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  1. <style>
  2. table {
  3.     background: none;
  4. }
  5. table a img, .sf {
  6.     display: none;
  7. }
  8. body {
  9.     background: url("");
  10.     overflow: auto;
  11. }
  12. td, th, body {
  13.     font: 8pt arial;
  14. }
  15. th {
  16.     text-align: justify;
  17. }
  18. td {
  19.     text-align: center;
  20. }
  21. i {
  22.     font-family: georgia;
  23.     color: #8c7448;
  24. }
  25. b {
  26.     color: #d7b978;
  27. }
  28. h1 {
  29.     color: #897548;
  30.     font: 14pt georgia;
  31.     font-weight: bold;
  32. }
  33. h2 {
  34.     color: #897548;
  35.     text-align: left;
  36.     letter-spacing: 2px;
  37.     font: 12pt constantia;
  38.     text-transform: lowercase;
  39.     margin: 20px 0px 0px 20px;
  40. }
  41. h3 {
  42.     color: #897548;
  43.     text-align: center;
  44.     letter-spacing: 2px;
  45.     font: 12pt constantia;
  46.     margin: 0px;
  47. }
  48. h4 {
  49.     color: #897548;
  50.     text-align: center;
  51.     font: 9pt constantia;
  52.     margin: 0px;
  53. }
  54. h5 {
  55.     color: #897548;
  56.     text-align: left;
  57.     letter-spacing: 2px;
  58.     font: 10pt constantia;
  59.     text-transform: lowercase;
  60.     margin: 20px 0px 0px 20px;
  61. }
  62. .header {
  63.     top: 0px;
  64.     left: 0px;
  65.     width: 100%;
  66.     height: 1370px;
  67.     background: url("") top center no-repeat;
  68.     z-index: -1;
  69. }
  70. .nav {
  71.     top: 550px;
  72.     left: 0px;
  73.     width: 100%;
  74.     height: 60px;
  75.     overflow: hidden;
  76.     text-align: center;
  77. }
  78. .main {
  79.     top: 610px;
  80.     left: 0px;
  81.     width: 100%;
  82.     height: 500px;
  83.     overflow: hidden;
  84. }
  85. .part {
  86.     background: #fafafa;
  87.     width: 800px;
  88.     text-align: justify;
  89.     padding: 20px;
  90.     height: 450px;
  91.     border-bottom: 100px solid #ffffff;
  92.     overflow: auto;
  93. }
  94. .clicky {
  95.     width: 300px;
  96.     height: 200px;
  97.     overflow: hidden;
  98. }
  99. .lynx {
  100.     width: 52px;
  101.     height: 43px;
  102.     display: block;
  103. }
  104. a {
  105.     text-decoration: none;
  106.     color: #69542f;
  107.     font: 7pt arial;
  108.     text-transform: uppercase;
  109.     font-weight: bold;
  110. }
  111. {
  112.     display: block;
  113.     width: 190px;
  114.     font: 7pt arial;
  115.     font-weight: bold;
  116.     color: #ffffff;
  117.     letter-spacing: 2px;
  118. }
  119. .nav a {
  120.     display: inline-block;
  121.     font: 7pt arial;
  122.     font-weight: bold;
  123.     color: #69542f;
  124.     letter-spacing: 2px;
  125.     padding: 10px;
  126.     text-transform: uppercase;
  127. }
  128., .nav a:hover, a:hover {
  129.     color: #917939;
  130. }
  131. .top {
  132.     top: 5px;
  133.     left: 5px;
  134.     width: 150px;
  135.     height: 200px;
  136.     background: url("") no-repeat top left;
  137.     overflow: hidden;
  138.     z-index: 100;
  139. }
  140. .direct {
  141.     background: #1f1f1f;
  142.     color: #ffffff;
  143.     display: block;
  144.     font: 7pt arial;
  145.     width: 100%;
  146.     height: 20px;
  147.     line-height: 20px;
  148. }
  149. .direct:hover {
  150.     color: #917939;
  151. }
  152. textarea {
  153.     width: 150px;
  154.     height: 60px;
  155.     font: 6pt arial;
  156.     border: 1px solid #b7a990;
  157. }
  158. .dept tr:hover {
  159.     background: #ffffff;
  160. }
  161. blockquote {
  162.     background: #ffffff;
  163.     text-align: justify;
  164.     margin: 10px;
  165.     padding: 20px;
  166. }
  167. .g {
  168.     color: #ac2222;
  169. }
  170. .h {
  171.     color: #bead3a;
  172. }
  173. .r {
  174.     color: #476faa;
  175. }
  176. .s {
  177.     color: #46a848;
  178. }
  179. </style><div class="top" style="position: fixed; text-align: left;">
  181. <div class="clicky"><a href="#nav" class="lynx"> </a></div>
  182. <br><br><br><div class="clicky" id="nav">
  183. <a href="#closelinks" class="lynx"> </a>
  184. <a href="/guilds/guild.phtml?id=4176524" class="click" style="margin-top: 6px;">guild home</a>
  185. <a href="/~Dieloa" class="click">knight bus</a>
  186. <a href="/~Joesln" class="click">refresh</a>
  187. </div><br><br><br><div class="clicky" id="closelinks"><a href="#nav" class="lynx"> </a></div></div>
  189. <div class="header" style="position: absolute;"></div>
  191. <div class="nav" style="position: absolute;">
  192. <a href="#activities">activities</a>
  193. <a href="#ranks">past ranks</a>
  194. <a href="#clear">[x]</a>
  195. <b style="margin-left: 40px;">DEPARTMENTS:</b>
  196. <a href="#dmgs">magical games & sports</a>
  197. <a href="#dmle">magical law enforcement</a>
  198. <a href="#hogwarts">hogwarts</a>
  199. </div>
  201. <div class="main" style="position: absolute;"><center><br><br><div class="part" id="clear"><br><br><h1>the ministry of magic</h1><br><br>
  202. Welcome to our official Ministry page. Throughout our site you will find yourself exploring and learning about all of the necessary details regarding the jobs that we offer here at Patronus. Participating within the guild will give you rewards to spend at Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade.
