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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
  2. <gameList>
  3.   <provider>
  4.     <System>Game Boy Color</System>
  5.     <software>Skraper</software>
  6.     <database></database>
  7.     <web></web>
  8.   </provider>
  9.   <game id="36874" source="">
  10.     <path>./Bomberman Max - Blue Champion (USA).gbc</path>
  11.     <name>Bomberman Max : Blue Champion</name>
  12.     <desc>Bomberman returns to the Game Boy Color. The adventure is much the same as before, plant bombs to blow up blocks and enemies that get in your way of the exit.   Much like Pok√©mon before it, Max: Blue is one part of the adventure (the other being Max: Red Challenger Edition). During both games, you can pick up "Charabombs", creatures that you can raise as your own, and fight against other players Charabombs. It's a simple bonus game of Rock/Paper/Scissors, but the only way to complete the entire adventure is by linking both games together via link cable and pass over levels from one cart to the other, as each game has unique levels, so as to collect all of the Charabombs.  In Max: Blue you play as Bomberman himself, with all of the classic graphics and sounds that have been part of the series from the start.</desc>
  13.     <rating>0.75</rating>
  14.     <releasedate>20000514T000000</releasedate>
  15.     <developer>Hudson</developer>
  16.     <publisher>Vatical Entertainment LLC</publisher>
  17.     <genre>Puzzle-Game-Action</genre>
  18.     <players>1-2</players>
  19.     <image>./media/images/Bomberman Max - Blue Champion (USA).png</image>
  20.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Bomberman Max - Blue Champion (USA).png</thumbnail>
  21.     <video>./media/videos/Bomberman Max - Blue Champion (USA).mp4</video>
  22.   </game>
  23.   <game id="37043" source="">
  24.     <path>./Bomberman Quest (USA) (SGB Enhanced).gbc</path>
  25.     <name>Bomberman Quest</name>
  26.     <desc>Carrying with him all the monsters he captured on his last mission, Bomberman is headed for his home planet Bomber. However, all of a sudden someone steals all of his four rocket engines and he is forced to make an emergency landing. After having woken up from the crash he realises that not only are his engines gone, but all of the monsters have escaped!  Bomberman Quest is a top down action RPG in which Bomberman has to traverse four different lands and speak to the natives to aid him in his quest to reclaim the engines and monsters. In true action RPG fashion, you pick up upgrades along the way, such as bomb parts and skills acquired from defeating monsters.  There is also a battle mode where two players can duke it out via linked Game Boy Colors.</desc>
  27.     <rating>0.65</rating>
  28.     <releasedate>19981224T000000</releasedate>
  29.     <developer>Hudson</developer>
  30.     <publisher>Electro Brain Corp.</publisher>
  31.     <genre>Role playing games</genre>
  32.     <players>1-2</players>
  33.     <image>./media/images/Bomberman Quest (USA) (SGB Enhanced).png</image>
  34.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Bomberman Quest (USA) (SGB Enhanced).png</thumbnail>
  35.     <video>./media/videos/Bomberman Quest (USA) (SGB Enhanced).mp4</video>
  36.   </game>
  37.   <game id="82025" source="">
  38.     <path>./Bugs Bunny in Crazy Castle 4 (USA).gbc</path>
  39.     <name>Bugs Bunny - Crazy Castle 4</name>
  40.     <desc>Bugs Bunny in Crazy Castle 4 is the second game in the Crazy Castle series for the Game Boy Color.  Like in the previous three games you play as Bugs Bunny. This time you have to find your way to the mysterious Crazy Castle. You will pass through a wide variety of locations in which you will encounter familiar Looney Tunes characters such as Taz, Yosemite Sam, Wile E. Coyote, Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd.  Bugs Bunny can climb stairs and ladders, jump ropes and springs, and use a large amount of items such as hammers to break rocks, carrots to replenish health, weapons to knock out enemies and pick-axes to climb over rocks.  There are more than 60 levels. In each you will have to find eight keys to unlock the door to the next level. Various traps will bar you way, including ice floors, conveyor belts, moving floors and disintegrating platforms.</desc>
  41.     <rating>0</rating>
  42.     <releasedate>20000511T000000</releasedate>
  43.     <developer>Kotobuki System</developer>
  44.     <publisher>KEMCO U.S.A., INC.</publisher>
  45.     <genre>Puzzle-Game-Strategy</genre>
  46.     <image>./media/images/Bugs Bunny in Crazy Castle 4 (USA).png</image>
  47.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Bugs Bunny in Crazy Castle 4 (USA).png</thumbnail>
  48.     <video>./media/videos/Bugs Bunny in Crazy Castle 4 (USA).mp4</video>
  49.   </game>
  50.   <game id="36878" source="">
  51.     <path>./Bugs Bunny - Crazy Castle 3 (USA, Europe).gbc</path>
  52.     <name>Bugs Bunny: Crazy Castle 3</name>
  53.     <desc>Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle brings the gameplay from Bugs Bunny in Crazy Castle and its sequel to the Game Boy Color. In the game you play as Bugs Bunny and you have to find a treasure hidden in an old castle. Unfortunately the witch Hazel put your friends (other Looney Tunes characters such as Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam, Sylvester and Wile E. Coyote) under a spell and they will try anything to prevent you from reaching your goal.  You will have to guide Bugs Bunny through 60 levels in and around the castle. In each level you have to find eight keys to unlock the door to the next level.  You can collect carrots for more lives and there are a variety of weapons you can pick up to take care of your enemies, including bombs, lightning, cork gun, juice and weights. Other items such as a hammer or pick-axe can help you get past level obstacles. Shields, clocks and shoes will protect you from your enemies.  As Bugs Bunny you can walk around, climb stairs, use elevators and climb through tunnels to navigate around the screen.</desc>
  54.     <rating>0</rating>
  55.     <releasedate>19990317T000000</releasedate>
  56.     <developer>Kotobuki System</developer>
  57.     <publisher>Nintendo</publisher>
  58.     <genre>Puzzle-Game-Strategy</genre>
  59.     <image>./media/images/Bugs Bunny - Crazy Castle 3 (USA, Europe).png</image>
  60.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Bugs Bunny - Crazy Castle 3 (USA, Europe).png</thumbnail>
  61.     <video>./media/videos/Bugs Bunny - Crazy Castle 3 (USA, Europe).mp4</video>
  62.   </game>
  63.   <game id="37045" source="">
  64.     <path>./Bust-A-Move Millennium (USA, Europe).gbc</path>
  65.     <name>Bust-A-Move Millennium</name>
  66.     <desc>An exclusive version of the puzzle franchise on the handheld includes all the fun of the original Bust-A-Move along with varying playfield sizes; story, puzzle and versus modes; and the ability to play against a friend in 2 player versus.  Other modes include endless mode (play as long as you want), and a challenge mode where you must complete puzzles perfectly in order to move on.</desc>
  67.     <rating>0</rating>
  68.     <releasedate>20001117T000000</releasedate>
  69.     <developer>Dreams Co., Ltd.</developer>
  70.     <publisher>Acclaim Entertainment</publisher>
  71.     <genre>Puzzle-Game</genre>
  72.     <players>1-2</players>
  73.     <image>./media/images/Bust-A-Move Millennium (USA, Europe).png</image>
  74.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Bust-A-Move Millennium (USA, Europe).png</thumbnail>
  75.     <video>./media/videos/Bust-A-Move Millennium (USA, Europe).mp4</video>
  76.   </game>
  77.   <game id="36883" source="">
  78.     <path>./Centipede (USA).gbc</path>
  79.     <name>Centipede</name>
  80.     <desc>The classic arcade hit CENTIPEDE comes to Game Boy Color in this slightly enhanced version of the old favorite. This one- or two-player game has you firing pesticide at an oncoming centipede that is threatening the garden. As the pest weaves its way through the mushrooms dispersed throughout the screen, you'll have to use strategy as well as quickness to fight it off. The classic gameplay is replicated perfectly in this arcade port. You can play two players competitively by alternating on a single Game Boy, or grab two copies of the game and a Game Boy Link Cable to cooperate against the buggy bad guys. CENTIPEDE is enhanced for Game Boy Color, with all new brightly colored graphics that will take you back to the arcades of the '80s. Centipede is compatible with all Game Boy systems.</desc>
  81.     <rating>0</rating>
  82.     <releasedate />
  83.     <developer>Morning Star Multimedia</developer>
  84.     <publisher>Majesco Sales, Inc.</publisher>
  85.     <genre>Action</genre>
  86.     <players>2</players>
  87.     <image>./media/images/Centipede (USA).png</image>
  88.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Centipede (USA).png</thumbnail>
