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  1. DreamszAsher has joined the chat
  2. RoseStryker: wb
  3. DreamszAsherDreamszAsher : ty
  4. RoseStryker: imvu at its best
  5. DreamszAsher: ikr
  6. RoseStryker: i should havr mad a pageant office
  7. RoseStryker: lol
  8. DreamszAsher: lol.
  9. RoseStryker  not to self make a pageant office
  10. RoseStryker  note*
  11. RoseStryker: waiting on her sorry
  12. DreamszAsher: np u actually dont need to from my understand you are dqing me from the competition
  13. DreamszAsher: which is something that should have been done to you for 2 rounds... using mesum in your snaps or edits.. she is a founder weather or not she wants to claim it.. it was never updated that she stepped down.. and at the time u did both those flame had mentioned to me that u know better then to have a founder be a part of your work
  14. RoseStryker: the founder as u say left the gp so i dont clam her as founder
  15. DreamszAsher: so even thought i busted my ass to get my revotes its fine dq me.. and as per my decision after asking flame briefly as to how i should handle u having mesum in ur work.. you also will be and no this isnt blackmail or anything.. theres no reason to allow me back and then to take it away from me.. please do no bother flame he doesnt want to speak to anyone not even myself
  16. RoseStryker: duh
  17. RoseStryker: im not stupid
  18. DreamszAsher: she is a founder its not in my updates nor is she removed from the soapbox and she left the gp before the soapbox was made
  19. DreamszAsher: now is that all that the two of u needed to speak to me about?
  20. RoseStryker: she keeps dozing off but we will contine tomorrow cus i want them here
  21. RoseStryker: and im sleepy myself
  22. DreamszAsher: they finals on the 27th
  23. DreamszAsher: there is no tomorrow
  24. DreamszAsher: i will be busy.. i have a rl
  25. DreamszAsher: so
  26. DreamszAsher: just tell me now whatever is need to be said
  27. DreamszAsher: u are the owner
  28. DreamszAsher: u have the final say
  29. RoseStryker: well u basically said it dreamsz
  30. DreamszAsher: but apparently are changing your mind after speaking to me yesterday
  31. RoseStryker: saxe is right u blackmailed me, whether u admit it or not u did
  32. RoseStryker: i only caved cus i want to win ur pageant so badly
  33. RoseStryker: and i got people mad at me
  34. DreamszAsher: and u would have.. u were one of the first 2.. but since im being dq'd for what? im making the decision to dq u for using a founder
  35. DreamszAsher: rose the competition is urs not anyone else u made it its in your name
  36. RoseStryker: omg
  37. RoseStryker: u really dont know why im dqing u
  38. DreamszAsher: so they are mad because u made the choice to let me back... they will get over it
  39. DreamszAsher: nope
  40. RoseStryker: cus u blackmailed me
  41. DreamszAsher: i didnt black mail u
  42. DreamszAsher: but ok
  43. RoseStryker: or what saxe calls it dirty eye
  44. DreamszAsher: thanks for ur time.. i hope u can make it to miss val finals to recieve any prize u might have won
  45. DreamszAsher: have a good night
  46. RoseStryker: wtf is ur problem
  47. DreamszAsher: this bs and drama
  48. DreamszAsher: i said i was leaving under personal rl issues
  49. RoseStryker: and u quit 3 times
  50. DreamszAsher: u did not come to me and ask me about anything but spoke to flame about it
  51. DreamszAsher: i quit 2 times
  52. DreamszAsher: before it started
  53. DreamszAsher: and just recently
  54. RoseStryker: nope 3
  55. RoseStryker: cf issue u tired quiting
  56. DreamszAsher: cf?
  57. RoseStryker: confessional
  58. DreamszAsher: i dont remember quiting then but everyone was attacking me
  59. DreamszAsher: i got judged for having elf ears on
  60. DreamszAsher: that is something that will never be removed
  61. DreamszAsher: it wasnt for miss yule
  62. DreamszAsher: i didnt get points doced
  63. DreamszAsher: docked*
  64. DreamszAsher: its part of me and my avie..
  65. DreamszAsher: as flame said "its a virtual world" thats my avie
  66. DreamszAsher: my elf ears were even on in my application
  67. DreamszAsherDreamszAsher : so why an issue with my elf ears all of a sudden mesum knows that i dont remove them
  68. DreamszAsher: are u gonna dock katie for having hearing aids?
  69. RoseStryker: oh and fyi since im kicked out i wont be at the finals since i cant win a prize
  70. DreamszAsher: thats fine u still recieve ur prize
  71. RoseStryker: ty for blackmailing me i love it
  72. RoseStryker: did it twice
  73. DreamszAsher: ty for going back on ur word
  74. DreamszAsher: u could have come to me yesterday
  75. DreamszAsher: but u didnt
  76. DreamszAsher: people say stupid shit when they are upset
  77. DreamszAsher: if u remember your "flame gave me 0's im leaving"
  78. DreamszAsher: u were upset at the time
  79. DreamszAsher: and i asked u not to go
  80. RoseStryker: yes just like i told u not to quit
  81. DreamszAsher: before the competitions even started
  82. DreamszAsher: because of issues with mesum and saxe
  83. RoseStryker: oh so me talking u out of it dont mean anything
  84. DreamszAsher: and i didnt quit though i was unfairly judged in my opinion
  85. DreamszAsher: ur making a decision based on other people..
  86. DreamszAsher: mine is solely on me
  87. RoseStryker: i made it based on rl
  88. DreamszAsher: this aint rl hunny
  89. RoseStryker: i didnt same at yuletide
  90. DreamszAsher: as i stated
  91. DreamszAsher: when i messaged u yesterday
  92. RoseStryker: please dont call me hunny
  93. RoseStryker: i hate it
  94. DreamszAsher: u did not message me at all
  95. DreamszAsher: but flame repeated everything u had told him
  96. DreamszAsher: my daughter is/was very ill
  97. DreamszAsher: i told u i would take 5th place and was told u were replacing me
  98. RoseStryker: i am sorry about ur daughter
  99. RoseStryker: we was thinking was sat in stone
  100. DreamszAsher: are u realy? because of my daughter being ill ive now been dq;d from this comp
  101. RoseStryker: im not dqing u cus of ur daughter serously
  102. DreamszAsher: so before u all come at me about this u might all want to know the truths here.. saxe and mesum were not part of me and u convo yesterday
  103. RoseStryker: it was me and mesum
  104. RoseStryker: and shes an owner too
  105. RoseStryker: we are a team
  106. RoseStryker: so yes part of the team is pissed at me
  107. DreamszAsher: -shrug- well thanks anyways good luck with ur competition
  108. DreamszAsher: and if i dont get a reward.. which i know i deserve viewers choice
  109. DreamszAsher: then so be it
  110. DreamszAsher: have a lovely night
  111. DreamszAsher has left the chat
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