  203. <br><br><img src="" style="float: left; padding: 6px;"><br><br><i>Hello there! As Minister for Magic, I would like to give you a warm welcome to the Ministry of Magic! If you are looking for further involvement within Patronus, you have come to the right place to begin your research!</i>
  204. <br><br>
  205. It is our dream to always be able to give our members the opportunity to move up within our ranks. Whether you just want to run a single page, multiple ones, or even be a regular graphic maker for us. Whether you are Muggle Born, a servant of the Dark Lord, or an Animagus -- we will always try to have a spot open and available for you!
  206. <br><br><br><br><br><br><h2>types of currency</h2><br><div style="float: left; margin: 10px;">
  207. <img src="" title="Galleon"><img src="" title="Hogsmeade Coin"></div>
  208. <br><br>
  209. We have two different types of currencies. The traditional galleon can be used to purchase goods at Diagon Alley. Our personalized Hogsmeade Coin can be used at Hogsmeade.<br><br></div><br><br><div class="part" id="act"><br><h1>term starts on the 1st!</h1></div><br><br><div class="part" id="activities"><br><h1>activity pages</h1>
  210. <br><br><center><table width="90%"><tr><th width="195"><center><h4>character exploration</h4><b>Hosted by Josi</b><br>delve into the depths of characters.<br><p><a href="/~Shahngrila" class="direct">OFF PAGE LINK</a></p></center><br><br></th>
  212. <th width="195"><center><h4>dueling club</h4><b>Hosted by Kim</b><br>show your competitors who's boss.<br><p><a href="/~Esmiena" class="direct">OFF PAGE LINK</a></p></center><br><br></th>
  214. <th width="195"><center><h4>kayla's office</h4>( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=icanhaskaila">icanhaskaila</a> )<br>law department head.<p><a href="#kayla" class="direct">OFFICE LINK</a></p></center><br><br></th>
  216. </tr><tr><th width="195"><center><h4>keia's office</h4>( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=keia0987">keia0987</a> )<br>minister for magic.<br><p><a href="#keia" class="direct">OFFICE LINK</a></p></center><br><br></th>
  218. <th width="195"><center><h4>kim's office</h4>( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=kimmsy2000">kimmsy2000</a> )<br>games department head.<p><a href="#kim" class="direct">OFFICE LINK</a></p></center><br><br></th>
  220. <th width="195"><center><h4>mundungus's merchandise</h4><b>Hosted by Staff</b><br>monthly 1-neopoint auctions.<br><p><a href="#mundungus" class="direct">SECTION LINK</a></p></center><br><br></th>
  222. </tr><tr><th width="195"><center><h4>paige's office</h4>( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=pvaaux">pvaaux</a> )<br>hogwarts headmistress.<br><p><a href="/~Joesln#headmistress" class="direct">OFF PAGE OFFICE LINK</a></p></center></th>
  224. <th width="195"><center><h4>scenarios</h4><b>Hosted by Heather</b><br>let your creativity run wild.<br><p><a href="/~inuyomerou" class="direct">OFF PAGE LINK</a></p></center></th>
  226. <th width="195"><center><h4>wizengamot</h4><b>Hosted by Staff</b><br>a group of only the best.<br><p><a href="/~patronusWizengamot" class="direct">OFF PAGE LINK</a></p></center></th>
  228. </tr></table></center><p></p><p></p></div><br><br><div class="part" id="mundungus">
  229. <h1 style="display: inline;">next upcoming auctions - - </h1><b>Golden Times</b> from <i>Thursday November 23rd to Sunday November 25th!</i><br>You must have your Auction Betting License in order to participate! <b>You will be sent a Neofriend Request once you get licensed.</b><br><center><div style="width: 100%; overflow: auto; height: 105px;">
  230. <img width="80" height="80" src="" title="Golden Key Quest Balloon"><img width="80" height="80" src="" title="Fiery Golden Collectable Scarab"><img width="80" height="80" src="" title="Gold Neck Wrap"><img width="80" height="80" src="" title="Gold Blumaroo Cookie"><img width="80" height="80" src="" title="Gold Usul Cookie"><img width="80" height="80" src="" title="Gold Kyrii Cookie"><img width="80" height="80" src="" title="Blue and Gold Tube Shell"><img width="80" height="80" src="" title="Golden Evil Coconut"><img width="80" height="80" src="" title="Tiny Golden Shell"><img width="80" height="80" src="" title="Gold Brightvale Job Coupon"></div></center>