  89.     <video>./media/videos/Centipede (USA).mp4</video>
  90.   </game>
  91.   <game id="37047" source="">
  92.     <path>./Classic Bubble Bobble (USA) (SGB Enhanced).gbc</path>
  93.     <name>Classic Bubble Bobble</name>
  94.     <desc>Blue Dino has become ill, and its up to Green Dino to find a cure. Essentially a remake of the classic arcade title, without the ability to play with two players.  The aim of the game is to use your Dino's bubble abilities to trap and pop the bad guys while dodging their attacks to complete the level, collecting the bonus items along the way. Popping the enemies turns them into fruit for bonus points.</desc>
  95.     <rating>0</rating>
  96.     <releasedate />
  97.     <developer>Taito</developer>
  98.     <publisher>Metro3D, Inc.</publisher>
  99.     <genre>Puzzle-Game</genre>
  100.     <players>1</players>
  101.     <image>./media/images/Classic Bubble Bobble (USA) (SGB Enhanced).png</image>
  102.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Classic Bubble Bobble (USA) (SGB Enhanced).png</thumbnail>
  103.     <video>./media/videos/Classic Bubble Bobble (USA) (SGB Enhanced).mp4</video>
  104.   </game>
  105.   <game id="36894" source="">
  106.     <path>./Daffy Duck - Fowl Play (USA, Europe).gbc</path>
  107.     <name>Daffy Duck: Fowl Play</name>
  108.     <desc>In Daffy Duck: Fowl Play, Daffy is in search of a hidden treasure that Bugs Bunny told him about.  Unfortunately, the rest of the Looney Tunes cast is out to stop him.  Fowl Play is a nine-level platforming/action game with some unusual mechanics.  Daffy has a hunger meter which he must keep filled.  You must find food throughout the levels and always hurry lest Daffy starve.</desc>
  109.     <rating>0</rating>
  110.     <releasedate>20000121T000000</releasedate>
  111.     <developer>Sunsoft</developer>
  112.     <publisher>Sunsoft</publisher>
  113.     <genre>Action</genre>
  114.     <players>1</players>
  115.     <image>./media/images/Daffy Duck - Fowl Play (USA, Europe).png</image>
  116.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Daffy Duck - Fowl Play (USA, Europe).png</thumbnail>
  117.     <video>./media/videos/Daffy Duck - Fowl Play (USA, Europe).mp4</video>
  118.   </game>
  119.   <game id="82101" source="">
  120.     <path>./Donald Duck - Goin' Quackers (USA) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).gbc</path>
  121.     <name>Donald Duck : Goin' Quackers</name>
  122.     <desc>You play as Donald in this 3D platform action game. Donald's girlfriend, Daisy is a reporter for a television station in Duckberg. While doing a story on the secret temple of the terrible magician Merlock, Daisy is kidnapped. Now, it is up to Donald to get her back. Along the way he will have help from his nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and the inventor Gyro Gearloose. He will also have competition from Gladstone Gander, who is also trying to save Daisy.     Game play alternates between side-scrolling running and jumping and 3D running and jumping. The side-scrolling levels play a lot like the Super Mario Bros. games. The 3D levels are more akin to the Crash Bandicoot series of games. All in all, there are 20 levels spread out through various areas.</desc>
  123.     <rating>0.7</rating>
  124.     <releasedate />
  125.     <developer>Ubisoft</developer>
  126.     <publisher>Disney Interactive</publisher>
  127.     <genre>Platform</genre>
  128.     <image>./media/images/Donald Duck - Goin' Quackers (USA) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).png</image>
  129.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Donald Duck - Goin' Quackers (USA) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).png</thumbnail>
  130.     <video>./media/videos/Donald Duck - Goin' Quackers (USA) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).mp4</video>
  131.   </game>
  132.   <game id="36905" source="">
  133.     <path>./Donkey Kong Country (USA, Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).gbc</path>
  134.     <name>Donkey Kong Country</name>
  135.     <desc>King K. Rool has stolen Donkey Kong's banana stash, and Donkey Kong needs your help to get them back. In search of K. Rool, the Kremling horde impedes your progress. Kremlings, crocodile-like creatures, include Kritters (they succumb to a simple jump on the head), Krushas (they are virtually indestructible), and others. There are also other enemies that block your path, such as beavers, snakes, vultures. Leading them are dastardly bosses, including Very Gnawty, Necky, Bumble B, and Dumb Drum, and they all bar the way with their own special blend of villainy.  Donkey Kong is joined by Diddy Kong: these two primates differ significantly. For example, Donkey Kong is generally stronger; he can destroy most enemies with a single jump and can lift barrels straight over his head to throw them farther. On the other hand, Diddy is faster and not as strong as Donkey; he can run really fast and do cartwheels. Diddy carries barrels in front of him, creating a shield against frontal attacks.  The game is split into different worlds, which are split into different levels. Each level contains bonus areas, where one can collect bananas, medallions, and lives. At the end of each world is a boss, which is usually a larger version of a minor enemy.</desc>
  136.     <rating>0.65</rating>
  137.     <releasedate>20001022T000000</releasedate>
  138.     <developer>Rare, Ltd.</developer>
  139.     <publisher>Nintendo</publisher>
  140.     <genre>Action</genre>
  141.     <players>1-2</players>
  142.     <image>./media/images/Donkey Kong Country (USA, Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).png</image>
  143.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Donkey Kong Country (USA, Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).png</thumbnail>
  144.     <video>./media/videos/Donkey Kong Country (USA, Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).mp4</video>
  145.   </game>
  146.   <game id="36910" source="">
  147.     <path>./Earthworm Jim - Menace 2 the Galaxy (USA, Europe).gbc</path>
  148.     <name>Earthworm Jim: Menace 2 the Galaxy</name>
  149.     <desc>Earthworm Jim is up against 12 levels of bad guys as he explores his bedroom. It's far from the adventures against Psy-Crow, but there are plenty of evil beings lying uner the bed that are just as dangerous.  It's an all new adventure, using similar elements to the previous 2 Earthworm Jim platform games on the SNES. Many of his zany attacks are here with a few added extras, plus the return of Professor Monkey-for-a-Head.</desc>
  150.     <rating>0.6</rating>
  151.     <releasedate />
  152.     <developer>David A. Palmer Productions</developer>
  153.     <publisher>Crave Entertainment, Inc.</publisher>
  154.     <genre>Adventure</genre>
  155.     <players>1</players>
  156.     <image>./media/images/Earthworm Jim - Menace 2 the Galaxy (USA, Europe).png</image>
  157.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Earthworm Jim - Menace 2 the Galaxy (USA, Europe).png</thumbnail>
  158.     <video>./media/videos/Earthworm Jim - Menace 2 the Galaxy (USA, Europe).mp4</video>
  159.   </game>
  160.   <game id="36917" source="">
  161.     <path>./Frogger (USA) (Rev B).gbc</path>
  162.     <name>Frogger</name>
  163.     <desc>Your task in this arcade conversion is to guide a frog across a treacherous road and river, and to safety at the top of the screen. Both these sections are fraught with a variety of hazards, each of which will kill the frog and cost you a life if contact is made.  The road is full of cars and trucks, at variable speeds. The river water itself is fatal, as are the snakes which hover within on later levels. Frogger must use the arrangement of logs, turtles (which are only there for a short time) and alligators (but stay away form their faces), and then jump into one of the open home-cells, ideally one containing a fly for extra points. Once all holes have been filled, you move onto the next, harder, level.</desc>
  164.     <rating>0</rating>
  165.     <releasedate />
  166.     <developer>Konami</developer>
  167.     <publisher>Majesco Sales, Inc.</publisher>
  168.     <genre>Action</genre>
  169.     <players>1-2</players>
  170.     <image>./media/images/Frogger (USA) (Rev B).png</image>
  171.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Frogger (USA) (Rev B).png</thumbnail>
  172.     <video>./media/videos/Frogger (USA) (Rev B).mp4</video>
  173.   </game>
  174.   <game id="37079" source="">
  175.     <path>./Galaga - Destination Earth (USA).gbc</path>
  176.     <name>Galaga : Destination Earth</name>
  177.     <desc>This handheld version is in the same spirit as its console cousins, excluding the graphics and the 3-D perspective.  This version has four different backgrounds that will vertically scroll along with a plethora of colorful enemy ships.  Players can upgrade to more powerful weapons including doubling their firepower by recapturing their ships that can be taken by Galaga command ships.  However, this version does not have Challenge stages that its other versions have.</desc>
