Standing Around

Mar 20th, 2015
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  1. Stands
  2. So I spent some time figuring out Stands for my current run.
  3. Me: Long Dream
  4. Stats:
  5. Destructive Power:A
  6. Speed: N/A
  7. Range: A
  8. Durability: E-A
  9. Precision: E
  10. Developmental Potential: A
  11. Long Dream has no set appearance instead it takes the form of the「recollection」of the actions of another. When manifested Long Dream acts out the「recollection」perfectly, taking the precise same actions as the person in the「recollection」did. Any particular「recollection」can only be used once with Long Dream, a「recollection」has a preset length and cannot be canceled early.
  13. Dev Potential expended increasing precision to C, allowing more precise definitions of 「recollections」and obtaining the ability to manifest already expended 「recollections」as illusions, devoid of physical substance.
  14. Alternate mode: Hybrid
  15. Attained by use of White Queen of the Unreal and Of Destiny Born to effectively invert the nature of the Stand, Hybrid brings forth 「visions」
  16. of a future that will never happen. Although very potent for its ability to deal with most enemies it is extremely disorienting to use as it renders the user effectively perfectly amnesiac due to their memories constantly wildly shifting once the「vison」has manifested in addition to the disorientation from White Queen of the Unreal.
  18. Louise: Blumenkranz
  19. Stats:
  20. Destructive Power:C (Initially)
  21. Speed: C (Initially)
  22. Range: D
  23. Durability: D (Initially)
  24. Precision: E
  25. Developmental Potential: EX
  26. Upon striking a foe Blumenkranz grows stronger in exchange for destroying a portion of the foe's 「fortune」as well as a much smaller portion of the「fortune」of those in the surrounding area. The gain in power is slight but permanent and grows in proportion to the amount of「fortune」destroyed.
  28. Blumenkranz appears as a suit of full plate wearing a nun habit. The armor seems to glint and refract unnaturally in the light, frequently casting rainbows all over. As Blumenkranz gains in power so too does the refraction effect, during the first manifestations it was hardly noticeable but by the time we reached Changeling Blumenkranz was emitting more rainbows than should be physically possible with the amount of light on it.
  30. Developmental potential used to generally massively increase all three noted stats. Due to an oddity of the Stand Blumenkranz cannot increase precision. Louise has however managed to develop a secondary ranged mode wherein Blumenkranz leeches 「fortune」without requiring contact.
  32. Captain Fishface: Surfing Safari
  33. Destructive Power:B
  34. Speed: C
  35. Range: E
  36. Durability: A
  37. Precision: C
  38. Developmental Potential: A
  39. Appearing as an ancient and weathered swordfishman in a blue but otherwise generic sailor uniform Surfing Safari can cause any object it is in contact with to change between liquid or solid state. While liquid most materials will be breathable as though they were water. Surfing Safari does not work on living things.
  41. Developmental Potential expended increasing Precision to absurd levels, allowing extremely fine delineation of what portions of a material are and aren’t affected.
  43. Babbage: Permanent Waves
  44. Destructive Power:C
  45. Speed: C
  46. Range: C
  47. Durability: C
  48. Precision: A
  49. Developmental Potential: A
  50. By performing an action Permanent Waves can set the「procedure」by which the action is accomplished in all onlookers. While the 「procedure」must be recognizable as the action it may contain variations or flaws in how the action is accomplished, for example if the Stand were to throw a few punches with its thumb inside the fist all who witnessed it do so will also preform punches that way until separated from Permanent Waves for a prolonged period of time or until Babbage dismisses the effect. Curiously this effect still works on those unable to view Stands that would otherwise have seen the 「procedure」being established.
  52. Permanent Waves appears as a stereotypical Man in Black, except the surface of the face is a blank, reflective surface (any screaming faces seen are tricks of the light I assure you). It wears a powdered wig with the folds in clothing always taking the form of numbers less than eight. Permanent Waves is also missing its two pinky fingers.
  54. Father Alexander: They Might Be Giants
  55. Destructive Power: E
  56. Speed: E
  57. Range: A
  58. Durability: E
  59. Precison: C
  60. Developmental Potential: A
  61. By changing a distinguishing feature of someone or something Father Alexander can prevent anyone else from recognizing the target’s identity. So for example by changing his hairstyle he could make it so that everyone would think he was some other person and not Father Alexander. The effect can be dismissed at will and may also use a previous identity formed by the stand so long as the changed distinguishing feature is returned to the state of the initial use for that identity.