  232. <br><h1 style="display: inline;">last few auctions</h1>
  233. <br><b>Year Two Term Nine:</b> <i>Thursday October 25th to Sunday October 28rd</i> - Haunted Hijinks<br><b>Year Two Term Nine:</b> <i>September 20th to Sunday, September 23th</i> - Potions Master<br><b>Year Two Term Eight:</b> <i>August 24th to Sunday, August 26th</i> - Summertime!<br><b>Year Two Term Seven:</b> <i>Friday, July 20th to Sunday, July 22nd</i> - Staff Swap
  234. <br><b>Year Two Term Six:</b> <i> Friday June 29th to Sunday July 1st</i> - Altador Cup Pride
  235. <br><b>Year Two Term Five:</b> <i>Friday, May 25th to Sunday, May 27th</i> - Ordinary Wizarding Levels
  236. <br><b>Year Two Term Four:</b> <i>Friday, April 27th to Sunday, April 29th</i> - Emily's Army (Battledome Items)
  237. <br><b>Year Two Term Three:</b> <i>Friday, March 23rd - Sunday, March 25th</i> - Pink Theme
  238. <br><b>Year Two Term Two:</b> <i>Friday, February 23rd to Sunday, February 25th</i> - Birthday Theme (Birthday Petpets & Items) <br><b>Year Two Term One:</b> <i>Thursday, January 25th to Sunday, January 28th</i> - Tomfoolery Theme (Malicious Marauders)<br><b>Year One Term Eleven:</b> <i>Friday, December 29th to Sunday, December 31st</i> - Holiday Theme (Winter and Holiday Items)<br><b>Year One Term Ten:</b> <i>Friday November 24th to Sunday November 26th</i> - First Task Theme (Dragon Items)
  239. <br><b>Year One Term Nine:</b> <i>Saturday, October 28th to Sunday, October 29th</i> - Halloween Feast (Gourmet Foods)
  242. </div><br><br><div class="part" id="ranks">
  243. <h1>past ranks of houses and students</h1>
  245. <center><table width="100%"><tr><td colspan="3"><h3>house cup winners - all past terms</h3></td><td colspan="2"><h3>top point earners</h3>for each house; most recent term</td></tr><tr><td><table class="dept"><tr><td style="width: 200px;" colspan="3"><br><b>Y E A R   O N E</b><br><br></td></tr><tr><th><i>Term One</i></th><td>February 2017</td><td><b class="h">Hufflepuff</b></td></tr><tr><th><i>Term Two</i></th><td>March 2017</td><td><b class="r">Ravenclaw</b></td></tr><tr><th><i>Term Three</i></th><td>April 2017</td><td><b class="r">Ravenclaw</b></td></tr><tr><th><i>Term Four</i></th><td>May 2017</td><td><b class="g">Gryffindor</b></td></tr><tr><th><i>Term Five</i></th><td>June 2017</td><td><b class="h">H</b><b class="r">u</b><b class="h">f</b><b class="r">f</b><b class="h">l</b><b class="r">e</b><b class="h">c</b><b class="r">l</b><b class="h">a</b><b class="r">w</b></td></tr><tr><th><i>Term Six</i></th><td>July 2017</td><td><b class="s">Slytherin</b></td></tr><tr><th><i>Term Seven</i></th><td>August 2017</td><td><b class="g">Gryffindor</b></td></tr><tr><th><i>Term Eight</i></th><td>September 2017</td><td><b class="h">Hufflepuff</b></td></tr><tr><th><i>Term Nine</i></th><td>October 2017</td><td><b class="h">Hufflepuff</b></td></tr><tr><th><i>Term Ten</i></th><td>November 2017</td><td><b class="s">Slytherin</b></td></tr><tr><th><i>Term Eleven</i></th><td>December 2017</td><td><b class="r">Ravenclaw</b></td></tr><tr></tr></table></td><td>   </td><td>
  246. <table class="dept"><tr><td style="width: 200px;" colspan="3"><br><b>Y E A R   T W O</b><br><br></td></tr><tr><th><i>Term One</i></th><td>January 2018</td><td><b class="g">Gryffindor</b></td></tr><tr><th><i>Term Two</i></th><td>February 2018</td><td><b class="r">Ravenclaw</b></td></tr><tr><th><i>Term Three</i></th><td>March 2018</td><td><b class="s">Slytherin</b></td></tr><tr><th><i>Term Four</i></th><td>April 2018</td><td><b class="h">Hufflepuff</b></td></tr><tr><th><i>Term Five</i></th><td>May 2018</td><td><b class="g">Gryffindor</b></td></tr><tr><th><i>Term Six</i></th><td>June 2018</td><td><b class="h">Hufflepuff</b></td></tr><tr><th><i>Term Seven</i></th><td>July 2018</td><td><b class="r">Ravenclaw</b></td></tr><tr><th><i>Term Eight</i></th><td>August 2018</td><td><b class="h">Hufflepuff</b></td></tr><tr><th><i>Term Nine</i></th><td>September 2018</td><td><b class="r">Ravenclaw</b></td></tr><tr><th><i>Term Ten</i></th><td>October 2018</td><td><b class="h">Hufflepuff</b></td></tr><tr><th><i>Term Eleven</i></th><td>November 2018</td><td><b>TBA</b></td></tr><tr><th><i>Term Twelve</i></th><td>December 2018</td><td><b>TBA</b>