  178.     <rating>0</rating>
  179.     <releasedate />
  180.     <developer>Pipedream Interactive, Inc.</developer>
  181.     <publisher>Majesco Sales, Inc.</publisher>
  182.     <genre>Shooter-Action</genre>
  183.     <players>1</players>
  184.     <image>./media/images/Galaga - Destination Earth (USA).png</image>
  185.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Galaga - Destination Earth (USA).png</thumbnail>
  186.     <video>./media/videos/Galaga - Destination Earth (USA).mp4</video>
  187.   </game>
  188.   <game id="36918" source="">
  189.     <path>./Game &amp; Watch Gallery 2 (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced).gbc</path>
  190.     <name>Game &amp; Watch Gallery 2</name>
  191.     <desc>Game &amp; Watch Gallery 2 features 5 original Game &amp; Watch games from the 1980's plus 5 re-mixed versions in full color featuring a cast of characters from the Mario World (incl. Mario, Peach, Yoshi, Luigi and more). The game included are:  Parachute: Catch the falling characters to gain points.  Helmet: Run around the arena while trying to avoid falling objects.  Chef: Catch falling pieces of food and cook them to feed to customers.  Vermin: Move around the arena and whack the characters to climb out of the holes in the ground.  Donkey Kong: The original Donkey Kong game, where as Mario you must stop Donkey Kong and save the Princess by collecting keys and dodging falling obstacles thrown by Donkey Kong.</desc>
  192.     <rating>0.8</rating>
  193.     <releasedate>19990831T000000</releasedate>
  194.     <developer>Nintendo</developer>
  195.     <publisher>Nintendo</publisher>
  196.     <genre>Action</genre>
  197.     <players>1</players>
  198.     <image>./media/images/Game &amp; Watch Gallery 2 (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced).png</image>
  199.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Game &amp; Watch Gallery 2 (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced).png</thumbnail>
  200.     <video>./media/videos/Game &amp; Watch Gallery 2 (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced).mp4</video>
  201.   </game>
  202.   <game id="37080" source="">
  203.     <path>./Game &amp; Watch Gallery 3 (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced).gbc</path>
  204.     <name>Game &amp; Watch Gallery 3</name>
  205.     <desc>The third in a series of re-creations of classic Nintendo Game &amp; Watch games. Both original and modern (featuring Mario and the Nintendo gang) versions of the following games are available to choose from:  Turtle Bridge: Pass on items over a bridge while not falling over.  Egg: Catch falling eggs and cook them just right while not dropping them or over cooking.  Green House: Protect your plants from hungry bugs.  Mario Brothers: Help Mario and Luigi pass items over conveyor belts while dodging Bowsers attacks.  Donkey Junior: As Donkey Kong Jr. you must collect the keys while evading enemies to save Donkey Kong.</desc>
  206.     <rating>0.8</rating>
  207.     <releasedate>19991206T000000</releasedate>
  208.     <developer>Tose Co., Ltd.</developer>
  209.     <publisher>Nintendo</publisher>
  210.     <genre>Various</genre>
  211.     <players>1-2</players>
  212.     <image>./media/images/Game &amp; Watch Gallery 3 (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced).png</image>
  213.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Game &amp; Watch Gallery 3 (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced).png</thumbnail>
  214.     <video>./media/videos/Game &amp; Watch Gallery 3 (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced).mp4</video>
  215.   </game>
  216.   <game id="82269" source="">
  217.     <path>./Hole In One Golf (USA) (Rumble Version) (SGB Enhanced).gbc</path>
  218.     <name>Hole In One Golf</name>
  219.     <desc>It's a quiet day on the links. You tee up your ball, and drive it 200 yards down the center of the fairway, leaving a 150-yard approach shot. After taking the approach shot, the ball stops rolling 3-feet from the pin. On the green, you sink the relatively easy putt, and you start your round with a birdie. While most golfers never have days like this, they can with HOLE IN ONE GOLF. Get out on three different courses and try to get the lowest score possible. However, the courses are located in rural areas, so you never know when birds, squirrels, or bears will come onto the course and mess with your shots. Try to play the round of your life with HOLE IN ONE GOLF.</desc>
  220.     <rating>0</rating>
  221.     <releasedate />
  222.     <image>./media/images/Hole In One Golf (USA) (Rumble Version) (SGB Enhanced).png</image>
  223.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Hole In One Golf (USA) (Rumble Version) (SGB Enhanced).png</thumbnail>
  224.     <video>./media/videos/Hole In One Golf (USA) (Rumble Version) (SGB Enhanced).mp4</video>
  225.   </game>
  226.   <game id="36935" source="">
  227.     <path>./Hoyle Card Games (USA).gbc</path>
  228.     <name>Hoyle Card Games</name>
  229.     <desc>The popular card games collection for Game Boy Color.  Includes 14 card game variations: Spades, War, Hearts, Cribbage, Old Maid, Gin Rummy, Go Fish, and 6 varieties of Solitaire.  Supports a pass play, and Game Link Cable multiplayer.</desc>
  230.     <rating>0.5</rating>
  231.     <releasedate />
  232.     <developer>Sandbox Studios, Inc.</developer>
  233.     <publisher>Sierra</publisher>
  234.     <genre>Various-Strategy</genre>
  235.     <players>1-2</players>
  236.     <image>./media/images/Hoyle Card Games (USA).png</image>
  237.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Hoyle Card Games (USA).png</thumbnail>
  238.     <video>./media/videos/Hoyle Card Games (USA).mp4</video>
  239.   </game>
  240.   <game id="37092" source="">
  241.     <path>./Hoyle Casino (USA).gbc</path>
  242.     <name>Hoyle Casino</name>
  243.     <desc>This game is the portable version of Hoyle Casino. Besides the obvious graphical differences, it contains a smaller amount of slot and video poker machines to play. Like its namesake on the PC and consoles, the game features a variety of casino themed games. You start off with a sum of money and try to make your fortune in a casino playing various games.</desc>
  244.     <rating>0</rating>
  245.     <releasedate />
  246.     <developer>Pulsar Interactive</developer>
  247.     <publisher>Sierra</publisher>
  248.     <genre>Action-Simulation</genre>
  249.     <players>1-2</players>
  250.     <image>./media/images/Hoyle Casino (USA).png</image>
  251.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Hoyle Casino (USA).png</thumbnail>
  252.     <video>./media/videos/Hoyle Casino (USA).mp4</video>
  253.   </game>
  254.   <game id="36946" source="">
  255.     <path>./Lemmings (USA).gbc</path>
  256.     <name>Lemmings</name>
  257.     <desc>Your task is to rescue the Lemmings across 120 levels of fast-paced puzzling. These creatures simply walk blindly through the world in the hope of reaching safety at the end of the level - unfortunately these levels include steep drops, gaps in the ground, barriers and rivers amongst other hazards.  You are in control not of any individual Lemming, but of a cross-hair, which can be moved over any of the Lemmings. Along the bottom are a selection of functions which can be assigned to a Lemming, including climbing, floating and bashing. You must click to select the appropriate function, then click on the Lemming to activate it. Each level has a different range of skills on offer, a different amount of Lemmings, and a different percentage target in order to progress.</desc>
  258.     <rating>0.6</rating>
  259.     <releasedate />
  260.     <developer>Tarantula Studios</developer>
  261.     <publisher>Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.</publisher>
  262.     <genre>Puzzle-Game-Strategy</genre>
  263.     <players>1</players>
  264.     <image>./media/images/Lemmings (USA).png</image>
  265.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Lemmings (USA).png</thumbnail>
  266.     <video>./media/videos/Lemmings (USA).mp4</video>
  267.   </game>
  268.   <game id="82414" source="">
  269.     <path>./Magical Drop (USA).gbc</path>
  270.     <name>Magical Drop</name>
  271.     <desc>MAGICAL DROP has a character facing imminent doom as bubbles slowly make their way towards him from the top of the screen. To get rid of the bubbles, you can grab bubbles of one color from the pile and move them to another area. When three or more bubbles of the same color touch, they will explode and destroy all of the like-colored bubbles around them. When bubbles are destroyed, those remaining in the pile float up and cause more to bubbles to burst in a chain reaction. This is a rather simple premise, but it's not easy to master. While the single-player game is fun, use a link cable and share the fun with a friend. Try to clear as many bubbles as possible with MAGICAL DROP.</desc>
