knight who was caught by monsters~
  168. 46 I'm home. It's... what, for awhile, I want to touch you...❤
  169.         ~Dullahan, the day after departing for an expedition~
  171. 47 Here is the bedroom you and I shall exchange love... Here is where you will return.
  172.    You expected to open the door connected to your room...?
  173.    No, wherever you may go, Here... to my side you shall return....❤
  174.         ~Daughter of the Demon Lord, Lilim~
  176. 50 Ufufu...❤ What ever's wrong?
  177.    To stare like that so much... Naughty Boy❤
  178.         ~Succubus tempting soldiers of the church~
  180. 51 Such difficult things, don't think about them.
  181.    Let's just think about good feeling things❤
  182.         ~Devil who admires a clergyman~
  184. 52 Mine witches whom indulge in intercourse, are truly in good shape.
  185.    Entrust thy bodies to these principals, devote everything, to this I bestow even more pleasure...❤
  186.         ~Baphomet giving speech to witches indulging in pleasure~
  188. 53 A contract between man and woman does not require such an unromantic thing.
  189.    We join, only this pleasure is burning...As it is now, Drown freely in ourselves❤
  190.         ~A still dignified Demon Shogun(General)~
  191. (particularly difficult for me to translate. she talks like, well, a shogun)
  193. 55 Expose your desires, lay them bare.
  194.    You are the servant of vulgar desire, show it to people far and wide.
  195.    We have surely fallen before sorcery.
  196.         ~Black Goat of Devil Mud Kuroferuru~
  198. 56 Comfortable isn't it? Here, the sword you lost earlier...
  199.    This is the thing you'll use to fall with him...❤
  200.         ~Succubus to a fallen female knight~
  202. 57 Here, first I'll scrub your body in the bath hm?❤
  203.    Then, I'll make you feel good❤ An appointment with Onee-san...❤
  204.         ~Being made a husk by Demon's Contract of Obedience~
  206. 59 Wafuuuu...❤
  207.    L-Like this... if you're swallowed...❤
  208.    It's delicious, fluffy, all together...❤
  209.         ~Man devoured by Werewolf who revealed true form~
  211. 60 Kukuku... Gaze upon your reborn form...
  212.    Truly it shines of corruption, to gain a lovely young body❤
  213.         ~Baphomet giving a new witch her baptism~
  215.    W-what is this!? Aren't these balloons?!
  216.    ...H-however, if this is enough for elder brother to play with...❤
  217.         ~Baphomet during a magic experiment with her partner~
  219. 61 If you apply "Bountification Magic", the normally immature Baphomet also becomes like this! (interesting to note, かければ could also mean "to risk", so this could also be "If you risk Bountification Magic")
  221. 62 My body is hot... I did it the same as always yet, it feels strange... Aaaa...❤
  222.    Y-you, make it big like that...❤
  223.         ~Female mage using "Weapon Attack Strengthening" magic on herself and soldier partner~
  225. 63 Ufufu...❤ Have you come to accept my present?
  226.    In that case, now you can do anything...
  227.    Fucking him, or being fucked by him...❤
  228.    Desire...By doing so, this power will become yours.
  229.         ~Arch Succubus teaching Nymphomancy to her future "little sister"~
  231. 64 Aaaaaa...❤ Your "life" is truly delicious...❤
  232.    To pursue me to my home... Now this time, all the lives you've gathered so far are lovely...❤
  233.         ~Lilim ushering a hero into the depths of the Demon Realm~
  235. 65 A member of Kuroferuru Sabbath, Elsana-chan has great specialty in assisting intercourse with Nymphomancy by using "Level Drain".
  237. 68 Okay, completely refreshed.
  238.    With this, do your best.
  239.    Any number of times... Any number of shots... Ufufufufu❤
  240.         ~Devoted Dark Priest~
  242. The Fallen God's young devotee, Dark Priest Memiri-chan. When desire is directed at her, overwhelmed with love, she has a habit of using "Recovery Miracle", or rather "Recovery Kissu".
  244. 69 God sees various things.
  245.    To you who has earnest desire in your heart, I'm sure god will bless you...
  246.    Ufufu... Please become more delicious...❤
  247.         ~Devout Dark Priest~
  249. 70 In the name of god, I grant thee the power of a hero. Thus, by god's command I shall always be by your side.
  250.    No matter how long...❤
  251.         ~Valkyrie guiding a hero~
  253. 74 Relationship Diagram of human males with Hero and Incubus as example. Bottom arrow: "Receive Mamono Mana. I want to become a girl<3. There's a boy I like<3. *Rare Case" Above it:"Tied to a monster"
  255. 76 Yoohoo, Hero-chan❤
  256.    "Everyone, unto me!"... was it? So cool❤
  257.    Such a lady is now a completely lewd mamono... let's show everyone that magic❤
  258.         ~"Female Hero Hunting" Arch Succubus~
  260. 77 Sacred Light!