  248. </td></tr></table></td><td>      </td><td>
  249. <table style="width: 200px;"><tr><td><br><b>YEAR 2, TERM 10</b><br><a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=jennifer_oneill"><b class="g">Jennifer</b></a> with <i>1914</i> points!<br><a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=silasia"><b class="h">Dani</b></a> with <i>2128</i> points!<br><a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=celeste_esther"><b class="r">Katy</b></a> with <i>2018</i> points!<br><a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=alissiee"><b class="s">Josi</b></a> with <i>1505</i> points!<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><h3>quidditch wins</h3><br><br><i>Year 1, Term 4</i>: <b class="r">Ravenclaw</b><br><i>Year 1, Term 9</i>: <b class="h">Hufflepuff</b><br><i>Year 2, Term 3</i>: <b class="s">Slytherin</b><br><i>Year 2, Term 6</i>: <b class="g">Gryffindor</b>
  250. <br><i>Year 2, Term 9</i>: <b class="s">Slytherin</b><br></td></tr></table></td></tr></table></center></div><br><br><div class="part" id="dmgs">
  252. <center><br><table width="100%"><tr><th><h1>department of magical games and sports</h1><br><br></th>
  253. <th colspan="2"><h3>applications</h3><br><br></th>
  255. </tr><tr><td style="vertical-align: top;">
  256. <table class="dept"><tr><th width="240"><i>Department Head:</i></th><th width="180"><b>Kim</b> ( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=kimmsy2000">kimmsy2000</a> )</th>
  257. </tr><tr><th><i>Event Planners:</i></th><th><b>Josi</b> ( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=alissiee">alissiee</a> )<br><b>Pemily</b> ( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=horses_rock_1963">horses_rock_1963</a> )<br></th>
  258. </tr><tr><th width="240" style="vertical-align: top;"><i>Activity Hosts:</i></th>
  259. <th><b>Josi</b> ( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=alissiee">alissiee</a> )
  260. <br><b>Heather</b> ( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=painted_dreams87">painted_dreams87</a> )
  261. <br><b>Kim</b> ( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=kimmsy2000">kimmsy2000</a> )
  262. </th>
  263. </tr></table></td><td>
  265. <table><tr><td><b>ACTIVITY HOST</b><br>40G & 5HC per term<br><i>Year Seven and up;</i><br>positions always available!<br><br><textarea>[ACTIVITY HOST APP]
  266. 1. How regularly are you on neopets?
  267. 2. Do you have any coding experience (making it yourself, or using existing code and not messing it up)?
  268. 3. Are you able to do 4 updates a month (specifically, they must all be prepared and ready for updates before the term begins!)</textarea></td>
  269. <td><b>EVENT PLANNER</b><br>80G & 5HC per term<br><i>Year Seven and up;</i><br>2 positions available!<br><br><textarea>[EVENT PLANNER APP]
  270. 1. How regularly are you on neopets?
  271. 2. Do you have any coding experience (making it yourself, or using existing code and not messing it up)?
  272. 3. Do you have ideas for monthly events?
  273. 4. Are you able to host pages relating to events?
  274. 5. Are you able to work with Designers and Council to create events?</textarea></td>
  275. </tr></table></td></tr></table><br><br><br><br><center>
  276. <br><i>Please note that all of the positions in this department require a Teaching License, at least Seventh Year status, and a minimum of 300HP earned per term!</i><br><br>
  277. Send all applications for positions in this department to the <a href="/neomessages.phtml?type=send&recipient=kimmsy2000&subject=Application">Head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports</a>!<br></center></center></div><br><br><div class="part" id="dmle">
  279. <div style="width: 330px; float: right; text-align: center;"><br><h3>application</h3><br><br><br><b>AUROR</b><br>60G & 5HC per term<br><i>Requires Alumni status;</i><br>one position available!<br><br><textarea>1. Are you able to get on your account every day (with some exceptions if you've said you'll be away)?
  280. 2. Do you promise not to reveal the solutions to hidden avatars to anyone, not even your dog (we all know he can't keep a secret!)?