  272.     <rating>0.6</rating>
  273.     <releasedate>20000825T000000</releasedate>
  274.     <developer>Virgin Interactive</developer>
  275.     <publisher>swing interactive</publisher>
  276.     <genre>Puzzle-Game</genre>
  277.     <players>1</players>
  278.     <image>./media/images/Magical Drop (USA).png</image>
  279.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Magical Drop (USA).png</thumbnail>
  280.     <video>./media/videos/Magical Drop (USA).mp4</video>
  281.   </game>
  282.   <game id="37123" source="">
  283.     <path>./Mario Golf (USA).gbc</path>
  284.     <name>Mario Golf</name>
  285.     <desc>Mario Golf on Game Boy Color isn't a straight port of the N64 game - it's a totally different game in its own right. It is a combination of a golf game and an RPG. As in an RPG, you choose your character at the beginning, with various strengths and weaknesses, and throughout the course of the game, your character gains experience points through winning matches or playing mini-games. Experience points can be distributed to various skills, such as putting, which makes it easier for you to do well. There are quite a few skills, and no two characters you can create will play in exactly the same way.  Although the story mode is the main part of the game, there's quite a few other modes to keep you busy, like Tournament, Match Game, Stroke, Training, and the two-player mode via link cable. It comes with a dictionary of all the golf terms you'll need, and an extensive range of statistics on your player.</desc>
  286.     <rating>0.8</rating>
  287.     <releasedate>19990630T000000</releasedate>
  288.     <developer>Camelot Software Planning</developer>
  289.     <publisher>Nintendo</publisher>
  290.     <genre>Sports</genre>
  291.     <players>1-2</players>
  292.     <image>./media/images/Mario Golf (USA).png</image>
  293.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Mario Golf (USA).png</thumbnail>
  294.     <video>./media/videos/Mario Golf (USA).mp4</video>
  295.   </game>
  296.   <game id="36954" source="">
  297.     <path>./Mario Tennis (USA).gbc</path>
  298.     <name>Mario Tennis</name>
  299.     <desc>Mario Tennis for the Game Boy Color is a much different experience than its N64 effort. In addition to the core gameplay found in the N64 version, the GBC version features an RPG-style world that allows you to work your way up through the ranks at the Royal Tennis Academy.  The main mode, Mario Tour, has you starting off as a Rookie with low stats. By completing training programs and defeating other students, you're able to gain experience points, which allow you to boost your tennis stats. When you're not playing tennis, you can spend time wandering the Academy grounds: talking to other students, or just taking in the sights and sounds.  In addition to the main game, there's also an exhibition mode (singles or doubles) for quick-play. And, if you get tired of playing the computer, the game supports the Game Link Cable for play against a friend.</desc>
  300.     <rating>0.9</rating>
  301.     <releasedate>20000116T000000</releasedate>
  302.     <developer>Camelot Software Planning</developer>
  303.     <publisher>Nintendo</publisher>
  304.     <genre>Sports-Sports / Tennis</genre>
  305.     <players>1-2</players>
  306.     <image>./media/images/Mario Tennis (USA).png</image>
  307.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Mario Tennis (USA).png</thumbnail>
  308.     <video>./media/videos/Mario Tennis (USA).mp4</video>
  309.   </game>
  310.   <game id="37129" source="">
  311.     <path>./Mega Man Xtreme 2 (USA, Europe).gbc</path>
  312.     <name>Mega Man Xtreme 2</name>
  313.     <desc>A new threat is arising! Reploids are suddenly breaking down, and when their bodies are investigated, no traces of their "souls" can be found in their memory! No one knows how it is happening, and the Reploid world is in a panic. To make matters worse, several Mavericks from the past are rampaging again, only this time with a new, deadly "DNA Soul" chip installed in them, making them even deadlier than before! The only hope left is in the Maverick Hunters, and their greatest heroes, X and Zero, to get to the bottom of this incident.  It's up to you to guide X and Zero through this deadly new mission and find out who is behind this Soul Eraser terror!</desc>
  314.     <rating>0.75</rating>
  315.     <releasedate>20020208T000000</releasedate>
  316.     <developer>Capcom</developer>
  317.     <publisher>Capcom</publisher>
  318.     <genre>Shooter-Action</genre>
  319.     <players>1</players>
  320.     <image>./media/images/Mega Man Xtreme 2 (USA, Europe).png</image>
  321.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Mega Man Xtreme 2 (USA, Europe).png</thumbnail>
  322.     <video>./media/videos/Mega Man Xtreme 2 (USA, Europe).mp4</video>
  323.   </game>
  324.   <game id="37128" source="">
  325.     <path>./Mega Man Xtreme (USA, Europe).gbc</path>
  326.     <name>Mega Man XTreme</name>
  327.     <desc>Mega Man X hits the Gameboy Color! When an unknown hacker group breaks into a super system known as the Mother Computer, havoc breaks out all over the world! X and Zero are called in to find and destroy this hacker group and restore the Mother Computer before the world is thrust into chaos!</desc>
  328.     <rating>0.8</rating>
  329.     <releasedate>20010824T000000</releasedate>
  330.     <developer>Capcom</developer>
  331.     <publisher>Capcom</publisher>
  332.     <genre>Shooter-Action</genre>
  333.     <players>1</players>
  334.     <image>./media/images/Mega Man Xtreme (USA, Europe).png</image>
  335.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Mega Man Xtreme (USA, Europe).png</thumbnail>
  336.     <video>./media/videos/Mega Man Xtreme (USA, Europe).mp4</video>
  337.   </game>
  338.   <game id="36968" source="">
  339.     <path>./Ms. Pac-Man - Special Color Edition (USA) (SGB Enhanced).gbc</path>
  340.     <name>Ms. Pac-Man: Special Color Edition</name>
  341.     <desc>All of the action and fun of the first feminist arcade game can be put in the palm of your hand with MS. PAC-MAN: Special Color Edition. You take control of the yellow disk adorned with lipstick and a pink bow, better known as the lovely Ms. Pac-Man. The goal is to guide her around the maze and eat all of the dots, avoiding the four ghosts that chase you. There are power pellets located in each corner of the maze which, when eaten, turn the ghosts blue. Once this happens, the ghosts can be eaten. Occasionally, fruit will float into the maze, which can be munched for extra points. If your friends want to play along, there is an alternating Two-Player mode. As an additional bonus, a complete version of SUPER PAC-MAN is included on the cartridge. Play as the first female arcade hero in MS. PAC-MAN: Special Color Edition.</desc>
  342.     <rating>0</rating>
  343.     <releasedate />
  344.     <developer>Namco</developer>
  345.     <publisher>Namco</publisher>
  346.     <genre>Action</genre>
  347.     <players>1</players>
  348.     <image>./media/images/Ms. Pac-Man - Special Color Edition (USA) (SGB Enhanced).png</image>
  349.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Ms. Pac-Man - Special Color Edition (USA) (SGB Enhanced).png</thumbnail>
  350.     <video>./media/videos/Ms. Pac-Man - Special Color Edition (USA) (SGB Enhanced).mp4</video>
  351.   </game>
  352.   <game id="37154" source="">
  353.     <path>./Pac-Man - Special Color Edition (USA) (SGB Enhanced).gbc</path>
  354.     <name>Pac-Man : Special Color Edition</name>
  355.     <desc>One of the most popular and influential games of the 1980's, Pac-Man stars a little, yellow dot-muncher who works his way around to clear a maze of the various dots and fruit which inhabit the board.    Pac-Man's goal is continually challenged by four ghosts: The shy blue ghost Bashful (Inky), the trailing red ghost Shadow (Blinky), the fast pink ghost Speedy (Pinky), and the forgetful orange ghost Pokey (Clyde). One touch from any of these ghosts means a loss of life for Pac-Man.    Pac-Man can turn the tables on his pursuers by eating of the four Energizers located within the maze. During this time, the ghosts turn blue, and Pac-Man can eat them for bonus points. This only lasts for a limited amount of time, as the ghost's eyes float back to their center box, and regenerate to chase after Pac-Man again.    Survive a few rounds of gameplay, and be treated to humorous intermissions between Pac-Man and the ghosts.</desc>
  356.     <rating>0.8</rating>
  357.     <releasedate />
  358.     <developer>Namco</developer>
  359.     <publisher>Namco</publisher>
  360.     <genre>Puzzle-Game-Action</genre>
  361.     <image>./media/images/Pac-Man - Special Color Edition (USA) (SGB Enhanced).png</image>
  362.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Pac-Man - Special Color Edition (USA) (SGB Enhanced).png</thumbnail>