  261.    In the name of god, purify the wicked!... Huh? H-hold on! Wait!
  262.         ~Excerpt from the chronicle of a certain clergyman~
  264. 78 Your confession, I certainly heard it.
  265.    Under the name of god, let us forgive your sins...
  266.    Tomorrow you shall become "a different woman"... Indeed...❤
  267.         ~Merciful Dark Priest~
  269.    I listened to the voice of god, and understood god's true love.
  270.    Under the will of god, our country's people will have peace and pleasure everlasting...❤
  271.         ~Princess of a holy kingdom awakened as a hero~
  273. 79 Mother of the sea. Grant this mortal the gentle embrace of water...
  274.    With this, you'll be alright entering the ocean.
  275.    I will also guide you around the sea we live in, I'd be delighted if you liked it even a little bit...❤
  276.         ~Poseidon's Priest Sea Bishop~
  278. 80 ........❤
  279.         ~Quietly grabbing her companion's trousers Angel of love, Cupid~
  281. 85 Wow, you're bold❤
  282.    I was told such a lovely thing for the first time...❤
  283.         ~Demonic Wind Elemental Sylph~
  285. 86 Ufufu❤ When I think of that man, the power within me, I can't help but feel like melting❤
  286.    You all, swallow this water...❤
  287.         ~Demonic Water Elemental Undine~
  289. 87 When with this guy, my body gets hot and completely melts...❤
  290.    This heat of mine, I'll share it with all of you❤
  291.         ~Demonic Fire Elemental Ignis~  
  293. 89 ...Here, the poison inside you has been removed.
  294.    Nevertheless...your water, it's very clear...
  295.    When you become muddied by pleasure, surely, it will be beautiful...❤
  296.         ~Elemental Messenger Nereid~
  298. 90 The breeze sure feels good.
  299.    This is the first time I've felt so good in my life...❤
  300.         ~On a hill where wind blows, the words of a certain young girl~
  302. 91 Want to release it...? Release it...❤
  303.    My body... is a place to raise your seed...❤
  304.         ~Demonic Land Elemental Gnome~  
  306. 92 In order to produce a richer nature, it is essential to raise everything in balance, to not destroy the equilibrium, or lose the four great elements.
  307.    Allow me to discuss the specifics...
  309.    [Omitted]
  311.    ...In conclusion, I think that the most efficient means to effectively boost the power of nature is by pouring attention into me and my four elementals.
  312.    However, there is a shortage of the male talent required to prove this.
  313.    Those saying "That's Me!", please by all means head to the Demon Realm State of "Polove".
  314.         ~A certain Elemental Scholar's advertisement~
  316. 93 Known as a famous elemental scholar, Ms. Saphirette Spherica. The love and obsession of elementals is mainly directed toward men, it is often thought it is easier for a woman to have multiple elementals than it is for a man, but elementals make contracts based on mamono values and concentrate on pushing the contractor to focus on sex and pleasure with men more, the contractor is tormented by seething desire, and must control their hotly burning sensitive body.
  318. 95 Come, upon this magical formation I vow.
  319.    To our eternal love and pleasure...❤
  320.         ~Dark Mage's "Ritual of Temptation"~
  322. 96 Only you are reflected in my eyes...❤
  323.    Only I am reflected in your eyes...❤
  324.         ~Shirohebi dreaming of "A world of only two"~
  326. 97 On this day of rejoicing, praise the bravery of warriors! Show me that you are strong warriors, give yourself freely to your desire!
  327.    Now then, Shall we display ourselves too?...❤
  328.         ~Amazoness on the alter~
  330. 99 I was feeling today...
  331.    Everything so far in my life, everything I have piled up...
  332.    Finally to you... to you I offer it up.
  333.         ~Old magician entranced by a devil~
  335. 101 Ufu...Ufufu...❤ I've always wanted to be like this with you...❤
  336.     That girl, she taught me...
  337.         ~Deeply attached necromancer~
  339. 102 To my side gather fragmented spirits...
  340.     In my name, I give you an eternal companion...
  341.     Where your souls are stained with pleasure...
  342.     Will you show me...?
  343.         ~Ghost-employing Lich necromancer~
  345. 104 Kihihi...❤
  346.     Everyone, I've returned from the bottom of the soil❤
  347.     Everyone, lonely, longing...
  348.     I too am lonely and longing...
  349.     I wanted to meet you...❤
  350.         ~Magician of a ruined country seized with madness~
  352. A witch belonging to the "Sabbath of Immortality", necromancer Tetori-chan. Recruiting a wonderful Onii-chan to love and depend on each other for eternity! (My heart, send help)
  354. 106 My, how pitiful...