  281. 3. Are you able to greet new members (via neomail if they haven't posted on the board after a day of being in the guild), direct them to the Entrance Hall, and answer any questions they may have?</textarea></div>
  283. <h1>department of magical law enforcement</h1>
  285. <center><br><br><br><table class="dept"><tr><th width="240"><i>Minister for Magic:</i></th><th width="180"><b>Keia</b> ( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=keia0987">keia0987</a> )</th>
  286. </tr><tr></tr><tr></tr><tr><th width="240"><i>Department Head:</i></th><th width="180"><b>Kayla</b> ( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=icanhaskaila">icanhaskaila</a> )</th>
  287. </tr><tr></tr><tr></tr><tr><th width="240"><i>Auror(s):</i><br><br><br></th><th width="180"><b>Miche</b> ( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=michelineee">michelineee</a> )</th>
  288. </tr></table><br><br><br><br>
  289. Send all applications for positions in this department to the <a href="/neomessages.phtml?type=send&recipient=icanhaskaila&subject=Application">Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement</a>!<br><br><br><br><br><br><h3>other sections</h3>
  290. <br><br><table><tr><th width="195"><center><a href="#auror" class="direct">AUROR REQUIREMENTS</a></center></th>
  291. <th width="195"><center><a href="#greet" class="direct">GREETING GUIDE</a></center></th>
  292. <th width="195"><center><a href="#recruit" class="direct">RECRUITMENT GUIDE</a></center></th>
  293. </tr></table></center>
  294. </div>
  301. <div class="part" id="greet">
  302. <h2>greeting guide</h2><br><i>How do you introduce the guild to someone who's already been introduced to it?</i><br><br>
  304. Now I'm sure you remember back when you first joined -- there are a lot of things to see, people to meet, and activities to do in Patronus! While it may or may not have been overwhelming for you, it easily can be for some. This guide contains answers to common questions we get from our new members, so you can answer them right away! First thing's first, though -- if you see a new member who looks lost, send them directly to the <a href="/~Joesln#entrancehall">Entrance Hall</a>! They could have already done some things, so the guide on that page will help them figure out what to do next, or see if they missed anything.<p>
  305. <br><br></p><h3>frequently asked questions from new members</h3><p>
  306. <b>How do I sign up for classes/activities?</b><br>
  307. You don't need to sign up - everyone starts as a first year, and can immediately start working on all of their first year classes as soon as they send in their sorting quiz and new trunk form (located on the Entrance Hall).
  308. </p><p><b>Who do I send my class/activity submissions to?</b><br>
  309. Each class section of the Hogwarts page or activity page will list who is in charge of grading and provide a link to neomail them.
  310. </p><p><b>How can I help out in the guild?</b><br>
  311. For new members, we prefer that you just start getting into the Patronus experience before running classes or activities. For this reason, we put in year requirements for positions! These are all listed on the Entrance Hall, as well as with the applications for each position. Once the requirements are met, if you're still interested in helping out, you can send in an application (located on this page, under Magical Games & Sports, Magical Law Enforcement, or Hogwarts) to the respective Department Head!
  312. </p><p><b>(In the event of a plot) How do I start the plot?</b><br>
  313. Plots generally start with a neomail sent from guildpatronus or one of the Staff members! If someone joins after the plot has already begun, they will be sent the start neomail after they get their trunk set up. If they've done that and haven't gotten their neomail, they should immediately contact their Head of House or a Staff member.
  314. </p><p><b>How do I participate in the auctions?</b><br>
  315. This is often asked when members join while the auctions are currently going on. As guildpatronus doesn't accept incoming neofriend requests, only members who are licensed may participate. We don't want these to go to people who just joined and will leave after they win a few, so we have a strict policy of only allowing members with 100+ non-spam messages to be licensed to participate! These occur every term, so you can catch them next time around."
  316. </p><p><b>How do I know how many messages I've posted?</b><br>
  317. Under options on the guild sidebar is "Members", which lists everyone's username, rank, post count, status, and join date!
  318. </p><p><b>What do the stars next to some members' names mean?</b><br>
  319. This is often asked by members who are new to guilds after seeing the members page for the first time. This means they have some sort of admin in the guild. All Staff members have full admin. Other position holders (Aurors and Event Planners) have them as well.
  320. </p><p><b>How do I get one of those cute little icons that other people have in their trunks?</b><br>
  321. This is a reward for members after they pass their first 50 messages on the guild board! They're made on <i>Lunaii Dollmaker</i> and must be uploaded to an image hosting site, put on a petpage, and that petpage must be sent to <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=icanhaskaila">Kayla</a> to be added. There's a little guide on what to do <a href="/~Asplore">here</a>. Some newer members aren't as familiar with adding images to petpages as others may be, so they might need a bit of an explanation. The image URL from the site doesn't work if it's sent in - it just shows up (for everyone besides the person who made it) as the base icon from the site. This is why it needs to be saved and re-uploaded ;) But once again, the member <i>must</i> first post 50 non-spam messages before being allowed to do this! Also, if you want to change your icon at any point (as long as it's not aaaaall the time), you can make a new one and send it in!