  363.     <video>./media/videos/Pac-Man - Special Color Edition (USA) (SGB Enhanced).mp4</video>
  364.   </game>
  365.   <game id="36970" source="">
  366.     <path>./Paperboy (USA, Europe).gbc</path>
  367.     <name>Paperboy</name>
  368.     <desc>In PAPERBOY, all you have to do is deliver the newspaper to your subscribers. While this sounds easy enough, obstacles seem to constantly get into your way...things like dogs, kids on tricycles, traffic, and pedestrians. Since this is your neighborhood, you want punish those who do not subscribe to your paper, so you break their windows with rolled up newspapers. You will even hear the glass shatter thanks to the digitized sound effects and music! At the end of each level there is a bonus course, where you can demonstrate your newspaper-flinging accuracy and earn bonus points. Fortunately, there are three difficulty levels to help you get accustomed to the controls of the game. Will you become the master of your neighborhood or just another punk on a bike? Play PAPERBOY and find out.</desc>
  369.     <rating>0.55</rating>
  370.     <releasedate>19990101T000000</releasedate>
  371.     <developer>Digital Eclipse</developer>
  372.     <publisher>Midway</publisher>
  373.     <genre>Sports-Action</genre>
  374.     <players>1</players>
  375.     <image>./media/images/Paperboy (USA, Europe).png</image>
  376.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Paperboy (USA, Europe).png</thumbnail>
  377.     <video>./media/videos/Paperboy (USA, Europe).mp4</video>
  378.   </game>
  379.   <game id="82562" source="">
  380.     <path>./Pitfall - Beyond the Jungle (USA, Europe).gbc</path>
  381.     <name>Pitfall - Beyond the Jungle</name>
  382.     <desc>An evil force known as Scourge is manipulating the Red Lucense in order to take over the jungle. Now it is up to Pitfall Harry Jr. to use the Blue Lucense to restore peace to the land. You control Harry as he battles through 15 levels that span jungles, volcanoes, prisons, and caverns. Each world has unique variations; for example, you have to swing from vines in the jungle stages, while using a pickaxe to battle scorpions and other monsters. For some additional help, Harry has quick reflexes to allow him to dodge bullets and jump over some of the bad guys. In addition to Harry's innate skills, there are power-ups scattered throughout the levels including extra lives, gold bars, crystals, and extra health. Help Harry restore peace to the jungle in PITFALL: Beyond the Jungle.</desc>
  383.     <rating>0.45</rating>
  384.     <releasedate>19990101T000000</releasedate>
  385.     <developer>David A. Palmer Productions</developer>
  386.     <publisher>Crave</publisher>
  387.     <genre>Platform</genre>
  388.     <image>./media/images/Pitfall - Beyond the Jungle (USA, Europe).png</image>
  389.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Pitfall - Beyond the Jungle (USA, Europe).png</thumbnail>
  390.     <video>./media/videos/Pitfall - Beyond the Jungle (USA, Europe).mp4</video>
  391.   </game>
  392.   <game id="37156" source="">
  393.     <path>./Pocket Bomberman (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced).gbc</path>
  394.     <name>Pocket Bomberman</name>
  395.     <desc>Long, long ago, the sun was covered by a dark and heavy cloud. It was said this cloud was caused by a monster that had sealed the Sword of the Sun. Legends also says that to break the seal, a hero must collect five Power Stones that are guarded by monsters. Bomberman takes up the challenge as he is the last hero strong enough to defeat such monsters.  This is a side-scrolling platform game. In each world, you must clear four areas by killing any monsters within. To kill a monster, you drop a bomb. After a few seconds, the bomb explodes in a four-way blast. If the monster is within range of the blast, it is killed. After you clear these four areas, you must clear a fifth area by killing a boss to clear the world and collect its Power Stone.  Be careful, though, because if Bomberman is touched by a monster, touches a dangerous item or is caught in the blast of his own bomb, you lose a life. After all lives are gone, you get the option to restart that last area or quit. In most areas, you can, though the placement of bombs, find items to increase your jumping, speed, blast radius, etc.</desc>
  396.     <rating>0.6</rating>
  397.     <releasedate />
  398.     <developer>Hudson</developer>
  399.     <publisher>Nintendo</publisher>
  400.     <genre>Role playing games-Action</genre>
  401.     <players>1</players>
  402.     <image>./media/images/Pocket Bomberman (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced).png</image>
  403.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Pocket Bomberman (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced).png</thumbnail>
  404.     <video>./media/videos/Pocket Bomberman (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced).mp4</video>
  405.   </game>
  406.   <game id="82565" source="">
  407.     <path>./Pocket Bowling (USA).gbc</path>
  408.     <name>Pocket Bowling</name>
  409.     <desc>The action and excitement of using a big ball to knock down white pins comes to the Game Boy Color with POCKET BOWLING. Make your selection from six different bowlers, including an android. Once you have a bowler that matches your style of play, use the Training mode to work on picking up spares and to get the hang of the game controls. When you are ready for some action, play against a human or computer opponent in the Standard mode. If you want an extra challenge, try to win a tournament against four opponents in four different alleys. In all of the modes, getting the perfect shot requires lining it up, setting the proper amount of spin and power, and letting the ball go at the right time. Play POCKET BOWLING, and become master of the lanes.</desc>
  410.     <rating>0</rating>
  411.     <releasedate />
  412.     <developer>Athena</developer>
  413.     <publisher>Jaleco Entertainment</publisher>
  414.     <genre>Sports</genre>
  415.     <players>1-2</players>
  416.     <image>./media/images/Pocket Bowling (USA).png</image>
  417.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Pocket Bowling (USA).png</thumbnail>
  418.     <video>./media/videos/Pocket Bowling (USA).mp4</video>
  419.   </game>
  420.   <game id="36978" source="">
  421.     <path>./Prince of Persia (USA, Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).gbc</path>
  422.     <name>Prince of Persia</name>
  423.     <desc>The Grand Vizier Jaffar has thrown you into a dark dungeon and plans to marry the girl of your dreams in an hour. You're not going to let that happen are you? Try to escape from the dungeon, take out Jaffar's guards, find your way through the Sultan's palace and defeat Jaffar himself. Now go, you've got 60 minutes!  Prince of Persia is a 2D platformer with run and jump gameplay. Your hero must avoid deadly traps, solve some simple puzzles and engage in sword fights with the guards. The player has an infinite amount of lives, but has to restart at the beginning of a level each time he dies, and must complete the game within an hour. An especially noteworthy aspect of the game is the very fluent animation of your character.  The Game Boy Color and SNES versions of the game feature additional levels and new enemies. The Genesis version has a new intro and an altered set of graphics but the level layout remains almost identical to that of the original.</desc>
  424.     <rating>0.7</rating>
  425.     <releasedate />
  426.     <developer>Red Orb Entertainment</developer>
  427.     <publisher>Red Orb Entertainment</publisher>
  428.     <genre>Puzzle-Game-Action</genre>
  429.     <players>1</players>
  430.     <image>./media/images/Prince of Persia (USA, Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).png</image>
  431.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Prince of Persia (USA, Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).png</thumbnail>
  432.     <video>./media/videos/Prince of Persia (USA, Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).mp4</video>
  433.   </game>
  434.   <game id="37170" source="">
  435.     <path>./Rampage - World Tour (USA, Europe).gbc</path>
  436.     <name>Rampage World Tour</name>