  355.     A girl aspiring to be a scholar, on the way to the capital, to follow her dream of studying,
  356.     her carriage got into an accident, and parted with her life...
  357.     How joyous it is...
  358.     In death, you have obtained the path of eternal research and pleasure...❤
  359.         ~Pious follower of the goddess of life and death~
  361. 107 My play is blessed by the goddess, a play of decadence and depravity...
  362.     The ladies and gentlemen gathered, it shall be a night carved into their very souls...
  363.     Nnn...❤ G-greetings, my beloved partner.
  364.     Take it all in as you see now.
  365.     W-wait a moment! Touching my body, it can wait until the program ends... Aaaa❤
  366.         ~Phantom leader of undead theatre troupe~
  368. 108 Fufu...❤
  369.     I was looking forward to this moment.❤
  370.     My love... With this your soul is one with mine.
  371.     "Even death can not separate two people"
  372.     Your eternal vow...❤
  373.         ~Wight bride dressed in a black veil~
  375. 112 Wauu, I fetched some meat!
  376.     I want a reward!
  377.     Breeding is good V Children are good too❤
  378.         ~Sorcerous Beast "Loprotto"~
  379. (Not sure if it was a typo in the book or the V is meant to be the "Victory" sign)
  381. Baphomet Magical Beast Loprotto using "Beast Boost"
  383. 114 "Ha~Ha~Ha~Haaa~"
  384.         ~In front of a male, forget words show your stomach kuu~ shiii~
  386. Baphomet Magical Beast Loprotto using "Wild Pheromone"
  388. 116 There, suuuri, suuuri❤
  389.     Nyufufu, If I do this, no one can take you Nyaa❤
  390.         ~Beast witch of Loprotto Sabbath~
  392. 118 Another one, the beast's howls are increasing...
  393.     You should run fast, before the next howl, eventually I too...
  394.     ...Haaaa❤ Haa❤ Haa❤
  395.         ~The last person to slip out of a village into the forest~
  397. 119 No matter who ye be, do not raise your hand to the magical beast's flock
  398.     No matter who ye be, do not touch the wrath of the magical beast
  399.     No matter who ye be, do not awaken the beast from its dream of master
  400.         ~White goat's old note~
  402. 121 Here, let me feel it.
  403.     Fufu❤ It seems your heart beat has quickened just a teeny bit...❤
  404.         ~Medical Sabbath's White Witch~
  406. 123 You will need treatment riiight here.
  407.     Ufufu❤ If I caress like this, you pyuu pyuu a lot, and you're cured❤
  408.         ~Medical Weresheep~
  410.     Baphomet Dr. Little Greilia using "Sleep Aid" based on "Medical Cure"
  411.     "Even though I told you to do this sort of thing with another witch... You truly are a curiosity...❤"
  413. 125 This will commence the treatment.
  414.     ...Why in spite of just being touched, your... T-that region is swelling...!!
  415.         ~Dr. Little Greilia~
  417. 126 Ufufu, good boy good boy❤
  418.     Just like that, entrust me to make your body feel good❤
  419.         ~Black Dark Mage's shady medical treatment~
  421. 127 Your body has been weak for a long time.
  422.     But, it's okay now... Like this, I'll twirl around your body,
  423.     Alllll around I'll wrap it up, to protect you...❤
  424.         ~Lamia's shady medical treatment~
  426. 128 Collaboration: "Change Yourself" The engraving beauty salon "Fem Rouge" engraver Miss Rubiana will color your body beautiful and lewd
  428. 132 "Collaboration" given by human assassin Reime-chan. With various test engravings from charismatic engraver Miss Rubiana,  Reime-chan makes a beautiful and obscene transformation!
  430. 139 Even the emotionally thin Reime-chan, with the power of engraving, has remembered the irresistible, throbbing, shivering feeling, now she has become emotionally rich and accustomed to lewd feelings! To produce the mood, growing beast ears, hiding human ears "Beast Ear Hairband" has been attached.
  432. 141 In her training as an assassin, Reime-chan lost her sense of feeling pleasure, with engraving she has mastered feeling, now she has a completely sensitive and desirable body.
  433. By manipulating magical energy, other engravings can be changed to. Of the test engravings, this was the best feeling and will settle for it. Now that she is completely lewd, I look forward to what kind of engravings Reime-chan will get.❤
  435. 158 Among young mamono, it is said that proudly sharing the sight of intercourse with a partner like this has become popular. Surely on the other side of the mirror a friend of Momonika is also in the middle of being joined with a partner.
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