  64. Robert Josephson: Twister
  65. Destructive Power:B
  66. Speed: A
  67. Range: E
  68. Durability: A
  69. Precision: B
  70. Developmental Potential: A
  71. After setting a short term objective Robert Josephson may shunt any damage or other afflictions on him forward in time to the point where he completes the goal at which point they cannot be sent forward again.
  73. Developmental Potential expended to add secondary mode: Forbode, wherein, Robert Josephson chooses a secondary target who also gains the benefits of the Stand. Activation otherwise proceeds as normal except that the one who achieves the goal receives neither set of wounds while the other target gets both. The goal for Forbode must be something either party can accomplish and be stated aloud. “Be Robert Josephson” usually wouldn’t be a valid goal barring metaphysical fuckups, meanwhile “reach route 104 within 15 minutes” is a valid goal. In the event the goal becomes impossible to accomplish for both parties both parties receive both sets of wounds.
  75. Punch Ghost Appearance: A draconic humanoid in a fine suit, with an appearance best described as the results of projecting a 2d tribal tatoo into three dimensions.
  77. Farseer Carawyn: Rainbow in the Dark
  78. Destructive Power: E
  79. Speed: C
  80. Range: A
  81. Durability: D
  82. Precision: A
  83. Developmental Potential: A
  84. Detonation upon contact with a target can「invert」the consequences of a person's actions within the last 5 seconds upon touching them. Going up a step becomes going down one step, tending to wounds becomes attacking the subject, and so on. While not particularly strong Detonation can go great distances from Carawyn and shares their senses, allowing it to be used precisely.
  86. The Choir of Righteous Fury: Through Fire and Flame
  87. Destructive Power: Variable
  88. Speed: Variable
  89. Range: A
  90. Durability: Variable
  91. Precision: Variable
  92. Developmental Potential: E
  93. Though Fire and Flame initially manifests as a skeleton in burnished golden armor, with E rank in all variable stats. However by offering an 「ability」to the Stand the Choir member loses that「ability」and the Stand gains it, as well as a boost to relevant attributes. The「ability」may be reclaimed at any time and may be granted to other members of the Choir instead of Though Fire and Flame. However Though Fire and Flame's true potential is unleashed when a member of the Choir dies, gaining all their abilities and operation independent of the remainder of the Choir, making its range effectively infinite as it has a user with it no matter where it goes.
  95. Upon the death of all four members of the Choir Though Fire and Flame will continue functioning, having become a brilliant visage of the God Emperor, with very high ratings in most stats, the collected 「abilities」of the entire choir, and heavy resistance to damage as it effectively has no User. In this state Though Fire and Flame will attempt to avenge the Choir to the best of its ability, but is unable to do much else as the capacity for reasoning an innovation is one of the few 「abilities」 that cannot be transferred through use of the Stand. Though Fire and Flame will return to Corpse Emperor form upon the revival of the Choir.
  97. Cantus: Amnesia
  98. Destructive Power: B
  99. Speed: D
  100. Range: A
  101. Durability: E
  102. Precision: A
  103. Developmental Potential: A
  104. Amnesia manifests as a swarm of robotic locusts, each individually fairly weak, about as durable as an actual insect but able to eat their way through many substances en masse. Amnesia's true ability though is one of improvement and repair. Each individual locust can mold into a damaged portion of an object or being, forming a slightly improved replacement for missing or damaged pieces. The replacements mostly function normally although Cantus may exert some control over replaced pieces as well as making them return to Stand form at will.
  106. Developmental potential expended to turn the Stand into an automatic Stand, thereby removing the sympathetic damage aspect of Stands and allowing Cantus to use the Stand without having to micromanage each manifestation. Upon activation Cantus must set five rules for the Stand to follow, at least one of which must include a criteria for dispersal. The Stand will then attempt to achieve Cantus' goal as expediently as possible while still following all 5 set rules. Notably the removal of sympathetic damage allows for the use of what was previously an impractical technique: turning the swarm on itself to form a single vastly improved and much larger locust by having the swarm eat itself. Upon dissipation Cantus may reactive the Stand, once more restored to its full number.
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