  437.     <desc>Rampage World Tour is a updated version of the classic Rampage.  Rampage World Tour starts off at Scumlabs International where three lab technicians, George, Lizzy, and Ralph have mutated in an accident involving toxic waste.  George has turned into a gigantic ape, Lizzy a gigantic lizard or dinosaur, and Ralph some sort of gigantic wolf.  The three destroy the lab they previously worked at and then embark on a path of destruction encompassing the entire globe.  The player chooses one of these three characters and begins destroying buildings, eating civilians, knocking planes out of the sky, and stepping on tanks.  The ultimate goal of the game is to rid the world of Scumlabs by traveling to the cities where they are located.  Being creatures of such massive size, there are many cities that must be destroyed along the way.  Scumlabs and the various militaries make it a priority to destroy you and optionally another player that can play simultaneously.  The graphics are worth noting as they are of a unique, colorful "cartoon" flavor.  Gameplay includes players climb buildings while punching, kicking, and eating their inhabitants to destroy them.  Once all the buildings for a particular stage have been destroyed, the stage is clear and players proceed to the next stage.  Players can get many different kinds of power-ups that make them more powerful or restore health.</desc>
  438.     <rating>0.2</rating>
  439.     <releasedate>19990204T000000</releasedate>
  440.     <developer>Game Refuge Inc.</developer>
  441.     <publisher>Midway</publisher>
  442.     <genre>Action</genre>
  443.     <players>1</players>
  444.     <image>./media/images/Rampage - World Tour (USA, Europe).png</image>
  445.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Rampage - World Tour (USA, Europe).png</thumbnail>
  446.     <video>./media/videos/Rampage - World Tour (USA, Europe).mp4</video>
  447.   </game>
  448.   <game id="82676" source="">
  449.     <path>./Rayman 2 - The Great Escape (USA) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).gbc</path>
  450.     <name>Rayman 2 - The Great Escape</name>
  451.     <desc>Rayman 2 (GBC) is an adaptation of Rayman 2: The Great Escape that was released for the Game Boy Color. Despite the fact that Rayman 2 was a big hit, this game is rarely known about, even to Rayman audiences. It was released under the title Rayman 2: Forever in Europe with slightly different box art. The title screen of this game says Rayman 2: The Great Escape even though the box and the audiences regard it as Rayman 2 (GBC).</desc>
  452.     <rating>0</rating>
  453.     <releasedate>20011214T000000</releasedate>
  454.     <developer>Ubisoft</developer>
  455.     <publisher>Ubisoft</publisher>
  456.     <image>./media/images/Rayman 2 - The Great Escape (USA) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).png</image>
  457.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Rayman 2 - The Great Escape (USA) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).png</thumbnail>
  458.     <video>./media/videos/Rayman 2 - The Great Escape (USA) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).mp4</video>
  459.   </game>
  460.   <game id="36986" source="">
  461.     <path>./Rayman (USA) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl).gbc</path>
  462.     <name>Rayman</name>
  463.     <desc>When a villain known only as Mr. Dark appears, trouble brews in Rayman's world.  Mr. Dark captures the Toons - source of light and Rayman's friends.  With no more light, evil creatures begin to roam, making the world unsafe for everyone.  Its up to you, as Rayman, to free your friends and put an end to Mr. Dark's dastardly schemes!  Rayman is side-scrolling platformer starring the titular Rayman, a big-nosed chap with no arms or legs.  Rayman can jump and use his hair to hover for a short period of time.  He can also attack by throwing his fists, or winding up his fists for a more powerful punch.  He can occasionally find special power ups that grant him unlimited flying power, giving him the ability to navigate through tricky mazes.  The Game Boy Color version of Rayman remains true to the spirit of the original game, but makes some notable changes, particularly when compared to the original's bright, vibrant graphics.  Some levels have also been modified or simplified from the original release.</desc>
  464.     <rating>0.85</rating>
  465.     <releasedate>20000329T000000</releasedate>
  466.     <developer>Ubisoft</developer>
  467.     <publisher>Ubisoft</publisher>
  468.     <genre>Action</genre>
  469.     <players>1</players>
  470.     <image>./media/images/Rayman (USA) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl).png</image>
  471.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Rayman (USA) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl).png</thumbnail>
  472.     <video>./media/videos/Rayman (USA) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl).mp4</video>
  473.   </game>
  474.   <game id="36987" source="">
  475.     <path>./Ready 2 Rumble Boxing (USA) (Rumble Version).gbc</path>
  476.     <name>Ready 2 Rumble Boxing</name>
  477.     <desc>Ready 2 Rumble is a cartoon style boxing beat 'em up with plenty of strange looking characters to choose from and beat the hell out of. You can train your character up to the best of his/her ability and then fight the best in the world for the championship belt.</desc>
  478.     <rating>0</rating>
  479.     <releasedate />
  480.     <developer>Crawfish Interactive Ltd.</developer>
  481.     <publisher>Midway</publisher>
  482.     <genre>Sports</genre>
  483.     <players>1</players>
  484.     <image>./media/images/Ready 2 Rumble Boxing (USA) (Rumble Version).png</image>
  485.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Ready 2 Rumble Boxing (USA) (Rumble Version).png</thumbnail>
  486.     <video>./media/videos/Ready 2 Rumble Boxing (USA) (Rumble Version).mp4</video>
  487.   </game>
  488.   <game id="36992" source="">
  489.     <path>./R-Type DX (USA, Europe).gbc</path>
  490.     <name>R-Type DX</name>
  491.     <desc>The World Government needs your help. A deep-space probe has uncovered the Bydo Empire's secret plans to mount an attack on Earth. A full-scale assault force would be detected by the Empire's long-range scanners, and any hope of surprise would be lost. Our only chance is for a single pilot in a lone R-Type fighter to penetrate the Bydo defense system and destroy the evil Empire before it can launch its attack. Tear through Bydo defenses as you blast enemies with your Fire Chain, Super Laser and Bubble Beam. Take the fight to a fevered pitch with two pulse-pounding rapid-fire modes on your Game Boy Color system.</desc>
  492.     <rating>0.65</rating>
  493.     <releasedate />
  494.     <developer>Bits Studios Ltd.</developer>
  495.     <publisher>Nintendo</publisher>
  496.     <genre>Shooter-Action</genre>
  497.     <players>1</players>
  498.     <image>./media/images/R-Type DX (USA, Europe).png</image>
  499.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/R-Type DX (USA, Europe).png</thumbnail>
  500.     <video>./media/videos/R-Type DX (USA, Europe).mp4</video>
  501.   </game>
  502.   <game id="36999" source="">
  503.     <path>./Space Invaders (USA, Europe).gbc</path>
  504.     <name>Space Invaders</name>
  505.     <desc>In 1978, Earth successfully repulsed an invasion from outer space thanks to "the Tank."  The Tank was based on alien technology found when a scout ship had crashed years earlier.  Now, over 20 years later, a new Tank has been created based on the technology recovered during the 1978 invasion.  And none too soon, because the Invaders are back!  Space Invaders is yet another classic arcade game remake by Activision.  (See Battlezone and Asteroids.)  But this time, Activision licensed a game from Taito instead of Atari.  The game stays close to its roots while adding many power-ups and enemies.  You can play either one or two players against the Invaders, who march down the screen in orderly rows and columns, at one of three skill levels.  You'll start at Pluto and work your way through the Solar System to Mars, then Venus, and finally Earth.  There are four common aliens (red, green, blue, and yellow), plus seven more less common ones.  You receive special one shot power-ups by shooting four of the same type of Invaders in a row.  As in the original game, there are also Mother Ships that fly above the action, but in this version if you hit them you can pick up other useful power-ups like shields or double shots.  Plus, after fighting off several waves on each planet, you'll face a unique boss.  If you manage to finish the game, you'll be able to play a reproduction of the original coin-op.</desc>
  506.     <rating>0.8</rating>
  507.     <releasedate />
  508.     <developer>Z-Axis, Ltd.</developer>
  509.     <publisher>Activision</publisher>
  510.     <genre>Shooter-Action</genre>
  511.     <players>1-2</players>
  512.     <image>./media/images/Space Invaders (USA, Europe).png</image>
  513.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Space Invaders (USA, Europe).png</thumbnail>
  514.     <video>./media/videos/Space Invaders (USA, Europe).mp4</video>
  515.   </game>
  516.   <game id="37197" source="">
  517.     <path>./SpongeBob SquarePants - Legend of the Lost Spatula (USA, Europe).gbc</path>
  518.     <name>SpongeBob Squarepants: Legend of the Lost Spatula</name>
  519.     <desc>Based on the hit TV cartoon show, you help SpongeBob find the Flying Dutchman's golden spatula. It also has other characters from the show including Sandy Cheeks, Squidworth, Mr. Krabs, and Patrick.</desc>