  322. </p></div>
  329. <div class="part" id="auror">
  330. <h2>auror requirements</h2><br><p>As an Auror, you must be ovservant and constantly on the lookout for members earning avatars (secret or not)!</p><p><br>
  331. You will not have the ability to physically add the avatars to trunks, but you will be reporting to the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement when someone earns one. It is essential that you are a member of <a href="/~Patronuswizengamot">Wizengamot</a> for this position, as avatars may be earned there as well! You must also have the required amount of points from the previous term in order to be eligible. The required amount is 300 house points earned. </p><p><br>
  332. We have a checklist for each avatar, which explains how it is earned, and who currently has it. You will be using that checklist (instead of waiting for Dorms to load so you can search through their trunks) to see if a member who potentially earns an avatar, and marking on our spreadsheets (or contacting the Head of the DMLE) when you are awarding an avatar.</p><p><br>
  333. Another important duty is being a board monitor! You are in charge of deleting any accidental double-posts (and letting the Staff know if you see anyone doing this excessively), and addressing members (via neomail) if they're breaking any of the guidelines or rules listed on the <a href="/~Handwig">Quibbler</a>.</p><p><br>
  334. You must have some idea of how we do things in Patronus! Since you're an Alumnus, you've definitely been around for a while, so this shouldn't be a problem! We have a <a href="#greet">Greeting Guide</a> that has answers to common questions. Please send in any questions you think should be answered on there as well!</p><p><br><i>And that's pretty much it! As an Auror, you will be the eyes and ears of the Staff when we're not around! If this is something you would like to do, please don't hesitate to send in an application!
  335. </i></p></div>
  342. <div class="part" id="recruit">
  343. <h2>recruitment</h2><br><b>So you want to advertise Patronus, eh? Thank you very much for helping us out! (:</b>
  344. <p><i>Here are some guidelines for how to advertise more easily, and to help you spot what kinds of new members we're looking for.</i> We want to be picky about who we want in the guild -- always go for quality over quantity. Our member cap is 50, and we don't want all 50 of those spots filled with people who our members are uncomfortable chatting with! The Staff also doesn't have time to create events that nobody participates in; as much as we like chatty members, we also like members who will participate!</p>
  345. <blockquote>
  346. <b>●</b> First of all, <i>familiarise yourself with our</i> <a href="/~handwig">rules and standards for new members</a>! If anyone has any questions, it's better for you to be able to answer them right away instead of making them wait.<p>
  348. <b>●</b> <i>Unless you are an Auror or Staff member, please do not make a new board advertising us.</i> It is considered spamming if there is more than one active ad board for the same guild and we could get in trouble with TNT for it. There will be a new board created at the beginning of each term.</p><p>
  350. <b>●</b> <i>Do not advertise to anyone who clearly does not fit our standards.</i> Remember, we are 18+, semi-literate (meaning we expect literacy, but won't yell at people if they slip up every now and then), so if you can't completely understand what they're saying, don't waste your time.</p><p>
  352. <b>●</b> <i>If they specify they want a certain theme that isn't HP, don't advertise to them</i>. They know what they want and you're not going to convince them otherwise.</p><p>
  354. <b>●</b> This is probably obvious but should be kept in mind; <i>do not embellish with things we don't offer.</i> We also do not advertise open Staffing positions as all of our Staff members are promoted from within.</p><p>
  356. <b>●</b> <i>Do not try to tag team advertising.</i> If someone from Patronus has already posted on a guildless board, there is likely nothing more that needs to be said. The original poster likely doesn't know you and won't just say "boy howdy, this random stranger thinks this is a good idea, so might as well join!" Give the original poster time to mull over their guild decision (:</p><p>
  358. <b>●</b> <i>Do not neomail someone unless they ask you to.</i> If they posted a guildless board, they likely have gotten multiple ads, and neomailing them without them asking you to do so will make it seem like you're being too pushy.
  359. </p></blockquote>
  361. <i>Now that we've covered who not to advertise to, here is an example of the "personal" ads you should post;</i><br>you don't have to type out a new message for each individual person you're advertising to, but definitely make up your own personal message to post that can be edited to be addressed towards the person looking for a guild.
  362. <blockquote>
  363. <i>EXAMPLE:</i><br>Hey Neville! My name is Hermione and I'm a Gryffindor student in an active and non-traditional Harry Potter guild called Patronus! We're semi-literate, 18+, and we have plenty of activities and events that were made to keep the magic alive!<br><br>
  364. This term, we're running our Prisoner of Azkaban plot!<br><br>
  365. You can check out the Quibbler for more information;<br>
  367. Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck in your guild search!
