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  1. The Hackers Tribune was formed with the intent of giving hackers, leakers, researchers and activists the ability to control their own narrative and consolidate news from inside the hacking world into one browse-able place.
  3. Rather than hire individual authors to cover news stories from around the tech world, The Hackers Tribune aims to allow individuals or groups of individuals to write their own stories for themselves. If someone finds a new vulnerability or exploit, they can submit their analysis of it. If a hacker or hacking group hacks someone, they can draft their own press release on the matter. If an activist wants to organize or push support for a rally, they can advertise on behalf of it. If someone wants to leak a file or database, they can dump it online. If someone wants to draft a new security tutorial or series of tutorials, they can release them - et cetera.
  5. The goal of The Hackers Tribune is to consolidate information from inside the hacking world into one place, and give hackers/activists their own unique news platform. In other words, news for hackers by hackers.
  7. If enough people get connected and participate, imagine the stories we could tell or the quality of information we can put together. Simply submit your story/article to The Hackers Tribune and it will be published online. Any and all sources will be kept private, and no story will be edited without the direct approval of the source providing it.
  9. Instead of pushing stories on social media pages or individual platforms across the web, The Hackers Tribune aims to connect hackers and activists from around the world, where anyone can share and see what everyone else is doing. The more people get involved and the larger the Tribune grows, the more it only serves to benefit the popularity/visibility of each source. The Hackers Tribune aims to revolutionize the way the tech, cyber security and hacking community receives their news, cutting out the middle man and putting the individual back in charge of their own narrative.
  11. How To Submit Your Story:
  13. sources@thehackerstribune.com
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