  520.     <rating>0.65</rating>
  521.     <releasedate />
  522.     <developer>Vicarious Visions, Inc.</developer>
  523.     <publisher>THQ</publisher>
  524.     <genre>Puzzle-Game-Adventure</genre>
  525.     <players>1</players>
  526.     <image>./media/images/SpongeBob SquarePants - Legend of the Lost Spatula (USA, Europe).png</image>
  527.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/SpongeBob SquarePants - Legend of the Lost Spatula (USA, Europe).png</thumbnail>
  528.     <video>./media/videos/SpongeBob SquarePants - Legend of the Lost Spatula (USA, Europe).mp4</video>
  529.   </game>
  530.   <game id="82795" source="">
  531.     <path>./Super Breakout! (USA).gbc</path>
  532.     <name>Super Breakout!</name>
  533.     <desc>A new version of the classic game with four gameplay modes adding variety to the classic brick buster. You can knock balls in the standard mode, a double wall mode, a "cavity" mode (where you can free two locked balls from gaps in the field), and the intense falling wall "progression" mode. Also features multiplayer mode for two gamers.</desc>
  534.     <rating>0</rating>
  535.     <releasedate>19981201T000000</releasedate>
  536.     <developer>Morning Star Multimedia</developer>
  537.     <publisher>Majesco Games</publisher>
  538.     <genre>Action / Breakout games-Action</genre>
  539.     <image>./media/images/Super Breakout! (USA).png</image>
  540.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Super Breakout! (USA).png</thumbnail>
  541.     <video>./media/videos/Super Breakout! (USA).mp4</video>
  542.   </game>
  543.   <game id="37204" source="">
  544.     <path>./Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (USA, Europe) (Rev B).gbc</path>
  545.     <name>Super Mario Bros. Deluxe</name>
  546.     <desc>The Mushroom Kingdom has been invaded by the Koopa, a tribe of turtles who possess dark magic. Their king Bowser has transformed all its inhabitants into stones, bricks, and mushrooms; he has also captured Princess Toadstool. She is the only one who can break the evil spell. Imprisoned in a castle deep in Bowser's new found kingdom, Mario, a humble plumber, hears of the tragedy and sets out to free her.  Run, jump, and throw fireballs to defeat the evil Bowser and his minions.  The game features the original 1985 game, a challenge mode, and versus game option. Also included are records, an album, and a toy box.</desc>
  547.     <rating>0.8</rating>
  548.     <releasedate>19990501T000000</releasedate>
  549.     <developer>Nintendo</developer>
  550.     <publisher>Nintendo</publisher>
  551.     <genre>Action</genre>
  552.     <players>1-2</players>
  553.     <image>./media/images/Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (USA, Europe) (Rev B).png</image>
  554.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (USA, Europe) (Rev B).png</thumbnail>
  555.     <video>./media/videos/Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (USA, Europe) (Rev B).mp4</video>
  556.   </game>
  557.   <game id="37208" source="">
  558.     <path>./Tetris DX (World) (SGB Enhanced).gbc</path>
  559.     <name>Tetris DX</name>
  560.     <desc>Tetris DX requires you to place different shaped blocks which fall from the top of the screen, along the bottom of the screen to make up a line which then disappears from the screen. Watch out though, if you cant fill the gaps and the blocks fill up to the top of the screen the game is over.  Tetris DX features 4 one-player modes and two-player mode using the Universal Game Link Cable.</desc>
  561.     <rating>0.8</rating>
  562.     <releasedate>19981118T000000</releasedate>
  563.     <developer>Nintendo</developer>
  564.     <publisher>Nintendo</publisher>
  565.     <genre>Puzzle-Game</genre>
  566.     <players>1-2</players>
  567.     <image>./media/images/Tetris DX (World) (SGB Enhanced).png</image>
  568.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Tetris DX (World) (SGB Enhanced).png</thumbnail>
  569.     <video>./media/videos/Tetris DX (World) (SGB Enhanced).mp4</video>
  570.   </game>
  571.   <game id="82181" source="">
  572.     <path>./Flintstones, The - Burgertime in Bedrock (USA).gbc</path>
  573.     <name>The Flintstones: Burgertime in Bedrock</name>
  574.     <desc>The restaurant business meets prehistoric times in this combination of classic video gaming and old-fashioned cartoon mayhem. Mr. Slate has purchased himself a Brontoburger chain, and Fred has been saddled with the unenviable task of playing chef. It seems that the restaurant has come with a pre-existing problem, though: pests! Run from counter to counter, trying to build sandwiches for the hungry customers, avoiding attacks from the flying beasties all the while. Interestingly, the kitchen is also outfitted with a bunch of platforms and ladders which means you'll have your share of climbing to tackle as well. Lose all of your lives and you're out of a job (resulting in more time at home with the ingratiating Bam-Bam). The graphics and humor are perfect representations of the original cartoon, and the game plays much like the coin-operated BURGERTIME. Play alone or use a link cable to hook up with a friend to see who has the fastest food preparation skills in Bedrock.</desc>
  575.     <rating>0</rating>
  576.     <releasedate />
  577.     <image>./media/images/Flintstones, The - Burgertime in Bedrock (USA).png</image>
  578.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Flintstones, The - Burgertime in Bedrock (USA).png</thumbnail>
  579.     <video>./media/videos/Flintstones, The - Burgertime in Bedrock (USA).mp4</video>
  580.   </game>
  581.   <game id="82375" source="">
  582.     <path>./Legend of Zelda, The - Link's Awakening DX (USA, Europe) (Rev B) (SGB Enhanced).gbc</path>
  583.     <name>The Legend of Zelda : Link's Awakening DX</name>
  584.     <desc>Link's latest challenge is set on the mysterious Koholint, a place where dreams and reality collide. As a castaway, Link must find a way to escape from the island and return to his beloved homeland of Hyrule. This will not be an easy task.rnrnThe island's inhabitants have no knowledge of the outside world. One creature, a talking owl, may know the solution to Link's dilemma. Link must first tackle eight dungeons full of treacherous monsters and tricky traps. His goal: find the eight instruments of the Sirens and awaken the omnipotent Wind Fish which rules the island.</desc>
  585.     <rating>0.9</rating>
  586.     <releasedate>19981212T000000</releasedate>
  587.     <developer>Nintendo EA&amp;D</developer>
  588.     <publisher>Nintendo</publisher>
  589.     <genre>Adventure</genre>
  590.     <players>1</players>
  591.     <image>./media/images/Legend of Zelda, The - Link's Awakening DX (USA, Europe) (Rev B) (SGB Enhanced).png</image>
  592.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Legend of Zelda, The - Link's Awakening DX (USA, Europe) (Rev B) (SGB Enhanced).png</thumbnail>
  593.     <video>./media/videos/Legend of Zelda, The - Link's Awakening DX (USA, Europe) (Rev B) (SGB Enhanced).mp4</video>
  594.   </game>
  595.   <game id="82384" source="">
  596.     <path>./Lion King, The - Simba's Mighty Adventure (USA, Europe).gbc</path>
  597.     <name>The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure</name>
  598.     <desc>As the young lion prince Simba, you'll grow to discover what it means to be rightful ruler of the Pride Lands. But first you'll have to outrun a wildebeest stampede, escape a wildfire and more! There's never a dull moment when you're King of the Beasts!</desc>
  599.     <rating>0.8</rating>
  600.     <releasedate>20010309T000000</releasedate>
  601.     <developer>Torus Games</developer>
  602.     <publisher>Activision</publisher>
  603.     <genre>Platform</genre>
  604.     <players>1-2</players>
  605.     <image>./media/images/Lion King, The - Simba's Mighty Adventure (USA, Europe).png</image>
  606.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Lion King, The - Simba's Mighty Adventure (USA, Europe).png</thumbnail>
  607.     <video>./media/videos/Lion King, The - Simba's Mighty Adventure (USA, Europe).mp4</video>
  608.   </game>
  609.   <game id="37211" source="">
  610.     <path>./Tiny Toon Adventures - Buster Saves the Day (USA).gbc</path>
  611.     <name>Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Saves the Day</name>
  612.     <desc>Based on the Tiny Toon Adventures Cartoon, the player plays Buster, who needs to survive 11 partially scrolling platform levels, in order to free his friends Babs, Pluck and Hampton from the clutches of Montana Max.  Each level is populated by several enemies out of a total of 23 different enemy types. They can be defeated with different types of balls that Buster has at his disposal (football, soccer and baseball), that vary in their behaviour. The Baseball travels at slow speeds horizontally and explodes if it hits walls. It stuns all enemies close to the explosion. The Soccer Balls bounces of the floor and is bound by gravity, meaning that it will drop of edges etc. The Football travels very quickly and diagonally bounces of everything for a set amount of time. Soccerball and Football 'kill' with direct hits.  Progress is tracked via a password feature and the story is told via cut scenes.</desc>