  368. </blockquote>
  370. When we say the ad should be <i>personal</i>, we mean we want to actually show potential new members how great the quality of our guild is. Because let's be real here, we have some great quality - and we pride ourselves in that! Potential new members should be introduced to that early on.<p>
  372. Something we absolutely do not ever want to see is an ad for Patronus that is a list of activities we offer. If we're accepting new members, they can see what activities we offer by checking us out on their own. Don't try to tempt them with 1NP auctions or anything like that - we want members who actually want to be in the guild for chatting and competition, not for getting (somewhat) free things.</p><p>
  374. <i>And now you know all the basics of advertising Patronus! Always remember: quality over quantity! If you have any questions about advertising, contact the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement!</i>
  375. <br></p>
  377. </div><br><br><div class="part" id="hogwarts">
  380. <h1>hogwarts department
  381. </h1>
  385. <center>
  386. <table class="dept"><tr><th width="240"><i>Ancient Runes Professor:</i></th><th width="180"><b>Katy</b> ( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=celeste_esther">celeste_esther</a> )</th>
  387. <th width="240"><i>Arithmancy Professor:</i></th><th><b>Kayla</b> ( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=icanhaskaila">icanhaskaila</a> )</th>
  388. </tr><tr><th><i>Armourer:</i></th><th><i>Position available!</i></th>
  389. <th><i>Astronomy Professor:</i></th><th><b>Paige</b> ( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=pvaaux">pvaaux</a> )</th>
  390. </tr><tr><th><i>Care of Magical Creatures Professor:</i></th><th><b>Jen</b> ( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=jennifer_oneill">jennifer_oneill</a> )</th>
  391. <th><i>Caretaker:</i></th><th><b>Katy</b> ( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=celeste_esther">celeste_esther</a> )</th>
  392. </tr><tr><th><i>Charms Professor:</i></th><th><b>Kim</b> ( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=kimmsy2000">kimmsy2000</a> )</th>
  393. <th><i>Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor:</i></th><th><b>Jen</b> ( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=jennifer_oneill">jennifer_oneill</a> )</th>
  394. </tr><tr><th><i>Divination Professor:</i></th><th><b>Pemily</b> ( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=horses_rock_1963">horses_rock_1963</a> )</th>
  395. <th><i>Gryffindor Head of House:</i></th><th><b>Jen</b> ( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=jennifer_oneill">jennifer_oneill</a> )</th>
  396. </tr><tr><th><i>Headmistress (Deptartment Head):</i></th><th><b>Paige</b> ( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=pvaaux">pvaaux</a> )</th>
  397. <th><i>Herbology Professor:</i></th><th><b>Miche</b> ( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=michelineee">michelineee</a> )</th>
  398. </tr><tr><th><i>History of Magic Professor:</i></th><th><b>Heather</b> ( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=painted_dreams87">painted_dreams87</a> )</th>
  399. <th><i>Hospital Matron:</i></th><th><b>Laney</b> ( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=laneysux">laneysux</a> )</th>
  400. </tr><tr><th><i>Hufflepuff Head of House:</i></th><th><b>Josi</b> ( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=alissiee">alissiee</a> )</th>
  401. <th><i>Muggle Studies Professor:</i></th><th width="180"><b>Keia</b> ( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=keia0987">keia0987</a> )</th>
  402. </tr><tr><th><i>Potions Professor:</i></th><th><b>Katy</b> ( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=celeste_esther">celeste_esther</a> )</th>
  403. <th><i>Ravenclaw Head of House:</i></th><th><b>Olivia</b> ( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=livforpeace">livforpeace</a> )</th>
  404. </tr><tr><th><i>Slytherin Head of House:</i></th><th><b>Dani</b> ( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=silasia">silasia</a> )</th>
  405. <th><i>Transfiguration Professor:</i></th><th><b>Miche</b> ( <a href="/userlookup.phtml?user=michelineee">michelineee</a>)</th>
  407. </tr></table><br><br><h3>applications</h3><center>
  408. <br><i>Please note that all of the following positions require a Teaching License, and at least Third Year status!</i>
  409. <br><br><table width="100%"><tr><td><b>SPECIAL POSITIONS</b><br>40G & 5HC per term<br><i>Year Six and up;</i><br>current vacancy for armourer<br><br><textarea>[SPECIAL POSITION APP]
  410. 1) Have you ever held a higher position than student before? If so, when and what?
  411. 2) Which special position are you applying for? (If there are no current vacancies, staff will work with you to come up with a personalized special position, based on the needs of the guild and what you have in mind)
  412. 3) Will you be able to respond to all Neomails within a timely manner for the entire term? (Preferably within 24 hours)
  413. 4) Will you be away from home or otherwise be on Neopets less than general during the term for which you are applying?
  414. 5) How many hours per week are you generally on neopets?
  415. 6) Do you check this account daily?
  416. 7) How many house points and coins is each activity worth?
  417. 8) What do you need to do EVERY TIME someone completes an activity?
  418. 9) When must the activities be completed and submitted to staff by by?
  419. 10) Are you currently (or are you willing to become) a member of Wizengamot? (this is optional, but can help you with your duties)?</textarea></td>
  421. <td><b>HEAD OF HOUSE</b><br>40G & 5HC per term<br><i>Year Three and up;</i><br>accepting applications<br><br><textarea>[RETURNING APPLICANTS ONLY FILL OUT IF SOMETHING HAS CHANGED]
  423. 1. Which House are you in? Are you willing to relocate to a different one in order to be HOH?
  424. 2. Have you ever held a HOH position in Patronus before? If so, when?
  425. 3. Will you be able to respond to all Neomails within a timely manner for the entire term? (Preferably within 24 hours)
  426. 4. Will you be away from home or otherwise be on Neopets less than general during the term for which you are applying?
  427. 5. How long have you been in the guild? (Would you be able to answer questions that members have?)
  428. 6. How many hours per week are you generally on neopets?
  429. 4. Do you check this account daily?
