TWW Barrier Skip FAQ

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  1. !video for the video of barrier skip. This video does however only show the end result of a long and advanced setup, so no it does not only take like 2 minutes.
  3. !setup shows a video of the former setup that I came up with for barrier skip. The current setup uses the same ideas of fragmenting the memory, but we do it with other means such as superswimming between islands instead of going back and forth between loading zones.
  5. How much timesave?
  6. It is currently hard to say how much possible timesave there is for this trick, but around 2h 30min or a bit more would be a reasonable guess. We currently have ways to go when it comes to improving the route and efficiency of memory corruption, so time will tell.
  8. So how does it work?
  9. The main goal of all of this is to corrupt enough memory to eventually make it so the game fails to load the barrier. We accomplish this with a few steps. First we enter Forest Haven which already has a low amount of memory, stab the sign and throw bait out of bounds to lower the memory further. When the memory is low enough Link won't be able to pull out certain items, but it still uses the memory needed to use it which will continue to fill up the memory the more you do it. Do this enough times and all memory will be filled up and it will start corrupting memory. At this point you want to repeat this process or exit/re-enter areas or superswim between islands in very specific orders to mess the memory up enough to eventually unload the barrier.
  11. I thought you needed the bow for this?
  12. It was initially thought that we needed the bow to do this, but that is not the case. If you use the method mentioned above you will be able to do the entire process without ever getting the bow. This skips having to finish Dragon Roost Cavern, Forbidden Woods and Tower of Gods.
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