  613.     <rating>0.5</rating>
  614.     <releasedate />
  615.     <developer>Warthog Plc</developer>
  616.     <publisher>Conspiracy Entertainment  Corp.</publisher>
  617.     <genre>Action</genre>
  618.     <players>1</players>
  619.     <image>./media/images/Tiny Toon Adventures - Buster Saves the Day (USA).png</image>
  620.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Tiny Toon Adventures - Buster Saves the Day (USA).png</thumbnail>
  621.     <video>./media/videos/Tiny Toon Adventures - Buster Saves the Day (USA).mp4</video>
  622.   </game>
  623.   <game id="37018" source="">
  624.     <path>./Uno (USA).gbc</path>
  625.     <name>Uno</name>
  626.     <desc>UNO, the classic card game of skips, draw-twos, and reverses, has come to the Game Boy Advance. There are two modes of play: Standard and Challenge. Standard has the players keep going until they reach a specified number of points, usually 1000. However, a player only scores points when he gets rid of all the cards in his hand. The points are the total value of the cards left in the opposition's hands. In Challenge, each player has a set number of points, and a player is eliminated when he reaches the point total. Play continues until one player is left standing. In both modes, you can play against up to three computer-controlled opponents. You can also play a single human opponent via a link cable. As an added bonus, there are three new cards that are not part of the real-world game. Now you can play UNO by yourself.</desc>
  627.     <rating>0.6</rating>
  628.     <releasedate />
  629.     <developer>HotGen Ltd.</developer>
  630.     <publisher>Mattel Electronics</publisher>
  631.     <genre>Various</genre>
  632.     <players>1-2</players>
  633.     <image>./media/images/Uno (USA).png</image>
  634.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Uno (USA).png</thumbnail>
  635.     <video>./media/videos/Uno (USA).mp4</video>
  636.   </game>
  637.   <game id="37226" source="">
  638.     <path>./Alice in Wonderland (USA).gbc</path>
  639.     <name>Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland</name>
  640.     <desc>A true translation right from the Disney movie, Alice finds herself in the wonderland that she's expected to.  Over the course of the game Alice meets major characters from the story, who will have either lost an item or need some help in some sort, for which Alice will volunteer to help.  Basically a side scrolling platform, with parts in an isometric view as well.</desc>
  641.     <rating>0.45</rating>
  642.     <releasedate>20010421T000000</releasedate>
  643.     <developer>Digital Eclipse</developer>
  644.     <publisher>Nintendo</publisher>
  645.     <genre>Action</genre>
  646.     <players>1-2</players>
  647.     <image>./media/images/Alice in Wonderland (USA).png</image>
  648.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Alice in Wonderland (USA).png</thumbnail>
  649.     <video>./media/videos/Alice in Wonderland (USA).mp4</video>
  650.   </game>
  651.   <game id="37229" source="">
  652.     <path>./Wario Land 3 (World) (En,Ja).gbc</path>
  653.     <name>Wario Land 3</name>
  654.     <desc>During a joyride in his biplane, the engine blows and Wario crashes into the woods. It's here where he finds a hidden cave with a magic Music box. Before he can say "I hate Mario", the box pulls him inside and into a room with a dark figure, who strikes a deal with him. Find all of the missing Music boxes and he can leave. And any treasure he finds he can keep.   Much like Wario Land 2, Wario can't die from any attacks by the enemy. However he can change form after certain attacks, which can both help and halt his progress in each level. New forms of Wario include Invisible Wario and Ball of Yarn Wario (an un-controllable ball of yarn, with Wario inside).  Also, basic attacks such as swimming and the butt stomp don't become available to Wario until after completing a certain amount of levels, meaning you have to go back to completed levels to access other areas full of loot.</desc>
  655.     <rating>0.8</rating>
  656.     <releasedate>20000530T000000</releasedate>
  657.     <developer>Nintendo</developer>
  658.     <publisher>Nintendo</publisher>
  659.     <genre>Action</genre>
  660.     <players>1</players>
  661.     <image>./media/images/Wario Land 3 (World) (En,Ja).png</image>
  662.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Wario Land 3 (World) (En,Ja).png</thumbnail>
  663.     <video>./media/videos/Wario Land 3 (World) (En,Ja).mp4</video>
  664.   </game>
  665.   <game id="37230" source="">
  666.     <path>./Wario Land II (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced).gbc</path>
  667.     <name>Wario Land II</name>
  668.     <desc>Seeking revenge on Wario after he stole their treasure in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3, special agents from the Black Sugar Gang of Kitchen Island sneak into Wario's newly built castle, steal back the treasure, and leave the castle and the surrounding area a mess. As Wario, you must clean the place up and take back what you now call your own.  In a change from the original Wario Land, Wario is now immortal, to a certain point. Instead of dying when hit by an enemy, Wario loses the coins he collected along his travels in each level. And he can also turn into other Warios. For example, if he is hit by a bee, Wario puffs up into a giant ball of air, and floats up to the top of the level. Only when hit by a sharp object will he return to normal. There are other types, like Fire Wario and Zombie Wario, and each can have its advantages, like getting to other areas otherwise unreachable, or they can halt your progress.</desc>
  669.     <rating>0.8</rating>
  670.     <releasedate />
  671.     <developer>Nintendo</developer>
  672.     <publisher>Nintendo</publisher>
  673.     <genre>Action</genre>
  674.     <players>1</players>
  675.     <image>./media/images/Wario Land II (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced).png</image>
  676.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Wario Land II (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced).png</thumbnail>
  677.     <video>./media/videos/Wario Land II (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced).mp4</video>
  678.   </game>
  679.   <game id="82379" source="">
  680.     <path>./Legend of Zelda, The - Oracle of Seasons (USA).gbc</path>
  681.     <name>Zelda no Densetsu - Fushigi no Kinomi - Daichi no Shou</name>
  682.     <desc>The land of Holodrum is slowly withering. Onox, the General of Darkness, has imprisoned the Oracle of Seasons and is draining the very life out of the land. With the seasons in tumult and the forces of evil running rampant, the world looks for a hero... and finds Link. His quest won't be easy - he'll have to master the seasons themselves if he's to turn back the evil tide.</desc>
  683.     <rating>0.9</rating>
  684.     <releasedate>20010513T000000</releasedate>
  685.     <developer>Flagship</developer>
  686.     <publisher>Nintendo</publisher>
  687.     <genre>Action / Adventure-Action</genre>
  688.     <players>1</players>
  689.     <image>./media/images/Legend of Zelda, The - Oracle of Seasons (USA).png</image>
  690.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Legend of Zelda, The - Oracle of Seasons (USA).png</thumbnail>
  691.     <video>./media/videos/Legend of Zelda, The - Oracle of Seasons (USA).mp4</video>
  692.   </game>
  693.   <game id="82377" source="">
  694.     <path>./Legend of Zelda, The - Oracle of Ages (USA).gbc</path>
  695.     <name>Zelda no Densetsu - Fushigi no Kinomi - Jikuu no Shou</name>
  696.     <desc>Using the legendary power of the Triforce, Link travels to a distant land known as Labrynna where Veran, the Sorceress of Shadows, has developed a scheme to alter Labrynna's past. Through trickery and deceit, Veran harnesses the power of Nayru, the Oracle of Ages, and travels 400 years into the past. Before the Sorceress of Shadows can complete her dark mission, Link must use the Harp of Ages to save the day.</desc>
  697.     <rating>0.9</rating>
  698.     <releasedate>20010513T000000</releasedate>
  699.     <developer>Flagship</developer>
  700.     <publisher>Nintendo</publisher>
  701.     <genre>Action / Adventure-Action</genre>
  702.     <players>1</players>
  703.     <image>./media/images/Legend of Zelda, The - Oracle of Ages (USA).png</image>
  704.     <thumbnail>./media/wheel/Legend of Zelda, The - Oracle of Ages (USA).png</thumbnail>
  705.     <video>./media/videos/Legend of Zelda, The - Oracle of Ages (USA).mp4</video>
  706.   </game>
  707. </gameList>
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