  430. 7. How many house points and coins is each activity worth?
  431. 8. What do you need to do EVERY TIME someone completes an activity?
  432. 9. All four weeks of activities must be completed and submitted by the first of the month. Are you able to do this?
  433. 10. Are you currently (or are you willing to become) a member of Wizengamot (this is optional, but can help you with your duties)?</textarea></td>
  434. <td><b>PROFESSOR</b><br>20G & 5HC per term<br><i>Year Three and up;</i><br>accepting applications<br><br><textarea>[PROFESSOR APP]
  435. 1. Which class(es) do you want to grade?
  436. 2. How many hours per week are you generally on neopets?
  437. 3. Do you check this account daily?
  438. 4. How many house points and coins is each assignment worth?
  439. 5. What do you need to send in EVERY TIME someone completes an assignment? Who do you send it to?
  440. 6. Are you currently (or are you willing to become) a member of Wizengamot (this is optional, but can help you with your duties)?</textarea></td>
  441. </tr></table><br>
  442. Send all applications for positions in this department to the <a href="/neomessages.phtml?type=send&recipient=pvaaux&subject=Application">Hogwarts Headmistress</a>!
  443. </center></center></div>
  464. <div class="part" id="keia"><h1>the office of keia, minister for magic</h1><img src="" style="float: left;"><h2><strike>Spattergroit</strike> Scattergories</h2> This activity is worth 25HP, and 5HC. However, you must read my mind in order to get everything. I'll pick a letter each week and you must fill out the list with what you think I chose for that letter. Sounds easy? Well, let's see!<blockquote style="margin: 0px 200px 0px 200px; background: none;"><h2>Letter:    
  465. O   </h2><br><b>Harry Potter Spell:<br>Potion:<br>Someone older than Harry Potter:<br>Magical Creature:<br>Magical Herb/Plant/Fungi:</b></blockquote><br><br><br><br><center><a href="/neomessages.phtml?type=send&recipient=keia0987&subject=Office">SEND YOUR ACTIVITY ANSWERS HERE!</a><br><br><br><a href="#activities">BACK TO THE ACTIVITY DIRECTORY</a></center></div><br><br><div class="part" id="kim"><h1>the office of kim, head of the department of magical games and sports</h1><img src="" style="float: left;"><h2>Riddles</h2><br><b>1.</b>
  466. I am the beginning of the end, the end of every place. I am the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space. What am I?   <br><br><b>2.</b>
  467. Different lights make me strange, for each one my size will change. <br><br><b>3.</b>
  468. I have no wallet but I pay my way.I travel the world but in the corner I stay. What am I?    <br><br><br><br><h2>Pick a Cake</h2> Can you pick the right cake? Worth up to 10HP + 2HC<br><br><img src=""><br><br><br><br><center><a href="/neomessages.phtml?type=send&recipient=kimmsy2000&subject=Office">SEND YOUR ACTIVITY ANSWERS HERE!</a><br><br><br><a href="#activities">BACK TO THE ACTIVITY DIRECTORY</a></center></div><br><br><div class="part" id="kayla"><br><h1>the office of kayla, head of the department of magical law enforcement</h1><br><br><img src="" style="float: left;"><h2>Battle of the Seven Potters</h2>Seven members (including myself) have used Polyjuice Potion to change into Harry Potter.<br>Click one and send the accompanying neomail to see if you found me ;) <br><b>You'll earn 5HP and 1HP for submitting your guess!</b><br>If you choose the correct one, you'll earn an additional 20HP and 4HC!<br>If you choose one next to mine, you'll earn an additional 10HP and 2HC!<br><br><br><br><center><img src="" usemap="#kayla" border="0"></center>
  469. <map name="kayla"><area shape="rect" coords="0,0,100,100" href="/neomessages.phtml?type=send&recipient=icanhaskaila&subject=Office&message_body=I+think+you+are+Potter+number+1"><area shape="rect" coords="100,0,200,100" href="/neomessages.phtml?type=send&recipient=icanhaskaila&subject=Office&message_body=I+think+you+are+Potter+number+2"><area shape="rect" coords="200,0,300,100" href="/neomessages.phtml?type=send&recipient=icanhaskaila&subject=Office&message_body=I+think+you+are+Potter+number+3"><area shape="rect" coords="300,0,400,100" href="/neomessages.phtml?type=send&recipient=icanhaskaila&subject=Office&message_body=I+think+you+are+Potter+number+4"><area shape="rect" coords="400,0,500,100" href="/neomessages.phtml?type=send&recipient=icanhaskaila&subject=Office&message_body=I+think+you+are+Potter+number+5"><area shape="rect" coords="500,0,600,100" href="/neomessages.phtml?type=send&recipient=icanhaskaila&subject=Office&message_body=I+think+you+are+Potter+number+6"><area shape="rect" coords="600,0,700,100" href="/neomessages.phtml?type=send&recipient=icanhaskaila&subject=Office&message_body=I+think+you+are+Potter+number+7"></map></div><br><br><br><a href="#activities">BACK TO THE ACTIVITY DIRECTORY</a></center></div><br><br>
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